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Neighbours Episode 4323 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4323
Australian airdate: 10/09/03
UK airdate: 03/11/03
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Steiger tells Joe that Lyn had parked the car in B4 and not D4 as she'd thought, and it hadn't been stolen at all.
- Taj tells Edwina that he'd like to get to know her a bit more.
- Steph leaves Max.
Libby and Stu's
Libby is on the phone to Susan, She hangs up when there is a knock at the door. Steph walks in and Lib asks her how it went with her parents. Steph tells Libby that she couldn't tell them, they are having a really rought time and her mum is acting strangely. Libby tells her that she can't keep it from them forever. Steph tells Lib that she knows but she could spare them the worst of it if she could stay at Libby's. Lib isn't sure but Steph tells her she was no where else to go. Libby tells her she can stay as long as she needs to. Steph asks about Stuart and Libby tells her she'll take care of Stuart and they just need to consentrate on getting Steph better.
Coffee Shop
Susan asks Taj how his school work is going. Taj tells her he's really far behind and freaking out as he was a biology project due next week and he hasn't started. Susan tells him he should go home and do it but Taj says he needs to use the science room but he can't because it's totally booked out until next Thursday. Susan asks Taj if he had access to it now would be make use of it. She says she'll call the security guard now and let them know he's coming. Susan tells Taj if he's having trouble at school he should talk to his teachers, he's a good student and no-one wants to see him fail. Edwina walks in and asks where the others are (they are meant to be going bowling with Jack & Nina). Taj says there is a change of plans.
Joe is telling Lou that Valda has gone back to Broome and he thought she would have gone to see Lou to say goodbye. Lou says he could have matched whatever the Desert Hearts Oasis where paying her, she just had to ask. Lou leaves and Lyn comes out of the bedroom. Joe asks Lyn if she got any sleep and to take care of herself. Lyn says she's sorry. Joe tells her that all that matters is that she & Oscar are safe & well and she has to let him help. Lyn tells Joe it has been much harder than she remembers and says that they should swap over roles as it's what he wanted. Joe asks already but says if it's what Lyn wants he's all for it.
Coffee Shop
Edwina is trying to find out what Taj has in store for them tonight. Jack calls. Taj asks him where he is and Jack says he's studying. Taj tells him he was going to bail anyway and he and Edwina have plans of their own. Taj then pretends the phoen is breaking up and he hangs up. Edwina asks what Jack said and Taj tells her it was nothing worth repeating and they should go.Edwina asks if it's just going to be the two of them. Taj asks if it's going to be a problems but she says no.
Outside the Scullys front door
Susan is trying to give Karl a baby gift to give to Joe & Lyn saying it's an olive branch. Karl says if Joe's there he's not going in. Susan knocks on the door and they hear Joe yell out Can you get that Lynnie, and if it's professor Karl I'm not home. Karl gives the gift back to Susan and walks off. Lyn opens the door and Susan tells her she won't stay she's just droppign off a gift for Oscar. Lyn tells her to come and in that she's spoiling him. Susan tells Lyn & Joe it's actually from Karl but he's really busy. Joe says that it must be and trying to keep on step ahead of the Jones'. Lyn opens the present and it's a baby blanket she tanks Susan and tells her to thank Karl. Lyn tells Susan that she's going back to work and she's going to call Gino in the morning. Joe looks surprised and Susan asks when this was decided. Lyn tells her they always agreed on it, she raised the first 4 and now it's Joe's turn. Susan asks Joe if he's excited. Joe tells her he's finally getting his own way, adding he thinks.
Lou asks Max if anything is wrong. Max says he doesn't want to talk about it. Max tells Lou he's going home, Lou comments on Max looking like he needs some sleep. As he's walking out Steph walks in. Max asks her if she's here to see him. She says she was actually looking for Stu. Max looks sad and starts to walk out. Steph asks him if he's heading home and can she come over soon. Max looks pleased and tells her it's still her home too. Steph walks over to Stuart and asks him for some time off. Stuart aasks why. Steph says she's sorry but she's can't tell him it's personal. Stu asks if everything is ok and how long she'll need. Steph says she's not sure, indefinitely. Stu says that he's really busy and at the garage he's her boss not her mate. Steph says she'll resign, she tells him she quits.
Taj and Edwina are walking down the corridor. Edwina is commenting on how 'beige' it is. Taj tells her to shhh if the security guards see her they'll be in trouble. He lets her into a room and tells her he wants to show her his media project but she can't ell anyone. Edwina says she's good at keeping secrets.
Lib & Stu's
Stu is telling Lib about Steph quitting and it's why he didn't want to hire her in the first place. Lib sticks up for Steph. Lib tells Stu she needs to talk to him about the living arangements, she doesn't hink it's going to work. When Stu asks her why Libby asys because he's young and single and living with a mother & child is not the best way to pick up chicks. Stu says he'll worry about that. Lib says she knows it's not the best time but it's not up for discussion, she's asking him to move out.
Max and Steph are in the living room, it's dark and Max is opening a bottle of wine, he tells Steph that he sent Izzy and the kids to a movie so they could talk about where they went wrong.
STEPH: It's not going to help.
MAX: Look Steph, I'm not saying it's going to be easy, I've been thinking ok. It was crazy for you to move in here with us so soon. I totally underestimated how much of an adjustment you were going to have to make. Hey, things are not so dire between us. What we have is strong enough to get us through these early problems.
STEPH: I've made my decision.
MAX: And what about what we had between us? How can you give that up so easy?
STEPH: I'm sorry to have raised your hopes, I just came here to get some stuff.
MAX: No, look Steph, please don't do this alright. I'm not asking you, I'm begging you, please, Steph!
Steph pushes past him.
Karl and Susan are talkign about Lyn retruning to work. Karl says he thought Lyn was quite happy for Joe to be Mr Mum. Susan says she's worried about Lyn, that there's somethign not right. Karl says he heard something distrubing at the surgery from one of his patients. They told him that LYn left Oscar in the car and the police had to break a window to get him out. Susan says she noticed the window and when she asks them they told her it was to get the keys out. Susan says there is no way Lyn would do something like that.Lou asks Stu why Steph quit. Stu says he doesn't really know but because he's a friend she thinks it's easy come, easy go. Lou says not in his garage and he'll talk to her. Stu asks Lou not to, he went over his head in the first place when he didn't want her. Lou says he's really surprise as Steph really wamted the job. Stu comments about not knowing the workings of the female mind. Lou says he's a bartender and he can tell ther's more to this. Stu tells him about Liby asking him to move out. Lou says it's because Libby still has feeling for Stu.
Max is sitting on the couch looking angry.
Steph walks in.
Max doesn't move.STEPH: Max!
MAX: I just hope for your sake you wake-up to how selfish you are before it's too late.
STEPH: Can you just let me say goodbye?
MAX: Why? You don't want to discuss anything, if you're so desperate to get out of here why dont' you just go Steph turns to leave.
MAX: It wasn't easy you know, letting you in here. It wasn't just some simple decision. you get me, you get my kids and I don't risk my kids being hurt lightly.
STEPH: I know.
MAX: Then how could you do it, hey? You had Summer and Boyd believing this was the real deal. They were still missing their mother, they had opened their hearts to you anf they loved you as one of our family.
STEPH: They're young, they'll get over it.
MAX (yelling): They'll get over it... Thanks for that! Is that how you live your life is it? You just get on your motorbike and ride off over the next hill, leave everyone else to sort out your mess!
STEPH: I don't have what it takes, I'm no good to you or your family.
Steph leaves and Max whispers...
MAX: Yes you are Steph, Yes you do.
Coffee Shop (Next Morning)
Edwina asks Taj how he can eat so much. Taj says he can always eat and asks her if she's hungry. Edwina tells him she's too tired to eat normally she's sleep deprived for other reasons not watching movies all night. Taj says he hopes it wasn't too boring. Edwina tells him it was nice to talk to a boys who was interested in her for a change. She says she's not very smart and most boys come onto her because of what they think they can get. Taj tells her not to catch a train, he'll drive her. She asks him about school and he says he only has P.E.Karl walks into the cofee shop and runs into Joe. Joe thanks him for Oscars present saying it was a great fit and he was surprised Karl picked the size so well. Karl says he does have experience in buying baby clothes. Joe asks Karl if he picked it out and Karl says he did. Joe tells him it was a bunny rug, Karl says they do come in different sizes. Joe turns to leave and Karl saks how Steph is. When Joe asks why, Karl says he was just wondering how she was enjoying having a baby brother. Joe says What do you reckon? Joe tries to turn away again and Karl asks him how Lyn is coping. Joe asks why she wouldn't be. Karl says he was just inquiring and it can be harder haveing a baby later in life and if they need any help he can give them the numbers for some specialists. Joe says they don't need anyone, they are very happy taking care of their own family, adding that Karl should try doing the same.
Lyn is putting on lipstick and Joe is telling her about Karl. Lyn tells Joe she rang Gino and he has a big fashion show he's doing the hair for and he wants her to start right away. Joe tells her he has an on-site quote he has to do today. Lyn says to Joe that they agreed on this and Joe tells her he'll make a call. Joe asks Lyn to look at him & tell him that nothing is wrong. Lyn tells him she's fine, to stop being silly, that yesterday was just the hormones and he needs to lighten up.
Max is cleaning the lounge room and he calls to Summer and Boyd to have their breakfast. Max puts away some cd's and behind them he finds a box of chocolates. He opens the lid and inside there's a note...
Max sits down and stares at them.
Stu is packing his things. Libby tells him she didn't mean he had to move out right away btu Stu says he's already lined something else up. Libby apologises to him. Stu says he understands and he can't blame her for having isues with him. Libby looks confused and asks What issues? Stu says he shouldn't say anything he goes to leave ans Steph walks in. Steph says to Stu that she's sorry. Stu leaves. Libby asks Steph where she was last night. Steph tells her she was really churned up after seeing Max so she went for a ride. Libby tells her she should have called. Steph tells Lib to 'get off her case'. Libby tells her she can't keep pushing people away. Steph says she knows what she's doing. Libby says first it was Max, then her parents and now Stu and her job. Libby tells her she can't go throught this on her own and asks her how long she's going to keep this up. Steph tells her as long as she has to and to let her deal with it the best way she knows how. Liby asks her if she should talk to a councillor. Steph tells Libby she just needs her to stick by her as she's all she's got. Libby hugs her and tells Steph she's here for her whatever happens, however long it takes.
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Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4323
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4323
Susan Kennedy, Taj Coppin

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4323
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4323
Steph Scully

Taj Coppin, Edwina Valdez in Neighbours Episode 4323
Taj Coppin, Edwina Valdez

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4323
Steph Scully

Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4323
Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4323
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

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