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Neighbours Episode 4933 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4933: I Should Be So Clucky
Australian airdate: 29/03/06
UK airdate: 06/06/06
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Elle Robinson - Pippa Black
- "Coming Home" by Cindy Ryan
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Elin
Elle surprising Paul with CamRob™.
Robert talking to ComaCam™ about how he's taking his identity.
Susan releasing Rachel and Zeke to Katya.
Number 28
Stingers is making Rachel and Zeke breakfast but they've already had it. Rachel thinks she should leave a book she's been reading behind but Stingray thinks it's fine for her to finish it and promises they'll see Susan all the time.
Janelle pops by (without knocking, very rude of her) wanting to know if Suzie-Q is around. In fact she's off seeing Libby and Darren to give the kids some space. Anyway Janelle wants to borrow one of Suzie's hot little tops. Stingray laughs, thinking the top will be a little small. But that's the whole point, derr! Janelle heads to Susan's bedroom to pick one out.
Number 32
Max answers the door to Katya while on the phone to Steph. He tells Steph who it is, and that she says hi to Katya. Katya does the dorky shout 'hi!!!!" back. He gets off the phone, and Katya thought she was still home so she'll go. He offers for her to stay and see the bubs. Janae and Boyd are already in there looking at the cute ickle fella. Katya asks when Steph's coming home and mentions her ickle sister and brother are moving in with her today. But she has no idea who she's kidding, she can't look after those kids. Janae tells her it'll be alright, she was raised by her older brothers and she turned out alright. Err not the best example there.
Meanwhile Max had answered the door again and arrives with a bunch of flowers. He wishes people would give him something useful, he can't find any vases. Boyd offers to take Charlie for a stroll because Max needs the rest. Janae is excited by this prospect, wanting to push. That kinda creeps Boyd out, agreeing to let her. As they stroll away Max gets back to the subject of Katya's kids. Seeing her out, he gives her some tips. Stick to her guns, prepare to be hated, laughed at and told you are SO not as cool as everyone else's parents. She doesn't like the sound of that so he tells her it's cool, just to remember it's not a popularity contest. That's what the SO uncool parents say.
Number 22
Elle strides into the room, seeing that her evil stepmother has scurried away to work as fast as her little legs could carry her. CamRob™ jokes about the loving atmosphere being too much for her. Out of the blue, Elle decides they need a holiday - without Izzy. Unfortunately that won't be the case because as Paul points out, Izzy is a part of his life and that includes all family events. Elle's answer to that? "What-ever!" CamRob comments that the mere mention of Izzy sets her off. Paul can't blame her, he just hopes Elle will forgive her. CamRob reveals that Elle wanted to run home but he managed to talk her out of it. He really wants to give this family thing a go. Paul thinks if they have Robert they'll have a hat trick. Oh but you do Paul...But two out of three ain't bad. Paul comes up with a great idea, to show him his inheritance and it might even get rid of this silly idea to become a nurse. Elle thinks they should go in style, they should go in the newly detailed Jag. Oh life is great being a Robinson.
Ramsay Street
Janae's cooing over bubs. Harold marches up in short shorts... not that you need that image... and his spaghetti sauce tins to also have a squiz at Charlie. Boyd asks where Lou is; apparently he's found Erinsborough's finest bacon and eggs. Harold wants Boyd to treasure this special time, and well if he won't Janae sure will. At the mention of Janae having bublets of her own in a few years, Boyd gets skittish, hinting that they need to keep going. When Harold's out of earshot Boyd says his disbelief at Harold being so old-fashioned. Janae can't believe he said that either, she wants one this year. Oh... dear... lord run Boyd, run!
General Store
Paul's showing the last of his empire to the EvilTwin. Elle's annoyed, the day spa is booked out. She told them who she was but there is nothing they can do. Paul tells her to go back and tell them he wants her to be fitted in, and if they have a problem they can call him. Oh the high life. CamRob thinks so too. Paul orders them some drink when they go to take a seat, Paul asking what he thinks. CamRob thinks it's great if you like that sort of thing but it doesn't do it for him. He just wants to be the best person he can. Paul laughs, he can't believe how he had a kid like Cam. He has no idea how he turned out the way he has with a dad like him. Paul thinks he robbed him of a childhood but CamRob assured him it's okay, that's why he's here.
After the ad break Boyd's studying when Janae joins him saying she's dropping bi-ol which I think is the way Melbourners say biology and well she's also going to drop Maths. They're boring plus she doesn't need them. Boyd tells her she does if she wants a good ENTER score. Janae is hell bent on being a mother and thinks it's pretty sexist of him to think that being a mother isn't a career and just because they don't it doesn't mean they are any less valuable.
BOYD: I'm just trying to figure out how you expect me to support a family when I'm full time at uni.
JANAE: Well babies don't eat that much.
Yeah, right. Boyd goes to get them a drink but runs into CamRob instead. They all introduce themselves, Boyd asking what brings him to Erinsborough. Elle jumps in telling CamRob not to say or else they will hate them. Boyd makes the connection that it's Paul's son. CamRob apologises, saying he can't help who is dad is. Boyd mentions that Izzy is his aunty which sends Elle into another angry stare into space while CamRob says how everyone seems to know everyone. Welcome to Ramsay Street mate! Elle tugs CamRob away, wanting to relax. But she was already at the day spa!
Scarlet Bar
Stingray's hanging around the bar asking where the baby is. He's with Lynnie. Max is on the phone trying to get someone in to work for him because a casual pulled out. He's not suppose to be there, He's taking Charlie to see Steph. Stingray offers to help out. He's 18, available and isn't a slacker like his dad. Max decides to take him on board which is wrong on so many levels, like ah, he's meant to have a bar handling certificate! Max tells him it's only a trial which Stingray's cool with that.
Max bumps into Harold who's looking for Lou. Max hasn't seen him. Harold bumbles on about how he understands it must be a busy time trying to juggle everything and that he and Lou would want to change places with him. Lou's having a tough time adjusting to retirement. On his way out Max suggests Lou gets a new love. Paul's on the way in, saying hello to Harold. CamRob gets up from the nearby table to introduce himself. Something's come over Harold, he's a bit stunned. He walks to the door in a daze like state so Stingray runs over asking if he's okay.
HAROLD (looking back at CamRob): Someone just... walked over my grave.
Number 32
Janae's ranting on about how she doesn't want to be old for her kid's 21st. Boyd thinks this is crazy, asking once the kids grow up what will she do next. She thinks they might travel. Boydy wants to know on who's money so Janae says she'll get a job. Boyd gives her the hard truth, she'll be thirty something with no training. She won't give up though, saying that when the kids go to school she can study. Even with their four or five kids, she's flexible. Boyd can't believe this is from the girl that swore off 'it'. Once again, she said she's flexible. Max clears his throat to signal he's in the room, so stop talking about this naughtiness. A tad embarrassed, Janae runs off. Boyd asks if Max's off to see Steph. Yep he is because Stephie is missing that little fella. Max tells Boyd that he doesn't need to make any reckless promises to Janae there. Boyd assures him he won't, she's only having a bit of fun. Max asks if he does he really know what she wants and does it fit into what he wants.
Scarlet Bar
Stingray's mixing a drink while telling Boyd about the times Janae has done clucky things. Like putting Bree's nappies on or putting the cabbage patch dolls to sleep. Hence the title of this episode But Stingers is sure it's all nothing even thought Boyd isn't looking so convinced. Boyd asks how uni is going for him. Stingray's got some friends and the other day he was so nervous about a presentation, he spewed. Eww. Stingray thinks he's in the wrong business, he doesn't want to make movies with those huftas. Boyd suggests he go speak to a course councillor but nah Stingray is right. Boydy has a brainwave so has to run off.
Paul, Elle and CamRob are having a good old laugh over the good old days. Paul's had it, he's going to retire but they should stay on him. Elle asks CamRob for a game of pool but he isn't interested. She can't believe this is coming from the north club champion and asks if he can remember this really... bad... dance. It looks like she's hoola hooping - I guess that's the best way to describe it. CamRob doesn't get it so Elle tells him it was Byron Bay 2001. He doesn't really want to talk about it. Elle persists, asking if he's seen the girl lately with the hair and the nose but he gets edgy, telling her to drop it.
After taking the ad break to calm down he comes back with the drinks. She apologises, she had no idea cared about her. He wasn't to know she was married. He says that maybe he liked her but that's different to RealCam, who laughed at this woman with Elle. Yeah well RobCam thinks maybe he didn't mean it. Elle comments that what he just said was sensitive, she thought for a minute she was with Rob. RobCam calls himself a freak, and wants to forget about the conversation. He wants to do something like play tennis with porky. She tells him not to be mean but he keeps taunting her with "I couldn't see the ball, it was the sun!".
Number 28
Rachel and Zeke are still waiting for Katya to come collect them when Janelle just barges in unannounced again. She's here just to keep an eye on the house because her and Suzie-Q are 'besties'. Where have I heard this term before... oh yeah, Kyles from here! Janelle starts a talking about the move when speak of the devil, Katya arrives. She asks if the kids and if Janelle will be seeing Susan. If so can she give her a letter. Janelle agrees to, telling her to take good care of the kids. Once Katya's out of the room, she does yet another rude thing - she sits down and looks at the letter. We start of with Janelle but then Katya's voice overs to read this out.
I've always found it hard to say thank you face to face so I'm taking the cowards way out. Thank you.
Thank you for not revealing all you know about me and the mistakes I made in my life. Because of you, I have been able to keep the respect of my brother and sister.
The fact that you were able to put your own interests second to Rachel and Zeke's has shown me more than anything else how to be a mother.
Thank you seems inadequate, so all I can do is repay you by taking care of Zeke and Rachel with my life.
Janelle sighs 'Oh Suze'.
Katya's Apartment
The kids didn't expect Katya to be cooking them lasagne for dinner, something more like packet noodles with frozen garlic bread. But this week's odd culinary experience is mung bean surprise. Their mum thought she could make it sound better with the surprise bit. Katya asks if they have unpacked. Rachel isn't happy with it being a bit crowded. Nah she's joking, at least she doesn't have to look at Zeke's warhammer maps on the wall. Katya tells them she can't mark the wall or she'll lose her bond. Now Rachel can't believe they're renting. Kidding again, it doesn't matter where they live as long as they're together.
Number 32
Janae's on the sofa looking at Charlie's baby clothes but Boyd doesn't care, he's suggesting she try and become a Child Care Worker. She's made up her mind though. He has too; he doesn't want a baby because he's 18. He was stupid back during the Kayla days and he got a lucky escape. Janae reckons he doesn't love her then, so storms off bumping into Stingray on the way. He tells her he has a job but she doesn't care. He tosses a beer can to Boyd, he may thinks beer tastes like cats wee (how he knows this I don't know) but if he's going to fit in at uni and be a barman, he has to taste the product. By holding his nose while drinking it, it seems.
Katya's Apartment
They're playing Charades when a visitor arrives. A bit excited over this, Katya runs to the door to find Stingray. He comes in asking Rachel if she wants to go hang out. She does but Katya prefers it if she didn't because they're meant to be spending the night together as a family plus she doesn't want her spending so much time with an older boy. Rachel says Susan did but hey she isn't Susan. Stingray tells Katya he won't be long, he'll have her back by eight. Katya smells the alcohol in his breath so asks him to leave. Rachel's understandably upset with this. Katya thinks they need to set some boundaries, so Rachel storms to her room.
After another ad break we're back with Katya pleading not to be cut out, they're only just finding their own way. Katya wants to strike a deal, Rachel doesn't judge her and she won't judge Rach. Rachel asks if this will include Stingray. Katya says they can talk about it. Rachel wants to know if she means Katya talks about how she's not allowed to see him or actually talk about it. Katya means where they can both come to a solution they are happy with, so Rachel agrees to that. Katya suggests they go to the GS and have a disgusting desert again, and goes off to get her bag. Zeke asks for Rachel to at least meet Katya halfway because she's trying.
St Luke's Hospice
Robert's talking to RealCam about how he almost came unstuck about his little road trip with porky. Ooo he's been reading Cam's diary, he had no idea Cam hated him that much. It's nothing compared to what Robert has planned. Now it's payback time for Cam, dad and all his little princesses. He's going to pay for what he did to mum. Especially what he did to mum.
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Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4933
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Katya Kinski, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4933
Katya Kinski, Max Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson) in Neighbours Episode 4933
Paul Robinson, Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson)

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4933
Charlie Hoyland

Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4933
Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4933
Harold Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4933
Boyd Hoyland, Stingray Timmins

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4933
Janelle Timmins

Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4933
Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4933
Janae Timmins

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4933
Rachel Kinski

Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4933
Cameron Robinson

Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson) in Neighbours Episode 4933
Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson)

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