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Neighbours Episode 4298 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4298
Australian airdate: 6/8/03
UK airdate: 29/9/03
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Gabriel Proctor: Lachlan McDonald
Deanne Smith: Kate Dorrington
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Karl at the Scullys telling Joe about the gourmet cooking class
- Steph talking about the apprenticeship at the garage
- Libby telling Susan she slept with Taj
Susan asks Libby what she was thinking. She starts yelling at Libby telling her she took advantage of Taj and she is suppose to look out for him. Libby says it just sought of happened. She was trying to escape from the memories of Dee and Drew. Libby tells Susan she's sorry. Susan tells her she should be apologising to Taj and asks her how she could be so stupid and irresponsible. Libby keeps apologising and says she needs Susan's help, she doesn't know what to do. Susan replies "neither do I"
Lassiter's Kitchen
Gabrielle Proctor the Chef introduces himself and talks a bit about the class. He then asks the class a bit about themselves and why they are in the class. Karl starts rattling off names of dishes he hopes to cook and Joe rolls his eyes. When Gabrielle asks Joe why he's here he says he wants to work on his garnish for his spaghetti bolognaise. Gabrielle replies "How very earthy"
Susan tells Lib she needs to talk to Taj and get their story straight. Libby asks Susan if she's going to tell Karl. Susan says no and that it's her mess. Libby asks if she can forgive her. Susan doesn't say anything and hands Lib the phone.
Libby tells Taj the whole world knows they were together. Taj says it wasn't him who told everyone, he spent the whole day denying it. Libby apologises to him saying it was all her fault. Taj says it wasn't, it took the two of them. Libby leaves.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Gabrielle talks about the dish they will be making. (Rainbow Trout) Karl translates Gabrielle's instructions to Joe. Joe gets upset. When Karl asks him if he wants to know the meaning of Chiffonarding, Joe screams out "No I don't" Gabrielle comes over to them and asks if everything is ok. Karl tells Gabrielle that Joe was just about to tell him what Chiffonarding was. Joe replies... "It's when you cover the table in Chiffon". Gabrielle laughs and explains the meaning is slicing into thin strips. Karl tells Joe just to ask him if he needs anymore help.
Joe walks in and slams the front door. Lyn asks where the dinner he made is. Joe replys he ended up in the Gourmet cooking class after a comment Karl made to him and then made him look like the class idiot. Lyn tells him to go back to the budget class. Joe says he's not going to give Karl the satisfaction. He goes and grabs Lyn's cooking books and begins studying for the next class.
Libby is trying to talk to Susan about Ben. Susan barely answers. Libby asks Susan not to hate her. Susan says she doesn't, she's just not in the mood to talk. Karl comes home with the dish he made. Susan goes to check on Ben and Libby tells Karl she spent the night with Taj. Libby tells Karl she's sorry. Karl hugs her telling her it's not the end of the world and they'll get thought it. Libby says she was afraid to tell him. Karl says he loves her and he'll help her get through this.
It's late at night and Susan is on the computer. Karl tells her to go to bed. Susan says she needs to keep looking for information to help Libby. Karl tells Susan she needs to support Libby.
Steph delivers some parts to Stu. Stu asks Steph if she's going to Dee's memorial service tomorrow and it's a good thing that Toadies accepting things. Steph asks Stu if he's had any response to the ad for an apprentice? Stu says only kids trying to get out of school. And he really wants someone who's into cars and bikes. Steph says "Like me" Stu jokes saying that's every mechanics dream, having a good-looking blonde chick walking around. They'd never get any work done. Steph tells Stu the uniform makes him look like he has no Butt!
School Office
Susan is on the phone to a parent telling them the rumours about Libby & Taj aren't true. Taj walks in and tells Susan he wants to transfer to another school. Susan says she knows everything that happened and she's shocked at what Libby did. Taj says it wasn't her fault and he wants everyone to stop blaming her. He loves her.
Coffee Shop
Steph runs into Stu and he asks her if she was interested in the apprenticeship. Stu says it's a great idea just not with him. When Steph asks why he says there are a million reasons, one being he'd be her boss. If she is serious there are lots of garages looking for people and she's just not the person for the job for his garage.
School yard
Libby is walking through and the kids are laughing at her. One of the students walks past Libby and drops some rubbish at her feet. When Libby tells the student to pick it up and put it in the bin, the student laughs at her and walks off.
Steph is telling Lyn and Joe that she wants to go for the apprenticeship at the garage. Joe and Lyn think it's a great Idea. Steph tells them about Stu's negativity. Joe tells Steph she should talk to Lou or Libby as they own the garage not Stu. Steph asks Joe what he is doing. Joe starts rattling off all these cooking terms. Lyn tells Steph about Joe's gourmet cooking class. When Steph laughs Joe says maybe she should try them as Max has been telling him about what she's been trying to feed him.
Libby goes to talk to Susan telling her she won't be going to the staff meeting and the day has been hell. Lib says she wants to resign. Libby asks Susan "Should I go?" Susan says it's her decision.
Lyn tells Joe she's going to the shop and Joe gives her a list of gourmet ingredients he needs. Lyn suggests he goes instead. Steph comes out carrying a box of her things to take to Max's. Lyn tells Steph that some schoolgirls where in the Salon today talking about how Libby & Taj had 'been together'. Steph tells Lyn it's not true.
Libby walks out of her room wheeling a suitcase. She tells Susan and Karl she's resigned and she's going to stay with Grandpa Tom for a while. Karl tries to talk her out of it. Libby goes back into her room and Karl tells Susan they can't let her go. Susan saya she's not sure if she wants Libby to stay.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4298
Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4298
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Gabriel Proctor, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4298
Karl Kennedy, Gabriel Proctor, Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4298
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4298
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4298
Stuart Parker, Steph Scully

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