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Neighbours Episode 4498 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4498 (Darren Stark returns)
Australian airdate: 09/06/04
UK airdate: 06/08/04
Writer: Philippa Burne
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Father Tom Scully: Andrew Larkins
Darren Stark: Todd MacDonald
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
Susan and Tom in the hotel bed.
Lyn getting up Susan about her night with Tom, and telling her about his crush on Lyn.
Izzy announcing that she is pregnant.
Karl's place
Summer is the first to react, telling Izzy that it is great news. Then Max also congratulates the couple. Steph tries to make an effort, but is nowhere near as enthusiastic.
Susan enters the pub to get a bottle of wine for her and Libby. She sees Tom reading a book that she also likes. The two start a conversation and are joined by Lyn. Susan soon leaves, saying she doesn't want to miss the start of her favourite show. Tom asks her what it is and we find out it is the Brazilian soap from channel 44, "The Gentleman Caller". After she leaves, Tom asks Lyn what she said to Susan about him.
Karl's place
Summer and Izzy talk excitedly about baby names that Summer picks out of a magazine: Britney, Gwyneth, Jessica, etc. Max and Steph talk in the lounge area. Max asks Steph to try to look happy for the couple. Steph says she doesn't want to be around when Libby finds out. Karl and Izzy go into the next room to talk. Izzy asks Karl if he is disappointed that she told them. Karl says that he isn't really, but the timing was unexpected.
Lyn explains that she was worried about Tom and his crisis of faith. Tom insists he isn't having a faith crisis. Lyn starts to explain the Susan told her, and Tom says that she shouldn't have. Tom is disappointed in Lyn for listening to gossip and not telling Susan to speak directly to him. Tom wants to know why she told Susan to stay away from him. Lyn starts to deny it, but Tom points out that she left the pub as soon as Lyn came in. Lyn tells him maybe Susan realised the two of them were getting to close, and that's why she left. It must be weird to have a close female friend, Lyn tells him. Tom points out that he has several close female friends, and nothing sinister has happened. "Susan is hardly Secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary," Lyn says. At this point Tom tells her to stop this conversation. Susan and he are friends, and that's all.
Susan's house
Susan arrives home just in time for "The Gentleman Caller". Apparently in tonight's episode they'll find out if Julia's father Paulo or Raul. Libby tells Susan that she now has a weekly column in the Erinsborough News, on any aspect of modern relationships. She is thinking of the name "Women's Libby". They stop talking when the TV show starts.
Karl's place
Summer is still talking baby names. She has now written an extensive list of possible names. She wanted Hayley, but Hayley Hoyland didn't quite cut it, but maybe Hayley Kennedy could work. Karl reads the list and says he isn't sure about "Pink Kennedy". Summer agrees, she's hardly a role model. Steph notices that there are no boy's names on the list. Summer says this is because she wants a sister and if Steph gets pregnant at the same time, the babies could grow up together. Steph says that Max and her aren't quite there and asks how far along Izzy is. Izzy says that she only found out today, so only a few weeks. Karl asks Max and Steph to keep the news a secret, due to the problems that can occur in the first trimester. Despite this, Karl is certain that there will be no complications, Izzy will breeze through the pregnancy and make a wonderful mum. Summer wonders when they will tell Mrs Kennedy.
Susan's place
Susan and Libby are in the middle of everyone's favourite Channel 44 Brazilian soap. They have just found out that Raul has returned with a new face. "I don't believe it," Susan says. "The put him in a hospital just so they could recast the actor!" Libby says she liked the old Raul better. Susan thinks the new one is better. Just as they're really getting into it, the power goes out. Susan panics, and tells Libby to get on the mobile phone and call anyone who can tape the show while she goes and checks the fuses. "Quick! We have to find out who Julia's father is!"
Number 32
Max and Steph are arguing about Izzy and Karl again. Max is still defending Izzy, and reminds Steph that she agreed to be nicer to Izzy. Steph protests that she was being supportive, but a baby changes everything. And it's great news for both of them, Max says. Steph agrees, and says that once she knows that Karl is the father, she'll be happy, but she has strong doubts about it. First Izzy doesn't want kids, then she's pregnant, then she rejects Karl, now he's the love of her life. Something's not right. "My sister is not capable of being that manipulative," Max says.
Karl's place
Karl and Izzy are cleaning up in the kitchen. Karl tells her to go and relax, he'll finish up. Izzy wants him to go with her. Karl insists on finishing now, he likes to keep things clean before he relaxes. Izzy tells him that if they are having a baby together, they'll have to be honest with each other. They sit down to talk about it. Izzy asks if he's mad that she told her family about the baby. Not mad, Karl says, but disappointed. He says she should wait about 12 weeks to make sure nothing goes wrong before telling. Izzy asks if he wants something to go wrong, but Karl tells her he is thrilled about it. He admits he was shocked at first, but now he is happy about it. But, he says, we have to remember it'll affect a lot of people. He'd prefer if Susan heard it from himself, not from gossip. He starts to talk about Susan's pregnancy with Malcolm, then stops. Izzy says it's okay, they're still his kids. And so is this one, Karl says. He wants the baby to grow up with all the love and support that he can, but they'll have to remember that not everyone will be as thrilled as they are.
Susan's house
Susan fixes the fuse and the lights come back on. From inside the house, Libby giggles excitedly. They settle in and start watching again. On the soap now, Ramona is with Diaz, instead of with Juan, who she dumped when she fell pregnant to Raul. Susan and Libby get grossed out when they remember that Diaz is Ramona's brother. They can't believe how much of the show they missed, and just as Libby states that it will never happen again, the power goes off again. Susan blames Karl for being to cheap to buy circuit breakers. Susan is determined to fix it by doubling the fuse wire. She'll even risk burning the house down to get the show back on. Libby starts calling people again.
Karl's place
Izzy is sleeping peacefully. Karl, on the other hand, isn't. He's sitting on the edge of the bed, apparently lost thought.
Susan's house (the next day)
Susan is devastated to find out that Gino didn't watch "The Gentleman Caller". Apparently Aaron banned it because Gino lost his grip on what's reality and what's soap. Susan suggests they could get on the internet - "There'd have to be a chat room". If they had working power points, Libby reminds her. Susan thinks maybe doubling the fuse wire wasn't such a good idea. Susan tells Libby that Mr McCauley, the electrician, is on his way. Libby says she finds him creepy. Susan says it's only because he's lonely, and tells Libby to stay home because she has to go to work. On the bright side, Susan adds, "maybe one of the students knows who Julia's father is". Libby asks if she is going to admit to the students that she watches "The Gentleman Caller". Steph, who has come over to visit, gives her opinion on the story Libby wrote for the paper. She likes it, but she's not sure if Izzy will. Steph doesn't think Libby went far enough with it. Libby tries to convince her that it isn't about Izzy, but Steph doesn't believe her. Libby starts to have second thoughts about it, but Steph assures her that there's hundred's of Izzy's out there, it could be any of them. Don't change a thing, Steph tells her.
Coffee Shop
Susan enters the shop and Lyn asks to talk to her. She apologises for what she said to Susan. She tells her about her talk with Tom the night before. Susan tells her it was easy to misread things. Lyn says that maybe it was the way she said it. She thinks that Tom could be heading for a big promotion, so he has to be focused on the work. Susan understands, and tells Lyn she would only want to help Tom make the right decisions for his future. "Just like Izzy did with Karl," Lyn says. Susan gives Lyn a look, and Lyn straight away says she didn't mean to imply she was like Izzy, but maybe Karl wouldn't have left her if Izzy hadn't clouded his judgement, like Susan's friendship with Tom.
Number 32
Summer wonders if Steph is telling Libby and Susan. Max reminds her that they promised to keep it a secret. Summer says that Steph would tell Libby anyway. Max tells her that they promised to keep it a secret, and he knows Steph will do that. It's great news for Karl and Izzy, but it's none of their business, and it will be upsetting for Susan and Libby. Summer insists that she understands, she's not a little kid. Max tells her to prove it and keep it a secret.
Susan's place
Libby comments that when she called last night to get Steph to tape the show, Boyd said they were at Karl and Izzy's place. She asks how it was. Alright, Steph says, a bit weird. Libby goes to make coffee and remembers there's no power. "How am I going to face Mr McCauley with no coffee?" she wonders. Steph says she has to go and Libby begs her not to leave her alone. There's a knock at the door, and Libby says she can hear Cassie in the backyard, she needs her. She runs out the back door leaving Steph to answer the front one.
Izzy thanks Tom for his support through the first weeks of the pregnancy, and tells him she has found someone to share the baby with. Tom asks if he knows the truth yet. Izzy says it's one of those times when the truth is best not known. Tom tells her it's her decision, but warns that the truth will probably come out anyway. Izzy says that he's wrong, not meaning any disrespect, and leaves.
Susan's place
Steph comes out the back and sits down next to Libby. Libby apologises for running out, and says it's because the electrician always goes on talking about something stupid, and he smells really bad. Steph says he didn't stink at all, seemed nice, and looked kind of cute. Libby doesn't believe her. Steph tells her he wants to see her, and Libby reluctantly goes when Steph mentions that once he's gone they'll finally be able to have coffee. When Libby goes inside she gets a pleasant surprise - it isn't old, smelly, Mr McCauley, it's her old boyfriend, Darren Stark.
Susan visits Tom to apologise for telling Lyn about his faith crisis. She tells him that right now, he shouldn't trust her or be near her, she doesn't want to be responsible for leading him to a decision he may regret. She doesn't think she has his best interests at heart. She confesses to having feelings for him, and if he wasn't a priest, she would want a lot more from him.
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Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4498
Izzy Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4498
Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 4498
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Tom Scully

Tom Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4498
Tom Scully, Lyn Scully

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4498
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4498
Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy

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