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Neighbours Episode 4304 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4304
Australian airdate: 14/08/03
UK airdate: 07/10/03
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sky Mangel: Stephanie McIntosh
Karen Buckley: Maya Walker
- "Will You Fall For Me" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Sky arriving much to Harold's surprise
- Nina telling Jack she's inexperienced
- Harold thinking Sky smoked dope
Harold and Sky are eating dinner, and Harold tells her it's good to see someone with a healthy appetite, "Must be all that incense smoke, ay!" He pretends it was a joke, but Sky gets up to put her plate in the sink. Harold gets up and says he knows it must be difficult that Joe has remarried, and that she must be missing Melanie. But all Sky says is she was only 5 when they divorced, "I hardly remember her." Harold tries a different tactic. He gets something out of a drawer, and tells Sky to pick a hand. She looks confused, and picks one. He opens it to reveal, "Mr Frog!" Sky looks unimpressed, and says that she remembers liking that when she was 2. They smile and nod at each other, not knowing what to do.
Lyn's on her hands and knees cleaning under the fridge, while Joe reads a newspaper at the table. She's complaining that the house is too dirty to have a baby live in, and Joe jokes that she better get on to the gutters next. Lyn, in all seriousness, says that she tried but it started to rain. He says that she's nesting like she always does, and goes over to help her up. He suggests they make a break for it down the beach. "Last grab of freedom, ay!" Lyn smiles. Nina and Jack burst in the door laughing and kissing. Lyn wonders about leaving Jack up to no good, but Joe says he'll have a word. They come in and say hi, and Joe says that Nina looks very grown up tonight. Jack gets weirded out and says they're going to his room to study. Lyn just gives a look to Joe like "What are you on about?" And Joe runs out to get dinner.
Harold has popped around for a chat, and tells Max that his grand daughter is over for a visit and she's around Boyd's age. He needs some advice. Summer tries to stick around by saying there's an educational movie on TV about women trying to achieve goals in their life - but it turns out to be Pretty Woman and Max sends her to bed. He reminds Boyd about his math test tomorrow, and he heads off too. Harold tells Max that Sky seems to be troubled, and he doesn't know how to communicate with her. He mentions the blended family situation, and Max knows all too well about that. Harold wonders if Boyd would mind having a chat with her since he's been in the same boat. Boyd walks back in to get his school bag saying he would mind. Max tries to say that it wouldn't hurt him, but Boyd's adamant.
Max, Summer and Boyd are at the front door in the morning. Boyd knocks, "I can't believe I'm doing this." Summer reckons that Sky has blue hair. Harold opens the door and lets them in, pretending to be surprised. He gets Sky, and Summer's mouth is wide open in shock and amusement. Awkwardness abounds as Harold is overly cheerful. Max does the intro's. First himself, then Summer (who looks Sky up and down), "Hi! Does your mum think she's a hippy too?!" Then he intro's Boyd. Sky smirks, "What's with your hair!" He tentatively touches his head. Max tells her to drop by anytime, and Boyd can show her around. Harold's pleased, "Isn't that lovely, Sky!" Sky fakes a smile, "It's peachy." The Hoylands leave, and Summer says to Boyd that Sky's a total freak, "sucked in!" Boyd shakes his head.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Lou about his marijuana suspicions regarding Sky. Lou looks astonished, but then says it would make sense because the signs are there (attitude, cutting off from social interaction etc). Harold thinks that he may be right, especially since Sky's only two expressions are "sulky, and very sulky." They talk about the incense and Sky's appetite. Harold wonders what else he can do, and Lou asks if there's any evidence. Harold says no but Lou says that doesn't mean there isn't any. Harold says he couldn't rifle through her things, but then gets in two minds about it. Lou offers to call his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor for advice and Harold agrees.
The Scullys
Lyn's telling Jack that her and Joe are staying at the beach for a few nights. She nudges Joe to have a chat with Jack. Joe sidles up to him and says he wants to trust Jack, and Jack says he'll be fine. Joe adds that there won't be any parties... and no visitors. Jack tells him not to worry because nothing is going to happen in that department, "and I mean nothing." Joe and Lyn say bye to Jack. Joe tells Lyn on the way out that he thinks Nina has done their job for them. Lyn's happy.
The Coffee Shop
Sky's reading a skate magazine when Boyd comes in with his skateboard. He looks embarrassed to see her but she asks him about his skating, and is impressed to hear that skating is an obsession of his. Boyd apologises for that morning but Sky says to forget about it, and offers him a seat. She asks what's good to do around here, and Boyd says she's doing it. "Kill me now!" She perks up at the mention of the skate park though, and asks him if he wants to go. He says normally he would but he's got a really important math test. She tries to persuade him but gets slightly annoyed when he won't say yes, and goes back to reading. Boyd looks like he's kicking himself.
Erinsborough High
Nina and Boyd have just finished their test. Boyd's blabbing to Nina about Sky and how he should have gone skating, and how she's cool because she reads the same skate magazine. Nina laughs and pats him on the back. Jack comes up to Nina and asks how it went. Nina tells him about Boyd's new love. Jack then brings up Nina's singing gig at the Yakely Pub, and Nina says that she's nervous. Jack starts to tell her that Joe and Lyn are away, when Nina butts in and says that she doesn't need any pressure. But Jack was just going to say that since his parents are away the car is free and he can drive her there. She apologises and says he's the best boyfriend in the world. Jack says that Boyd was right - when you're in love you have to share it with the world. He then proceeds to shout, "Jack Scully loves Nina Tucker!" through a witches hat he had from soccer practice, all down the school corridors.
The Coffee Shop
Lou says that his NA sponser is against the idea of going through Sky's stuff. It promotes mistrust. The sponser suggests to do nothing, but Harold doesn't agree. He just wants to help his grand daughter. Max walks in and Harold asks what he would do if he thought Boyd was using marijuana. Max says he would do anything to stop him from throwing his life away. Lou says he'll have a chat to Sky, and he can pass on some NA info. Max asks if Sky's on dope, but Harold says he's sure it's nothing to worry about.
... But Harold has decided to look through Sky's bag. Lou tries to get him to stop, but Harold thinks he's doing the right thing. He finds the incense. Lou tells him that people hardly leave illegal substances lying around, just as Harold pulls out a bag with green leaves in it. "Oh, strewth!" But Harold smells it and says it's only raspberry leaf tea, he uses it himself. The next thing he takes out is a crumpled photo of Kerry (Sky's mum). He tells Lou who it is fondly, just as Sky walks in looking angry, asking what's going on.
Sky takes her stuff and starts to repack it, pausing slightly to look at the photo of Kerry. Harold tries to tell her that he did it for her own good, and he just wants to know what's wrong. Sky says that there's nothing going on. Lou tries to give her a sheet with a list of NA meetings on it. She gives him a look, then storms out with her bag. Harold calls out after her looking concerned.
Boyd's riding his bike and spots Sky sitting by herself on a bench. He goes up and asks if she's alright. She nods but has been crying, so Boyd offers her his hankie. "It's clean!" She smiles and takes it. She tells him what Harold and Lou did, and how they think she's on dope just because she's a little different. Boyd asks if she's going back to W.A. but Sky says it's worse there. Her step-dad and his new wife are too busy with one another, especially since they've got a baby on the way. Sky thought it'd be cool to come and live with her granddad because she remembers how nice he was to her when she was little. Boyd says Harold's okay, and that maybe she could give it another shot with her dad. She scoffs, "What would you know? You're just a nice middle-class server boy with your nice cosy family, and your nice cosy house." He looks agitated but doesn't comment. He asks her about her mum. She looks upset, "She's dead." Boyd pauses and leans back. "So's mine." Sky looks at him in shock and a little disbelief.
The Hoylands
Boyd says to Max that Sky is actually a pretty nice girl. "You think?" Boyd can sense the tone and asks Max what his turn around in behaviour is all about. Max says that he's heard a few things, and he thinks that Sky might not be the kind of friend he needs at the moment. Boyd laughs and says Max has been listening to too many rumours. Boyd sticks up for Sky and says that she's got a lot going on at the moment, and doesn't need people hassling her, "I mean it's easy for you, sitting in your nice cosy house judging anyone who doesn't conform!" Max can't help smiling incredulously, "Boyd, where is this coming from?!" But Boyd walks off.
Yakely Pub
The scene cuts between Nina singing with Jack listening, and different candles being lit in a room somewhere. She finishes and walks to Jack with the crowd clapping her. She's extremely happy.
Yakely Hotel Room
Jack walks in with Nina who's blindfolded. He picks up two items for her to smell: roses and chocolate, then takes the blindfold off to reveal a room filled with candles. She's flattered. Jack says that he understands, and he knows that Nina wants her first time to be special, and he wants to show her it can be. "I love you Nina." Nina smiles and kisses him.
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Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4304
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4304
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4304
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4304
Sky Mangel

Harold Bishop, Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4304
Harold Bishop, Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4304
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4304
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4304
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4304
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4304
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

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