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Neighbours Episode 4306 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4306
Australian airdate: 18/08/03
UK airdate: 09/10/03
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tony Vennuchi: Jamie McCarney
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
Sky is rushing around the place collecting all her stuff while Harold follows her around and tells her that he doesn't want her to leave. He argues that he only did what he did because he cared. Sky tells him that she's only got one more week left (of what? holidays?) and she doesn't want to spend it in a teen prison camp.
The Pub
Harold apologises to Connor for blabbing about the problems his having with Sky. Connor tells him not to worry about and that what he did might have been the right thing to do. Harold tells him that he wished he hadn't been so hard on her. He continues, saying that he called Joe (Sky's step-dad), but didn't end up saying anything because he hadn't seemed to happy about being disturbed. Connor says that it looks like Joe has dumped his problems on Harold. Harold starts to talk about what he thinks might be the problem with Sky, but instead of saying Sky's name he says Kerry's name. Connor points that out and Harold rather abruptly leaves.
Outside Moco (I think)
Steph's soon-to-be ex-boss tries to get Steph to stay, but Steph seems determined to move on. He tells her that he won't believe it until he's sees it because everytime she's left in the past, she's always come back. Steph grabs the pay cheque from out of his hand and leaves.
The Pub
Connor is looking at a pink envelope lying on Lou's desk when Harold walks in carrying muffins for Lou. They both discuss Lou's latest scam, which neither of them know about. Harold tells him that one day Lou will get stuck and expect them to bail him out. Connor tells him he won't be able to do that for long because his 3 months working for Lou will be up in a week. He asks Harold if he needs anyone at the moment, Harold says he doesn't, but he'll keep a look out for him.
Harold knocks on Sky's door and calls out to her, saying he thinks they should talk. But there is no answer. He walks away and notices the white piece of paper on the piano.
Dear Grandad,
Thanks for everything while I've stayed. I know we didn't exactly hit it off, but it was great to see you anyway. I thought I should get going early. I'll call you when I get back to the farm.
Sky has given some of her CDs to Boyd, telling him he needs some help getting off the mainstream. When he finds out that she hasn't booked her flight, he says she can stay there because Max is making something that sounded really weird. She declines saying her dad makes that as well. When Boyd goes to one of her jumpers that she left, she tells him to keep it because her bag is already full. Something to remember her by. She then kisses him, saying it's "something else to remember me by." Max then walks in saying the food is ready, and Sky excuses herself, and tells Boyd to take it easy. "And if the bus comes by, don't forget to get on." Max and Boyd obviously don't understand and she tells them it's a lyric thing.
Meanwhile back at the Hoylands
Steph walks in a little unsure about the loud music coming from Boyd's room. Max calls out to Boyd to tell him to go to school. Boyd comes out wearing a army green jumper that has definitely seen better days. Max tells him he can't wear it to school, but Boyd tells him he'll take it off before he goes into class. He and Summer leave after Summer confirms her date with Steph and some pony. After they've gone, Steph gets up saying she only came back to get her overalls, Max then whistles at her. He asks her if she's nervous and she says she's just wanted this so badly and everytime she wants something so badly she stuffs it up.
The Pub
Connor puts a box on Lou's desk, but drops some of the content on it. He picks it up and dumps it back into the box before randomly picking one and reading it to himself.
...I'll make you mine,I'll never stop trying.I smile on the outside,But on the inside I'm crying.
L. Carpenter, 1951
He chuckles a bit, saying "No wonder Valda couldn't resist." Before going through the others.
Stu is telling Steph about all the jobs they have to do and where certain things go. He then smears some crap on her overalls, saying they were too clean.
Bus Stop
Sky is reading a book when Harold approaches. They, well Harold, starts talking and tells Sky how similar she is to her mother. She tells him she wouldn't know because her dad never spoke about her. Harold tells her he could tell her about her mother.
The Pub
Stu and Steph walk in and order some lunch. Steph tells Max that she feels like she finally doing something for the future, or for her future. (sorry couldn't hear). Connor then walks in and reads another of Lou's poems to them. The guys (minus Max) say how tacky they are, but Steph defends them saying that a lot of women would love their men to say stuff like that to them. "Really?" Connor says with a wicked gleam in his eyes. (I'm exaggerating!)
Bus Stop
Harold tells Sky that he knows they haven't started off on the right note, but he'd really like her to stay. Sky doesn't say anything for a bit, but eventually agrees.
Stu and Steph and huddled over a car when Steph ex-boss rocks up with some car part. They banter briefly before he leaves. Steph then tries to untighten some part and Stu offers to help, but she insists that she can do it. In her attempts to loosen the part, she hits her breast into the car frame. Stu asks if she's Ok and she tells him she is, but she is clearly in pain. Whilst she's rubbing her chest, she feels something and reaches inside her shirt to feel whatever it is.
The Pub
Boyd walks in and Max makes a crack about his new jumper. Boyd then asks for some money so he can go and see a movie and Max tells him he should get another job, but Boyd says he doesn't want to because of school work. As he's leaving, Connor corners him and tries to get him to buy a poem. Boyd eventually gives in and they decide to continue the discussion over a latte. Just as they are leaving Steph and Stu walk in. Stu orders some drinks for them while Steph goes over to set up the pool table. She goes over to set the table up but discretely feels the lump again. She seems panicked and leaves, telling Stu she has to go and do something.
Sky is typing up her essay, when Harold tells her to have a break. The topic soon slides to Sky's mum and she gets defensive when he brings her up. Harold tells her he is not pleased with the fact that Joe has told her so little about her mother, and Sky collects her stuff. When Harold tries say more, she tells him to back off.
The Pub
Max is trying to coax information from Stu about Steph, and Stu picks up on it and tells him to relax. Max then notices Connor reading a poetry book. He then gives Connor a list, his work for the next day. Connor asks him where Lou is and Max tells him he doesn't know.
Steph is on the phone to Karl. She's made an appointment to see him the next day. Summer then walks in with her boots after Steph's hung up. She tells Steph that she might as well have polished boots if she's going to humiliate herself again. Steph reassures her that she'll be great. She then tells Summer that she won't be able to make it to the lesson tomorrow but she'll definitely be there the next week. Summer tells her she won't and that she'll just break her promise again. When Summer storms off, Steph shouts after her, and tells her to never talk to her like that again. Summer tells Steph that she'll never be able to replace her mother, and that she wishes Steph had never moved in with them.
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4306
Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4306
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4306
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4306
Steph Scully

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Max Hoyland

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4306
Steph Scully

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