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Neighbours Episode 4301 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4301
Australian airdate: 11/08/03
UK airdate: 02/10/03
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
Erinsborough High
Someone has done a bit of "art" about Taj and Libby on the black board and Taj quickly rubs it off. Jack then comes in and starts bugging Taj which sets him off about how he doesn't like his sex life being discussed. After he's stormed off, Nina essentially tells Jack to stop acting stupid.
Karl is talking to Lib on the phone. He's trying to find Susan. When he does find her, Susan says she'd got nothing to say to Lib and walks off, leaving Karl to make excuses for her.
Toadie is standing outside when Connor drives in with pizza and videos. When Toadie refuses, Connor walks into the house. Stu tells him about what Douglas and her sidekick said about the car. Connor tells him that the car was fine when he drove it to the wedding, hence it was not Stu's fault. Toadie then walks into the house and Connor again asks him if he wants to join them, Toadie doesn't say anything and walks off. Connor tells Stu to talk to him, but Stu tells him he'll let Toadie blame him for part of the accident in hope that it will stop Toadie from self destructing.
The Coffee Shop
Jack defends his earlier behaviour by saying that he thought Taj would want to talk about what happened. But Nina tells Jack to stop being insensitive and be a friend.
Karl tries to make small talk about the plants Susan has just planted (marigold for anyone who's interested) before he changes the topic to Lib and Ben. When Susan says nothing, he asks/states that she really doesn't care. Susan leaves saying she's going to start on the ironing.
Stu and Connor have just decided not to watch a movie because of all the death and destruction when Toadie walks out and tells Stu that he's ruined his (Toadie's life) and that he can pack his bags and leave.
Connor is trying to convince Stu to talk to Toadie, but Stu is determined to just leave and not cause Toadie anymore grief. Connor says that Toadie is out of control and Stu defends him by saying he's coping the best way he knows how.
Connor is talking to Susan about Toadie's behaviour. Susan tells him that they're just going to have to be patient. After he leaves, Karl brings up Libby again. Karl tries to get to her by asking how she can be so caring of Connor and yet not care about her own daughter. Susan tells him that she's hurting as well.
Kennedys - The next morning
Susan and Karl discuss Susan's attitude towards Lib. She tells him that she does love Lib and that she wants to defend her at school. But she can't. She tells him that she knows he's stuck in the middle, but asks if he can be there for Libby and herself. Karl reaches out and takes her hand. (Aww!)
Erinsborough High
Susan talks to Taj about how the other kids are treating him. He tells her not to worry about him, and that if the other kids want to gossip, it doesn't bother him. Taj then walks away and Jack calls after him. He tells Taj that he was out of line the previous day and that he's sorry. He also tells Taj that if he needs anything, he can ask him. Taj tells him that Steph might know where Lib is and asks him to find out for him. Jack doesn't think it's a good idea.
Connor tells Toadie that he thinks the car was fine. Toadie gets sarcy and asks whether he is a mechanic and says that Stu is a mechanic and therefore should've made sure that the car was road worthy.
The Coffee Shop
Jack is getting a phone number he doesn't need from Steph so he can find out where Lib is. Nina tells him to not tell Taj and Jack says maybe.
Erinsborough High
Jack gives Taj the address/location and tells him not to tell Nina. Jack then asks what he's going to do when he finds Lib. Taj tells him he's not sure, but he hopes they can work some things out. Before he leaves, Jack wishes him luck.
The Coffee Shop
Nina goes up to Toadie and tells him how sorry she is about what happened and gets her head bitten off for it. jack then comes in and she sulks to him about it.
The Pub
Stu blames himself for the accident and Susan tries to tell him that it was not his fault. That it was an accident and that even Toadie will have to accept it eventually. Stu asks what Toadie is going to do then and Susan tells him that she doesn't know, but he should probably let Toadie know that he is still his friend.
Jack confesses to Nina that he gave Taj the address. Nina tells him that she's given up on changing him into the perfect snag and says if only he wasn't so obsessed with sex. Jack tells her that he is a romantic. They start kissing, but Nina stops and tells him some things are worth waiting for.
Ramsay Street
Stu drives home to find Toadie has stacked his things out of the house. Stu tries to talk to him, but Toadie won't listen and when Stu tells him he's not being rational, Toadie starts throwing Stu's things at him.
<<4300 - 4302>>
Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4301
Taj Coppin

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4301
Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4301
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Taj Coppin, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4301
Taj Coppin, Susan Kennedy

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4301
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4301
Stuart Parker

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