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Neighbours Episode 4325 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4325
Australian airdate: 12/09/03
UK airdate: 05/11/03
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Kaveesha Jones: Simone Ball
Tammy Jones: Sarah Grace
Marta De Bruyn: Kate Save
Deanne Smith: Kate Dorrington
Penola Newman: Erin Brass
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Melody telling Nina she'll be on tour with Robbie D
- The boys saying no to the fashion parade, then the boys appearing on stage
- Jack finding Nina's tour flier
Lassiter's - Backstage
The boys are in the change room in the nuddy, having just peeled off their clothes and rubber underwear. "I'm twenty and I've got nappy rash," complains Connor. They make fun of Reuben's designs, and he overhears them. He pays them back by taking all the clothes, and only giving them their runners to wear. They don't get panicked till the lights go out. "He's not coming back, is he."
The Scullys
Nina and Jack are arguing. She says that she didn't want to tell him about going on tour with Robbie D until now because she knew he'd act all jealous. Nina says she came around to ask him to trust her, but she wonders if there's any point now.
Outside Lassiter's
The boys have wrapped a big tablecloth around themselves, and are running past the shops to behind a bush. They shush up as Harold walks past with some of his Salvation Army friends. He hears noises in the bushes, but presumes it's possums. The boys snigger and run off, losing half the tablecloth in the process.
Sky's watching Buffy season 1 on DVD, and Harold hints that she may need an early night for school tomorrow. Sky says she's seen enough lame teen movies to know how it all works. Harold's worried that people at school might judge Sky because of how she looks, but Sky could care less about fitting in. "Erinsborough High will love me the way I am!"
The Scullys
Jack and Nina are into apology mode now. Nina tells him that he should know that she doesn't want to jump from person to person. Jack says he does trust her, and he does want her to go on tour. They kiss.
Boyd's come over to visit Sky, and chat about the school day tomorrow. She teases him about having blonde chicky babes hanging off him. He offers her the opportunity to pick on him if people pick on her, so she looks cool. He knows what it's like to be the new one, "if you're really desperate!" They laugh.
Outside a random house
The guys dash away from a car driving by. They end up in someone's backyard to "borrow" some clothes off the line. To their disgust it's all hippy, girly stuff. The porch light flicks on, and two girls appear saying that they're going to call the cops. The boys are deers in headlights. (Connor tries to cover up his flashing nipple with his hand, and then covers Stu, lol!)
Girl's Backyard
The boys have explained themselves to the girls (Kaveesha, Tammy and an exchange student, Marta), and they give them some tye-dye clothes. Tammy has a warped laugh (think Melanie from olden days Neighbours - but on a good day). Stu's hitting it off with Kaveesha, Connor's trying hard to repel Chuckles, and Toadie's very uncomfortable at Marta's attention. He asks for a pair of shorts, and then says he'll walk home.
The Coffee Shop
Lou's in having brekky, while Harold chats to him about rogue possums. Karl and Susan come in, and she tells them she saw Stu and Connor get out of a car last night dressed in drag, (Karl has to tell Harold what 'drag' is!). Sky and Boyd come in, and Susan asks Sky how she is and that they'll get a uniform for her soon. Sky smiles and says to Boyd, "This is so Happy Days."
Number 30
Stu has the day off from the garage because they're spraying for termites. Toadie says Stu can invite Kaveesha around then, and Connor can have Tammy. Connor hastily says no way. Toadie goes off to work and the phone rings. It's Kaveesha, and Stu ends up inviting her and her sister around for a swim much to Connor's horror. "Mate, what can I say? The chicks are powerless when the Stu-ey magic kicks in!" Connor isn't amused. "You're an idiot."
Erinsborough High
Sky and Boyd are at the lockers. Sky's only hassle today so far has been her Geography teacher's dandruff. She wonders why there's so much rubbish about "fitting in", just as Susan walks up to see how she's fitting in. Mrs K introduce's Sky to a girl called Penola, who's a cow to her when Susan's backis turned. Sky rolls her eyes. "Hey Penola, call home! I heard there was a fire at the caravan park!"
They walk off, and Taj, Nina and Jack bundle down the stairs. Jack says he'll meet them at the Coffee Shop, there's something he has to do first.
Jack tells Susan about Nina's big Asia tour, and makes out he's worried about how much school she'll miss out on. Susan's naturally concerned, and thinks it's not a good idea for Nina to miss out on so much school work. She says she'll have a chat to her, and Jack says he was just trying to do the right thing, pleased his plan is working.
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are chatting to Lou and Harold about Darcy's sentence in three weeks. Susan wants the judge to show some compassion to Darcy, but Karl's aghast at the thought. Harold and Lou tell Susan that her sister, Carmel, asked them to provide character references for him. Karl and Susan have to provide a victim impact statements. Karl and Susan don't see eye to eye on the matter.
Taj and Nina chat about Edwina. Erinsborough High girls walk in with a flier off Robbie D's website, and get excited to see Nina. One girl, Deanne, asks for an autograph. Jack's arrived, and not far behind are Sky and Boyd. Nina says hi to Boyd and introduces herself to Sky. Deanne thinks that it's cool that Sky knows Nina, and starts to be nice to her. Sky goes into a rant about how lame it is that they idolise popstars, and that it's ridiculous how she's now cool because she kinda knows a famous person. Deanne calls her a freak, much to Sky's amusement.
Number 30 - Pool
Stu's mucking around in the pool near the girls, with Connor looking on, fully dressed. The girls joke about seeing all of the guys last night, and slyly say that they should even the score - only if Connor joins in. Stu's eyes are bulging out of his head, and Connor wrecks his fun by going back inside to check on the progress of Stu's jockstrap on E-Bay. The girls get weirded out and wrap their towels around themselves.
Erinsborough High
Susan catches up with Nina. She brings up her concerns about the tour, and how Nina's schoolwork could suffer. Nina tells her it'll be fine, then gets cluey when Susan says the word "distraction". Nina guesses rightly that Jack's had a chat with Susan and gets annoyed.
Number 30 - Backyard
The girls are telling Stu about their trip to India. Toadie and Connor run out and gleefully tell Stu that some dude in Idaho bid $20 US on his jockstrap. Stu tries to signal them to shut-up, but the girls look disgusted and get up to leave. Kaveesha gives Stu's smelly socks to him and sarcastically says to see what he gets on them. Stu throws the socks at Toadie and Connor's heads.
The Scullys
Nina and Jack are arguing, yet again, about the tour. Nina says that the jealousy is getting too much for the relationship. "I'm leaving on Tuesday... call me if you can be bothered." She leaves.
The Coffee Shop/The Scullys
Taj and Edwina are discussing what they can do for the afternoon. Her mobile rings, and she says it'll be her mum. It's Jack. She tells Taj it is her mum, and she won't be a tick, getting up and moving away. She angrily asks Jack what he wants, and he says her - where does she want to meet. Edwina snits, "What would your girlfriend think of this?" Jack says that he and Nina are as good as broken up, "Nina's going on tour with some guy, and she can have fun. Why can't we, ay?" Edwina glances at Taj, and looks in two minds about it.
<<4324 - 4326>>
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4325
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Kaveesha Jones, Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones, Connor O
Tammy Jones, Connor O'Neill

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4325
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

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