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Neighbours Episode 4305 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4305
Australian airdate: 15/8/03
UK airdate: 8/10/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sky Mangel: Stephanie McIntosh
Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Kat Riley: Gemma Bishop
- "Treacherous Head" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Sky catching Harold going through her things
- Jack telling Nina that he understands, and he loves her
Yakely Hotel Room
Jack and Nina are kissing, and Jack manoeuvre's them to sit on the bed. Jack starts to untie Nina's dress strap. Nina asks what he's doing, and he tells her to relax. They start to kiss again but Nina gets uncomfortable and gets up. She says sorry, but Jack says he understands, he just wanted to show that he loved her. He looks a little disappointed though. Nina picks up the chocolates and says they might as well not let them go to waste. She feeds Jack one.
Harold is pacing, worried about Sky. He looks out the window and sees her. He runs to the couch, and pretends he was reading as she walks in. Sky says she's been to the mall. Harold apologises for going through her things earlier and says he wants to be friends, "friends and family." Sky tells Harold that she goes to her dad when she has a problem, but other than that, he knows when to leave her alone. Harold says he hopes he can do better than that. He wants to know her better, and says they have to communicate, "Who knows, we may even find talking to be enjoyable!" She half smiles, and non-commitally says, "Yeah, whatever."
Yakely Pub
Jack is playing pool by himself with a girl watching behind him. She starts off a cheeky conversation with him, and Jack says his girlfriend is upstairs. She says her name is Edwina, and that she noticed him before. Edwina flirts with him, and says there's no law against them having a drink together when Jack mentions Nina again.
Harold's and Hoylands
Sky's on the phone to Boyd. Their conversation is a mixture of chatting and teasing. They talk about bands and how Harold was when she got home. She felt sorry for him because he knows he stuffed up. Sky starts to tell Boyd about Harold's communication idea, but says that he just wants to control her. Harold just happens to have got up out of bed in time to hear this. He listens in concern as Sky says how Lou is Harold's crony, and describes them as Batman and Robin. Max walks into the kitchen so Boyd says he has to go and hangs up. Max asks who it was, but Boyd says no one and walks out. (Max is eating a lollipop - I just found that really random!) Harold wonders if Sky was talking to Toby, but Sky says it was "that kid from across the road." He seems pleased that she's talking to Boyd, and tries to make conversation with her but she goes to bed.
The Coffee Shop
Jack puts money in the jukebox as his mobile rings. It's Edwina, she got his number from her friend who's in charge of the Yakely Hotel. (She looks like she's sitting in Grease Monkey's judging by the merchandise behind her on the back wall). Jack wants to know what she wants, and Edwina says she thought they'd chat. She asks for his e-mail address, she's got something cool to send him. Jack gives her the address, (jackscully@erinsmail.com.au), as Nina walks in. He hangs up. Nina asks who it was and Jack says no one, but Nina asks if it was Lyn checking up on them, and he goes with it.
The Pub
Stu's by himself at a table. Kat walks in with Summer. She's brought her back from her riding lesson for Max. Kat tells Max that Summer had a little problem with her horse, and Summer angrily cuts in that the horse kept riding under branches trying to knock her off. Summer's annoyed, and Kat says that the experience if different to what she probably thought. Lou tells Summer how his daughter, Lauren, loved ponies at her age, and now she's working in a racing stable. Max takes Summer home. Kat spots Stu and goes up to him. She says he hasn't called... but she wants to meet for a drink later with him anyway. He agrees half-heartedly.
Max and Summer get home. Music is blaring from Boyd's room, and Max yells out to turn it down. Max and Summer wander into the kitchen talking about the horses. The music gets turned off. Boyd and Sky walk into the kitchen much to Max's surprise. He recovers, and asks Sky if she wants to stay for dinner. She says okay. They go back to Boyd's room. Summer says she thinks Sky's trouble but Max says to give her a chance, but he looks a bit unsure.
The Coffee Shop
Harold gets off the phone with Sky as Lou walks in. Harold tells him that Sky called about her plans, and he's beginning to think that she's a good kid. Lou says that Harold's changed his tune. He advises him to set some ground rules, "cause that girl's gonna be trouble, mate!"
Max, Summer, Boyd and Sky are eating dinner. Max is practically giving Sky 20 questions much to her discomfort. He babbles on about movies, movie stars etc. Boyd asks when Steph is getting home, and Max says at 11. Boyd gets up and clears his and Sky's plates away. Sky asks Max if it's alright if they can go to Harold's house because he isn't home, and they can play their music loud then without disturbing anyone. Max says that he was going to do pancakes for dessert, then offers to grab a video when they don't want dessert. They'd prefer to play music though, so Max tells Boyd to be home by 10. Summer says that they're probably going to paint graffiti or something, and comments how Sky is really different to Heather. Summer then slyly asks if they can still have pancakes. Max laughs.
Jack opens Edwina's e-mail which says, "Do you surf, Jack? I give lessons," with a picture of herself in a bikini holding a surfboard. Jack looks entranced. He gets up to answer the door, and is startled to see Nina. He tries to block her way in, but she gets past him. He sprints to the kitchen and minimises the e-mail on the laptop. She asks what he was doing, and he says homework. Nina says she thought they could watch a video - it's about surfing!
Boyd and Sky are looking through her CD collection. He teases her about her choice of bands, and she gives him stick about being a "surfer boy" with his "shiny and bouncy hair". Sky reckons that he should dye his hair black, but Boyd says she's nuts. He likes it the way it is, and says that boys don't dye their hair. Sky says they do and lists Marilyn Manson and Eminem, but Boyd still says no.
The Pub
Kat is telling Stu about 'Dazza's' metre long rattlesnake tattoo, but Stu isn't really caring, and is only half listening. Kat says that Stu's changed, but she likes it and thinks they should be exclusive like he said awhile back. Stu doesn't look too excited though, and gets up to get them another drink.
Max is finishing the dishes as Boyd walks in. He starts to drink OJ out of the bottle, but Max hands him a glass. Max asks about the music, then gets serious and says that he's rather Boyd not go over to Harold's when Harold isn't there. Boyd knows this is about the dope rumours, and says that he and Sky didn't do anything. Max asks why Boyd is so keen on defending her, and Boyd says that she's going through a rough time and that's all he needs to know. He adds that he isn't going to give her the flick just because people don't like her. He walks out to the hallway where Summer's been eavesdropping. She bails him up and tells him that Heather rang, and how nice she is. Boyd doesn't seem too interested, and goes to his room. Summer walks into the kitchen where Max has been eavesdropping, and says she tried.
The Pub
Kat tries to make plans with Stu, but he's not very enthusiastic. Kat says the new serious Stu isn't much fun. Stu gets annoyed and says he's like this because Dee was killed on her wedding day, Toadie blames him because he gave them the car they crashed in, and he's been kicked out of home. Kat looks apologetic and says she's sorry and had no idea. Stu says he's sorry too. He's a different person now, and he doesn't think this will work. He leaves.
Jack's looking in the fridge for food for him and Nina. Nina sees the e-mail window and maximises it (it's only on the inbox section though). She sees an e-mail from Edwina and asks who she is. Jack whacks his head in the fridge in shock. He rambles that it's a kid sister of his friend John. He gets all strange about Nina opening his mail, and Nina says sorry but knows something is a bit weird. She looks at him oddly, and goes to put the video on.
Harold gets home and asks Sky if they can have a chat. He says he'd like to get them a little more organized, and says they could tell each other their plans for the day each morning. Just so he knows where she'll be, and what she's up to. Sky gets angry and says that he doesn't trust her. He says he does. "Like hell you do!" She says that she doesn't know why she bothered to give him a second chance, she's leaving. "You never wanted me here anyway. So sorry I wrecked your life." She goes to her room leaving Harold looking bewildered.
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Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4305
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4305
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4305
Sky Mangel

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4305
Boyd Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Kat Riley in Neighbours Episode 4305
Summer Hoyland, Kat Riley

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4305
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Stuart Parker, Kat Riley in Neighbours Episode 4305
Stuart Parker, Kat Riley

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4305
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

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