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Neighbours Episode 4256 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4256
Australian airdate: 09/06/03
UK airdate: 30/07/03
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: N/A
- "Skin Peformed" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Mona
- Lori asks Nina if she and Jack are together
- Dee knocks over the pot-plant at Darcy's
Swimming pool
The action starts at the swimming pool, with a woman swimming, filmed first underwater and then from above. Taj appears and watches, peering as though puzzled. He smiles as he sees it's Libby and then as she starts another lap, grins and runs off.
Lori's making loud lively comments as she and Connor sit back watching the wrestling and eating cereal. She hears the door and jumps up, insisting it's Susan and they race off after hiding all the cereal.
He's making appreciative noises about the meal Dee has made. He says he wants them to start over, as though they're just getting to know one another. She laughs and then tells him she wants him to trust her, as he's given her so much time and support lately. If he needs help she'd really like him to ask her.
No 30
Connor and Lori have made a fast exit from the Kennedys' as she doesn't want to be seen by Susan, whose classes she's skipped to watch wrestling. Connor asks her where her walking-stick is and she realises she's forgotten she needed it. They tease one another about how real wrestling is. He challenges her to say which holds they've just seen and she demonstrates one on him.
Swimming Pool
Libby's still swimming. Taj jumps in and swims up to her, giving her a fright and challenges her to a race.
Jack's got in with some building supplies including 'self-taping' screws. He wants to help Joe, who teases him about not knowing what the tools are called. 'The drill - it's the long thing with a spinny thing on the end'. Joe tells Jack Nina has rung twice but is at work now and he should call her later.
Darcy tells Dee she has made the perfect remedy - beautiful food, beautiful company meal, perfect company. He feels you can't change the past or tell the future, all you can do is enjoy the here and now. She asks him, since he has sold all his wordly goods, what he's planning to become - a Buddhist monk? She comments that he's a remarkable man. He looks a little embarrassed so she adds 'modest too'. As she clears the dishes away, she drops a fork and fumbles under the lounge for it, narrowly missing Susan's wedding-ring, which we see is still in the position it first fell into.
Coffee Shop
Harold is on the phone, clutching the pictures of him plus afro. He thanks them and hangs up, but when asked by Lori, tells her advertising agencies are too expensive - even a local company wanted $20,000 for a simple campaign. Lori asks him what he wants - just something funny, colourful, memorable. He wouldn't have thought it should be too difficult. Lori watches Jack come in and buy milk before leaving again. (He and Nina miss seeing one another as she comes in just then, dialling on her phone. They share an embarrassed little hello.
Joe asks Jack if he's thought about what's out there for him. He thinks young people start seeing a girl, go out together and before they know it, they're living together. He feels he didn't face his problem before his eyes strayed to another girl. Nina is the only one according to Jack, but Joe points out that not long ago he'd have said that of Lori. He thinks Jack should have a break, not spend all his time with one person. He should have a break and if Nina is the only one for him, he'll find out.
Swimming Pool
Taj has won easily and Libby points out that she's already done her work-out. She points out he's hardly puffing, so she must be getting old. He tells her she looks the same age as he is, well almost. He gives her some advice on her stroke.
Joe shows Jack how to sand properly and Jack smiles as though he's enjoying their working together.
Darcy thanks Dee and they fool around, trading thanks. She says it's just a professional meal, cooked by one colleague for another, nothing more. He asks her to make it a 'proper goodbye then' and they kiss, after some initial embarrassment. She pulls away and says goodbye. He looks nervously after her as she leaves.
No 30
Lori's trying to persuade Connor to work on a campaign for Harold.
Lori: We're locals.Connor: Have you heard our accents lately?
She finds out it's his twentieth birthday and wants to hold a party, as an incentive for their work for Harold. He says no to both the party and the ad campaign, but she won't take no for an answer.
Coffee Shop
Libby's bought some when Dee comes in and asks if she knows whether Darcy has some financial problems. Libby hasn't heard of any so Dee says she's asked him and he says it's all resolved now, but she feels he's not telling the whole story. Libby laughingly mentions that Dee has been spending more time with him lately and they agree to sit down together.
Joe asks if Jack believes his little sister will like it. Nina has rung and wants him to ring her back after 8, but he's agreed to go to see a film with Belinda at 7.45. Joe says Nina will understand and Jack agrees he'll ring Nina afterwards as it's an action film and she won't be into it.
Coffee Shop
Dee has told Libby who admits she's not surprised, since it's Darcy they're talking about. Dee feels it's different this time, there's more to it, as it's grown from their respect for one another as people. Dee says she feels much as she thinks Darcy does. Despite the past and all their differences they really suit one another, they support one another. Libby plays Devil's Advocate and wonders why it ended so badly before. Dee thinks it was so they could get back together and do it properly. Libby asks how she feels about Toadie now and whether she thinks about him. Dee answers that she still wonders what went so monumentally wrong but in reply to Libby's suggestion that she should resolve that first, says that in the end she worked out that Toadie was jealous and unreasonable, but Darcy's been wonderfully supportive and it just feels right this time. He's never asked anything of her and it just feels right this time.
Nina rings, to be told by Joe that Jack has gone out to see an action film. She chooses not to leave a message.
Lori and Connor have come to show Harold some ideas for an advertising campaign. They give him a typical high-powered sales-pitch about their multi-media approach, showing him their sketches in a little lined exercise book and add that they will be working on a commission only basis. They leave it with him so they can come back and ask him tomorrow.
Taj calls in to show Libby the very good comments he's received for his marked his marked English essay, which has received really favourable comments. He has bought her some new goggles, as he noticed hers were giving her problems, a gift, a way of thanking her for all her help. She points out that she's already paid for tutoring him, but he adds that he'll help her with her swimming in return for her helping him to get good grades. She gives him a casual little thank you peck on the cheek and goes to see him out, still very nonchalant, but we see him outside beaming as he closes the door after him.
<<4255 - 4257>>
Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4256
Taj Coppin

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lori Lee

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4256
Dee Bliss

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4256
Libby Kennedy

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