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Neighbours Episode 4300 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4300
Australian airdate: 08/08/03
UK airdate: 01/10/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sgt. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
Jay Willis: Steve Danielsen
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista/Mona
- Police interviewing Toadie about the accident
- Jack confronts Nina about knowing that her parents have gone away
Joe is cooking a fancy gourmet meal with prawns. Lyn is quite surprised how much the cooking lessons are paying off. Jack comes in and asks what's cooking. Lyn jokes about Joe actually cooking a decent meal, and Joe insists that he invite Nina. Jack says that might not be a good idea, perhaps another night. Jack sighs and admits that he doesn't even know what's going on with them anymore. Lyn and Joe look at each other and groan.
Connor and Stu are in the kitchen, and Connor is holding Bob. He looks at Bob and asks Stu if he thinks that he knows something's going on. Stu tells him not to talk about it, as he has been in a grouchy mood all day. Toadie then comes into the kitchen and asks what they are talking about. Connor and Stu look uncomfortable, and insist it is nothing. Toadie opens the fridge and asks them if they want a beer. Stu and Connor look at each other, and you can tell that they're certainly not going to knock back a beer. Toadie serves them, and asks them to sit down. He comes right out and thanks them for being there for him, and putting up with him. Toadie insists that they go out and hit the pubs tonight, and goes to get his stuff. Stu tells Connor that he doesn't really want to go, and Connor agrees with him; however they both decide to put up with it for Toadie.
Joe is taking his gourmet cooking very seriously, saying that he needs to practise cooking for Gabrielle. Lyn asks if he needs a hand preparing, but he quickly knocks her back. He grins and tells her that he cannot wait to see Karl, and show him up- he'll certainly be smiling out of the wrong end. Jack pokes his head into the kitchen and says that he's going out for dinner. Lyn looks at Joe tells and tells him to calm down, and Joe insists that the prawns needed for the cooking were $20.00 a kilo! Joe follows Jack into the lounge room and tells him to sit down. Jack groans and says he can feel the father/son talk coming on, and that he doesn't nee it. Joe tells Jack that things won't become any better with Nina, because she is so artistic and highly-strung. He says that musical people like Nina are only interested in themselves, and will always put herself first. Joe finishes his talk up, implying that although Nina's a nice girl, she doesn't really care how Jack is feeling right now- otherwise she would have turned up. At that moment there is a knock on the door. Joe answered it and was shocked to see it was Nina. She asks if she and Jack could go somewhere and talk.
Toadie is talking to Connor and Stu about Stony and his horrible smelling feet. Stu and Connor are slightly bored, and when Toadie offers them another beer, they refuse. Stu says quietly that it is ok to talk about Dee, after all she will always be a part of your life. Toadie shakes his head and reminds him Dee is gone now, and she would have wanted them to move on. Toadie quickly then changes the subject.
When Harold goes to visit Lou at the pub, he is noticing that Lou is having quite a lot of trouble with the customers. He asks Lou what's going on, and where is that new chef? Lou rolls his eyes, and admits that he fired him, because he wasn't doing any good. Harold interrupts and says that the only reason he wasn't any good is because he wasn't Valda. Lou rolls his eyes, tells a bloke not to tap on the bar, because he is coming. While Lou it tending to his customers the phone rings. A hesitant Harold picks the phone up and is happy to hear that it is Valda calling from Broome. He tells Lou that Valda is on the line, and he thinks about talking to her, and then says that he cannot, and will call her back when things have died down.
Nina and Jack are standing near the lake, and Jack starts by apologizing for reading the note about her parents going away. Nina shakes her head and says that she might have given Jack the wrong impression about her. Jack laughs and reminds her that this is the bit where she tells him that she is a vampire slayer, but he realizes she is serious, and goes quiet. Nina looks nervous and tells Jack that she is more 'inexperienced' than he thinks. Jack looks a little confused and asks her how experienced she means. She looks at the ground and admits she is totally inexperienced. Jack looks a mixture of bewilderment and relief.
Back at the Coffee Shop, Jack looks at Nina and admitted that her being with Taj, he assumed that they had slept together. Jack just looks at her and smiles and says that he cannot believe it. Nina tells him that is the reason she has been so jumpy when they are alone. He smiles and holds her hand, saying that he would never push her into anything she didn't want to do, and that he thought that the problem was his fault. Nina looks upset and says he must be feeling relieved that the problem isn't him- it's her. Jack looks amazed and reminds her that it isn't a big deal, but Nina stands up and declares that it is. She leaves quite suddenly and Jack follows her. Harold calls over the counter that their coffees are ready, and looks around to see that they have gone.
Lyn says that Joe's gourmet cooking has really paid off, and she thought it was fantastic. She sighs and says it was like eating in a restaurant. Joe looks quite pleased, and insists that the baby is going to be one pampered little princess. Lyn brings up the arrangement they made about Joe being 'Mr. Mum,' and she admits that she wants to get to know the baby after it's born, and wants to stay home with it. Joe smiles and says that it is a good idea - after all, Lyn's 'better equipped' to feed the baby, but he still wants to be home and be there for her. Lyn tells him that it is a lovely idea. Jack comes storming into the kitchen and says that he doesn't know what's wrong with Nina, and for a minute it looked like that they had sorted things out... but he was once again wrong. Joe forces a smile and says that Nina's nice, it's just that she is very flighty, and he better get out of it quick. Jack nods in agreement and heads to his room. Lyn smiles and tells Joe that Jack is quite simple compared to the other girls- as they are all fussy. Joe grins and says that this baby sure has some shoes to fill.
Connor and Stu are sitting in the Coffee Shop looking quite tired from last night's 'pub rampage' with Toadie. Lou spots them and says that they don't look so good. Stu smiles at Lou and admits they don't feel to good either. When they tell Lou that they were out with Toadie last night, Lou shakes his head sadly and insists that both of them take a sick day off. Connor and Stu beam at each other. Lou then approaches the bar and nags Lou about promoting alcohol as a way to manage your grief. Lou shakes his head and says that they were there for Toadie when he needed him, and this is a good sign. Harold then gets the idea of talking to the engineering students about inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol, and Lou snaps at him 'Not in my pub you won't!' He begins to warn Harold that these people are there for a social drink, not a long lecture. Lou continues to tell Harold what a bad idea it is, but Harold disagrees and says that it wasn't last time.
Jack and Nina meet and Jack tells her that he was thinking of what he was going to say to her before, but looking at her now makes him realize how much he loves her. He says that everything else is irrelevant. Nina asks him whether it is a problem that she is 'inexperienced,' but he tells her that he is not going to lie and admits that he does want to sleep together eventually, but not at the expense of losing her. Jack then apologizes for being so insensitive when he found out, and says that he loves her. Nina says that she loves him to and they kiss. Nina looks happy, and a bit more confident.
Lou tries to talk Harold out of his no drugs and alcohol talk, but fails. When Harold is introduced, he puts his wig on and head for the stage. The students cheer and call out for Afro Harold, and he starts to begin his speech. When he mentions beer, the crowd begins to cheer madly, but he stops them and says that using alcohol to escape your emotions isn't 'funky.' The students begin to boo him, and the more Harold continues, the more they boo and hiss him. Harold gets to the point when he looks at Lou helplessly, and there is a flicker of sympathy on his face, however he just shrugs his shoulders. He continues to be booed by the college students.
Joe is looking through his gourmet cookbook asking Lyn if they have a fancy type of vinegar. Lyn insists that she hasn't even heard of the other vinegar, so just use normal stuff. She sighs and says that she knows Joe needs to practise, but can they have something simple for tea tonight. He looks hurt and tells her how much she said she liked his cooking, and she insists she does, but not a gourmet meal every night. Lyn suggests something simple and Joe's smiles and asks for fish and chips when Jack comes home. Joe looks a Jack and sighs, saying that time will heal everything. Jack looks confused, and Joe reminds him that he broke up with Nina. Jack continues to look confused and says that he hasn't broke up with Nina- and heads for his room. Joe looks uncomfortable and tells Lyn that he confided in Jack about what he really thought of Nina, and Lyn smiles and says he is like his old man. Lyn stands in the doorway and says that it is just in one ear and out the other with them. She shuts the door behind her, and Joe finally realizes what she has just said. He calls out 'hey!'
Stu sits down at the table to watch Toadie fiddle round with this piece of jewellery. Toadie sighs and tells him that he gave Dee this when they first started to go out and it's gone through everything- Bob even swallowed it. Stu smiles at him, and Toadie says that he soon has to start cleaning out all her stuff. Stu reminds him that there is no hurry, and he can do it when he's ready. There is a knock at the door, and while Stuart answers it Toadie continues to look at the piece of jewellery. Stu comes back with Sergeant Douglas, who tells him that he needs to ask him some more questions.
Harold sighs as he reflects on his failed talk as 'Afro Harold'. Lou says that it was not his fault, it's just the topic wasn't something people that age can relate to. Harold exclaims that one of the students mooned him onstage, and Lou smiles and suggests that he would have done better with the comedy routine. Harold insists that he is not a comedian. Lou remind him what a good person he is, and that's why Paul and Tad respected him so much-not as a comedian, or a rapper. Harold sighs and says that rejection still hurts, and Lou laughs and says 'that is why god made chocolate.'
Sergeant Douglas is talking to Toadie about the condition of the car once it was pulled out of the water. She said the car has been looked over, and it's been shown that the break pads were worn, the suspension was but and the car wasn't road worthy. Sergeant Douglas continues saying that they have tried to contact the owner of the car, but he is away on business. Toadie asks if this could have been a factor of the accident, and she tells Toadie that it probably is. She then asks Toadie where he got the car from, and Stu looks up from the table and tells her that is was him who gave Toadie and Dee the car to use.
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Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4300
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4300
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4300
Harold Bishop

Jack Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4300
Jack Scully, Joe Scully

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4300
Lou Carpenter

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4300
Stuart Parker

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