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Neighbours Episode 4297 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4297
Australian airdate: 05/08/03
UK airdate: 26/09/03
Writer: Andrew Muir
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Clohesy
Summary/Images by: Actual/Mona
- Libby asks Taj why he's so nice to her. Then she kisses him. Taj is angry that Libby wants him to transfer classes and tells her he's not going to muck up his school year just so she can feel better. Libby tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. Taj tells her that's too bad, because he does.
Outside No.28
Taj starts to raise his voice and tells Libby she used him just so she could feel better and she doesn't respect him. Libby tells him that isn't true. Taj thinks they can still work things out, but Libby says they can't and it's better if he doesn't come to her house again. Libby goes back up the steps and into her house. Taj smiles and says, "I love you." Then he walks away. Boyd and Daniel come through the side gate next to the Kennedys' garage, Boyd is looking worried, but Daniel is smiling. "Did you hear that?" he asks Boyd.
The Coffee Shop
Daniel is telling all his friends about Libby and Taj. He says how he and Boyd went over the fence into the Kennedys to get something when they saw something you wouldn't believe: Libby and Taj having a lovers tiff. Boyd adds that they weren't perving, they just happened to be there. "But if we wanted to perv, we couldn't have time it better." laughs Daniel. Joe and Lyn walk in. Lyn isn't happy about the way people from the salon she hardly knows are touching her belly and how they act towards her just because she's pregnant. Then Summer comes in and puts her hands on Lyn's stomach. "How do you make a kid?" she asks. Lyn doesn't look very happy.
Steph is making dinner for the Hoylands. She decides that she wants to do it alone and asks Max to go. Summer starts stirring some food in a saucepan. Steph tells her she'll do it herself because she wants it to be a surprise. Summer says it won't be a surprise for her because she's read out the recipe hundreds of times. Max tells Summer to come on. Boyd and Daniel walk in the front door. Daniel is talking about Libby and how she makes Taj so hot. Boyd tells him not to talk about Libby like that because she's a nice person and a good teacher. Summer walks in just as Daniel is saying how it's the biggest news in Erinsborough High, and the fact that it involves Libby makes it even bigger. "What's the biggest news?" Summer asks.
Karl is disappointed that Susan doesn't want to do the cooking course he gave her for a gift. She tells him that she doesn't have the time and that as a gift it's a bit sexist. Karl asks how cooking is sexist. Susan tells him she just doesn't have the passion for it and he's a much better cook than her anyway. Karl isn't happy because he can't refund it and it will be a waste. Susan suggests that he do the course instead. "But they were for you." Karl says. Susan suggests that he give them away, but he doesn't like that idea, saying he may as well open his wallet and give out a hundred dollar bill. Libby comes in not looking very happy. Karl offers her some carrot cake he got at the Coffee Shop, but she tells him she's not really hungry and goes back out. Susan thinks that her talk with Taj must have upset her. Karl says he was going to do some footy training with Taj that day, but under the circumstances he thinks it's off. "This is my last piece of advice for the evening. Chuck footy altogether and take cooking lessons." Susan tells him. "If that was your last piece of advice for the entire year, I might think about it." Karl replies.
The Hoylands are just finishing dinner. Steph asks if they want anymore. They all say they are stuffed. Then she asks them how they thought the food was. They all obviously don't really like it, but say they do. Then as soon as dessert is mentioned, Boyd and Summer rush off to get some ice cream. Steph asks if they want the leftover's from dinner for lunch the next day. Max and Boyd make excuses that they will be having lunch somewhere else, while Summer simply says, "No thanks." Summer changes the subject and asks Boyd to tell everyone abou the big news. Boyd looks a bit worried and says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Summer says how it's the biggest news in Erinsborough High. Max and Steph are suddenly interested. Steph tells Boyd that he has to tell them now. Summer mentions that it has something to do with Libby. After hearing that, Steph's smile drops and Boyd is looking worried.
Steph walks in to talk to Libby. Karl tells her Libby is in her room, not feeling so great, but he'll go and get her. Just as Karl about to get Libby, he turns around and asks Steph if she's interested in cooking lessons. Susan tells him to stop it, and that he's going to do the lessons himself. She calls for Libby to come out and takes Karl away. Libby comes out and asks Steph what's up. "Nothing much." Steph says, looking a bit worried. "Sounds serious." smiles Libby. Steph tells her it is a bit, and explains about the rumour going around that she and Taj are an item. Libby pretends that there's no truth in it whatsoever and smiles like it's silly.
Joe is on the phone to someone not sounding very pleased. "Cheeky mongrel!" he says after he puts down the phone. Lyn tells him that's what happens when you're pregnant, your life becomes public property. There's a knock on the door and Joe goes to open it. Karl and Susan come in. Karl asks Joe if he's interested in cooking lessons. Joe says no thanks because he doesn't really want to be a Jamie Oliver. Karl tells him that he's sure that Jamie Oliver wouldn't want to be a Joe Scully, because at least he doesn't burn his chops. Joe is getting annoyed. Lyn tells him he should do it because it could be fun, but Joe tells her "No way."
Erinsborough High
Daniel comes up to Taj and asks about him and Miss Kennedy. Taj tells him to shut up and that it's not true. Taj goes into class and Susan walks in. She tells the class that Libby isn't feeling well, so she will be taking over that day.
Steph rings up the Kennedys but no one answers. The answering machine comes on just as Libby walks in. Step leaves a message telling Libby she hopes she didn't upset her when she told her about the rumours at Erinsborough High. Libby stands there listening and not looking very happy.
Grease Monkeys
Steph finishes the answering machine message by saying she will speak soon. She is sitting with Max outside Grease Monkeys. She's worried about Libby and hopes she's ok. Max says she's probably at the doctors. They walk away towards Lou's garage. Steph notices a wanted sign for an apprentice mechanic. She looks interested and says she might have to look into it. Max thinks she means Boyd and says it's not a good idea since he has to stay at school.
Erinsborough High
A student behind Taj writes a note and gives it to him. He just manages to read it before Susan asks him for it. She looks at it. It reads: Is Taj Coppin a feel of Miss Kennedy? "Aren't you a bit old to be passing notes?" Susan asks the student who passed the note. The bell rings and everyone leaves, except for Taj, who Susan asks to stay behind. She tells him his crush with Libby has to stop and it could ruin her teaching career. Taj doesn't say anything. "Why did you come to our home yesterday? What were you hoping to achieve?" Susan asks him. He doesn't answer her. Susan tells him that stalking is a serious offence. Taj doesn't look happy and tells her he wasn't stalking Libby. Susan tells him she doesn't want to hear that anything like this has happened again. "Do you understand?" she asks him sternly. Taj looks away from Susan to show her he understands.
The Coffee Shop
Daniel is talking about Libby and Taj to his friends again. He starts making up things like saying they kissed. Boyd tells him that didn't happen and he knows it. Daniel says that it was pretty close to that. Susan walks in and catches some of what they are saying. As soon as Daniel sees her, he stops talking. Susan tells him not to stop on her account. Daniel doesn't say anything. Then Susan asks Boyd if he has anything to add. He doesn't answer either. Susan asks them if they would like having awful rumours spread around about them. Boyd, Daniel and his friends all quickly leave the Coffee Shop. Max is sitting nearby. He goes over to Susan and asks what all that was about. She tells him that Boyd and Daniel were spreading rumours about Libby and she could lose her teaching job over it. Max gets slightly annoyed at Susan and tells her that Boyd is a good kid and values telling the truth. "Rubbish!" Susan tells him. "Do you expect me to believe that Libby would do something like that?" Max tells her that he hopes that Boyd and Daniel have got the wrong end of the stick, but if the rumours are true, Libby's job should be on the line.
Steph isn't happy that Max was talking to Susan about Libby and Taj. He tells her he only did it because she was unfairly targeting Boyd. Steph tells him Susan was just protecting her staff from gossip. "Her staff or her family?" Max asks. "Both." Steph replies. Max asks Steph if she thinks it's alright for Susan to support Libby when she's in trouble, but if it's his family he has to shut up. Steph tells him it's not that, she just thinks Susan had every right to do what she did. Max tells her since it's to do with Libby, Susan should be coming down harder and launching a full investigation, not coming down hard on the kids. Outside the kitchen, Summer is yelling at Boyd. "It's not true! Libby wouldn't do something like this!" she tells him.
Cooking Class
Karl is waiting for the cooking class to start when Joe walks in. Karl tells him he would have sold him a ticket for the gourmet class if he'd known he was taking it. Joe tells him he's doing the cooking on a budget class. Karl tells him that's next door. Just as Joe is leaving, Karl starts teasing him about appreciating fine cuisine. "Oh, I appreciate fine cuisine mate." Joe tells him. Karl says he doesn't think choosing barbeque sauce over tomato sauce counts. "Your full of yourself aren't you Kennedy?" Joe says. Karl tells him him he thinks he's going to enjoy the cooking on a budget class, since in the first week you learn how to make a meatloaf go further by adding cornflakes. "You can learn how to convince yourself and your wife that a dollop of wild mushroom on a big white plate is actually a meal." Joe says. "At least it tastes like a meal." Karl replies. Joe tells him it takes more than garnish to make a meal. "Garnish?" laughs Karl. Joe says he knows all about garnish. "I'll believe that when I see it." Karl says. Joe looks annoyed and snatches the ticket for the gourmet class from Karl's hand.
Steph is washing the dishes. Max comes and starts drying them. Steph tells him he can just let them drip dry but he says it's better to get them aout of the way. Neither of them say anything for a few seconds, then Steph notices Max is slightly smiling. "What?" she asks. "Nothing he replies." Another few seconds go by and Max is still smiling slightly. "What?" Steph asks again. Max tells her it's just a tradition that a Hoyland never apologizes first. Steph says that in case he hasn't noticed, she's Joe Scully's daughter. Max decides they both apologize. "Simultaneous apologies at 50 yards. Possibly the only face saving solution." he says. "You're on." smiles Steph. Mex starts to counting to three, but Steph can't keep a straight face. After two seconds, they both laugh, then kiss.
Libby comes out of her room. Susan tells her she knows she stayed home from school to avoid Taj. Libby doesn't answer her. "You have to face up to this. You can't let students get the upper hand." Susan tells her. "I just didn't have the energy today." Libby says. Susan tells her if she stays away, she will look guilty. "All you did wrong was care too much, and Taj is the one in the wrong." Susan says. Libby tells her it isn't Taj's fault. Susan insists it is. "These are vicious rumour, and Taj has to be held accountable." she says. "What if they are more than rumours?" Libby tells her. "What do you mean?" Susan asks. "I did it. I slept with Taj." Libby says. Susan looks at Libby, shocked.
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Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4297
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

 in Neighbours Episode 4297

Max Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Boyd Hoyland, Daniel Clohesy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Max Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Boyd Hoyland, Daniel Clohesy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4297
Libby Kennedy

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