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Neighbours Episode 4324 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4324
Australian airdate: 11/9/03
UK airdate: 4/11/03
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Melody Jones: Robyn Arthur
Rueben Alecantero: Alex Cappelli
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Taj telling Jack he's going out with Edwina
- Lyn telling Joe she wants to go back to work
- Libby asking Stu to move out
The Scullys
Lyn and Joe have just finished breakfast. Lyn answers the door to Harold. He's brought a pressie for Oscar, a mobile with black and white shapes on it. They help to accelerate motor skills. Harold says it's not gender specific, and it doesn't help promote sexual stereotypes. Joe gives Harold a look, "Harold... I'm wearing an apron." He wonders if Harold could give Lyn a lift to work on the way to the Coffee Shop. Lyn happily bustles outside and Harold runs after her.
Number 30
Connor and Toadie are rummaging through a box of Stu's old stuff, which includes an old jockstrap and a bowtie that he wore to his school formal. They say it's good to have him back, and the House of Trouser rises again.
Erinsborough High
Nina's telling Jack she's got a meeting with Melody at lunchtime, but she's not sure what for. Jack's mobile buzzes. It's Taj telling him that he's driving Edwina home, and to cover for him in class. Jack's a bit suss. Nina says she's glad things are working out for Taj, because she feels guilty about what went on. "But when he's as happy and as in love as we are, we'll never have to feel guilty again." She gives him a kiss and goes to class. It's Jack's turn to be guilty.
The Coffee Shop
Gino asks Lyn for help with the fashion parade. They meet Karl in there, and he says that he thought Lyn had another two months maternity leave. Lyn prattles on that Joe really wanted to see Oscar grow up, and he should have his turn. Karl gets his coffee and leaves. Lyn thanks Harold again for the mobile for Oscar, and Gino's ears perk up. Harold gets all boastful, and supposes Gino bought Oscar some more pressies too. Gino gets indignant and rushes off because, "something else has come up!" Harold smirks and gives an evil belly laugh.
The Scullys
Joe's doing some contracting work over the phone when there's a knock at the door. Gino bursts through with an armful of toys. "What's you do? Rob the North Pole?" Joe tries to thank him and get him out of the house cause he's busy, but Gino says that he's not one of those 'drop the presents and run' type of people. He holds up one of the presents. "Fancy a game of battleships?!"
The Coffee Shop
Nina's getting a gig because one of Melody's other clients fractured their pelvis. The job is for a lead female vocalist to go on an Asian tour, from Singapore to Saigon. Nina gets really excited, and says that it's good timing because she's just finished a whole bunch of songs. Melody tries to gloss over that, and says there's a little catch - she'll be on tour with Robbie D. Nina's enthusiasm dwindles.
The Coffee Shop
Melody tells Nina that Robbie D is huge over in Asia, and going on tour with him will raise her profile. Nina says at least she'd get to sing some of her new songs, but Melody informs her that it'll be duets only on the tour. Nina wonders if she can bring Jack along for company, "He's the most important thing in my life right now." "That's lovely darling, but you need to put yourself first." Melody gets up to go and tells Nina that she shouldn't think about the offer for too long.
The Scullys
Joe's trying to work while half-heartedly playing a game of battleships with Gino. There's another knock at the door. It's Harold again, bringing Joe a "light lunch" (a whole tray of sandwiches!). Harold and Gino get standoffish when they see each other. They start bickering until Gino's mobile rings, and then Gino starts to bicker with Aaron his "flatmate". Joe's had enough, and politely but firmly tells them to continue their godfather wars elsewhere. They leave, grumbling, and Gino informs Harold that Aaron's friends have dropped out of the fashion parade due to loyalties. "Where am I going to find three male models at this late stage?"
Number 30
Cue Gino trying to butter up the boys, who are lounging on the couch in their leisure gear. They're not convinced, with Stu adding that his modelling days are over after the Men of Erinsborough calendar. Gino says that no one will recognize them under all the make-up, and they sarcastically ask if they can wear mascara and eyeliner. Gino wants to know if they're in. "No," they say in unison. He tells them they don't have to answer straight away, and ducks out. They all yell out, "No!" after him.
The Pub
Karl bumps into Lyn having lunch. He tells her about the advice he gave Joe the other day, and how it might have not gone down well. He asks about all the family, and realises she's none the wiser about Steph's cancer. Karl gets up to chat to Lou, and tries to convince him to let him try the new wine. Lou won't hear of it and gives him a lemon squash. Gino races in and begs for Lyn's help.
Number 30
Cut to Lyn putting the guilt trip on the boys. She lays it on thick, which makes the guys feel bad. They get into a huddle to discuss it, and tell Lyn they have one question. "Will models be present?" asks Stu. Lyn says they'll be everywhere, and the boys say they're in.
Erinsborough High
Nina is telling Jack about the Asia tour. He's happy and says they'll have fun there. Nina tries to convince him that she'll be really busy, and they'll hardly see each other. She finally has to come clean that Melody said no partners. He's not impressed. He says that Nina just doesn't want him around when all the guys line up at her dressing room to see her. Nina says she got over his e-mail thing with Edwina, and that's how he repays her. She walks off.
Hall - Backstage
Rueben the designer is getting huffy. Toadie walks out wearing a tight, white, long-john looking things, with a red pattern on them. "Where did Gino find you again?" "Milan!" Connor's wearing a white shirt with big blue flowers on it, and Stu's in casual wear. Rueben's depressed at his unprofessional models. The boys are all squirmy because apparently they're wearing rubber underwear to "complete" the look. Stu asks about the models they were promised, and in walk some more male models much to their disgust. Lyn starts to do Toadie's hair when her mobile rings. On the other end, Joe asks her if she'll be home soon, and Lyn guiltily says she got asked to help with the fashion parade but she'll be home later.
The boys have now got KISS-type make-up on, and are still picking at their undies.
Lyn is sitting in the crowd. Lou joins her with a camera. "Some moments in life are not to be missed!"
Gino walks out from backstage to introduce the line, "The House of Rueben". They boys sheepishly march out on stage. Lyn encourages them to move around a bit, so they strike a muscle man pose. They really start to get into it, and saunter around doing Zoolander impressions, and Stu waves a yo-yo around. Rueben's not impressed, and Lou snaps a lot of photos.
The Scullys
Jack's watching a movie on the couch, and Joe comes out to join him after putting Oscar to bed. Jack gets up to answer the door. It's Nina saying they need to talk, but Joe gets up and says that he wants Nina to come and say hello t Oscar first. He still should be awake. They go to Oscar's room. Jack sees a flier in Nina's bag with the picture of her and Robbie D kissing. It reads, "Bring on the love tour: Robbie D & Nina, Asia 2003 Episode." He looks annoyed.
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Harold Bishop, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4324
Harold Bishop, Joe Scully

Melody Jones, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4324
Melody Jones, Nina Tucker

Gino Esposito, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4324
Gino Esposito, Oscar Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker, Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Gino Esposito, Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Gino Esposito, Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Lyn Scully, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4324
Lyn Scully, Lou Carpenter

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