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Neighbours Episode 4257 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4257
Australian airdate: 10/06/03
UK airdate: 31/07/03
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Belinda Ewett: Mahlia Simpson
Alanna Hicks: Emma Gurney
- "Danger Zone" by Endorphin
- "Skeleton" by Skunkhour
- "Get The Funk" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Mona
- Max tells Steph he doesn't want to forget about 'us'
- Belinda suggests the movie with Jack
No 30
Toadie and Stuart are decorating the house for the party, after discussing whether they should clean it first. Connor and Lori arrive - he's insistent he just wants a very quiet few drinks with them. Lori comments that they've invited everyone he knows and a few of them aren't very quiet at all.
Steph and Max are on the lounge when Boyd comes in. They ask him to go bowling with them, but he says he wants to go skating, as bowling was what he did when he was seven. After he's left, Steph quotes 'the book' at Max again, saying it suggests a little bit of independence is healthy for a boy that age and Boyd acts very typically for his age. Max asks what happened to just following your instincts and doing what feels right, to which Steph asks what's wrong with doing a bit of both.. He points out that there is a benefit - they're in alone and so she agrees they should just 'follow their instincts'.
Joe's still decorating. Lyn says how good it is that he's spending so much time on Jack. She sees the colour, which is a very bright red and breathlessly asks him to look at some other paint-charts she has. He doesn't want to, as he's bought all the paint, but she says the colour won't go with the curtains she already ordered.
Coffee Shop
Jack's in the Coffee Shop with Belinda, when Nina comes in. Stuart is collecting a pile of pizzas and asks her to the party, then invites Jack too. Stuart says Boyd can come if his father says it's Ok. Boyd answers that Max will be fine, but Stuart emphasises that his father has to agree to it.
No 30 and Scullys'
Lori's still decorating. Toadie rings Dee to ask her to the party and then Steph. She's very excited, but Max doesn't want to go. He tells her he might call in later and she should go and have a good time. The party's raging. Stuart's on the phone to Kat, who obviously isn't coming. Boyd arrives and starts to dance with the others.
Steph tries again to persuade Max, who won't come to the party with her. They laugh about him being middle-aged and not understanding the dancing or music.
Jack's looking in the 'present cupboard' for something to give Connor as a gift, but rejects Lyn's suggestions of undies or handkerchiefs. He thinks Michelle will have bought him something, but Lyn says she thinks she's having too much fun with her new American friends.
No 30
Jack gives Connor the gifts - one from Michelle and one from his parents. He asks if Connor's heard from her - he hasn't. He meets Nina and she has just mentioned the unanswered phone-calls when Belinda comes over and talks to Jack about the film they saw together. Nina is unimpressed.
Boyd's trying to help himself to a beer when Stuart stops him, again saying he needs to hear personally from Max that he's allowed. Lori has bought a cake decorated with 'Happy Birthday Doris', cheap as it was for a dead lady who didn't make it to the day. As they sing, Boyd takes advantage of the diversion to take a beer. Belinda has to leave early and asks Jack to walk her out, but he stays chatting to Nina instead.
Steph comes in and tells them she's on the loose. She asks Boyd if he shouldn't ring his father and tell him he hasn't gone skating with Daniel. He insists it's Ok as he's only next door, so she says it's fine as long as that's not his beer...he says of course not, but swigs some more as she goes off.
Max has just put some music on when Lyn and Joe arrive, hoping to make a big entrance with Steph and him. They persuade him to go to the party with them and he's just getting his keys when the phone rings. Because it's Daniel, who says Boyd isn't with him, he decides to stay home so he can find out where Boyd is. He looks very worried as Joe and Lyn leave and the scene ends.
The party continues
Jack says goodbye to Belinda and comments to Nina that he thought she'd never leave. Nina questions him about the movie and Belinda and as he explains she suddenly kisses him. She breaks away and asks if that was too forward and when he laughs they kiss again, only to be interrupted by Lyn's voice 'party pies, anyone?' They agree to be girlfriend and boyfriend. As they kiss again, Lori comes and looks really upset. Lyn gives her a little hug.
Lyn spots Boyd and sends him home as his father's so worried about him. Stuart overhears and says he was told Max had said yes. Connor escapes the 'snogfest' in the lounge and they discuss the fact that Michelle hasn't called and Dee didn't come to the party. They drink to the 'last hurrah of the House of Trouser'.
Max is really angry with Boyd and insists he should have asked his permission to go to an adult party. Boyd's very defiant and as they argue Max thinks he smells alcohol on his breath. Boyd tells him to 'ask his girlfriend' and Max answers firmly that he will, before sending him to bed, saying they'll discuss it later.
Near the pool, the following morning
Connor, Lori, and others are lying around the pool, very much the worse for wear. Connor more or less falls in and the noise wakes Lori. She thinks that's a good idea and jumps in after him. They each comment that they're lucky to have the other around and the episode ends with them splashing one another and laughing in the pool.
<<4256 - 4258>>
Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi, Lori Lee, Stuart Parker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker, Lori Lee, Toadie Rebecchi

Jack Scully, Belinda Ewett, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4257
Jack Scully, Belinda Ewett, Nina Tucker

Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4257
Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4257
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4257
Boyd Hoyland

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lori Lee

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