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Neighbours Episode 4255 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4255
Australian airdate: 06/06/03
UK airdate: 29/07/03
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Kat Riley: Gemma Bishop
Rose Belker: Esme Melville
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista/Mona
- Ruby telling Darcy that she hates how her suspicions are hurting Harold and they she hopes they catch the true thief
- Gino asking Toadie for legal representation against 'Lester Dean'
Lori approaches Nina and asks how her show was at the pub last night. Nina says that it was fine, and Lori asks curiously if Jack was there; as he was looking at one of her posters previously. When Nina told her that he didn't show she asks her if she is with Jack now... as a couple. Nina knows to be honest to her, as she owes Lori that and admits that she does like him, and wants to be with him. Nina then sees how much she upset Lori and apologizes. Lori shakes her head saying that she wanted to know, then walks off leaving Nina feeling horrible.
Darcy is trying to convince one of his patients that nothing is wrong with her, and the rash she is complaining about isn't there. She is frustrated with him and tells Darcy that next time she will book with Karl because he listens to his patients. Darcy sits and his desk and runs his hands through his head. He then picks up the phone and rings the police, acknowledging that he knows something about a crime. They ask him to hold and he gets cold feet and hangs up.
Connor drops off at Lori's school with the last of the T-shirts. He says that he will head down to the warehouse to see if they can sell any more stuff and they can start their own line. Lori tries not to cry and Connor gives her a hanky. She looks up and jokes about what kind of guy would carry a hanky in his pocket. He asks her what is wrong.
Toadie comes home to the 'house of trousers' and tells Stu that they have to clean up the mess. Stu just rolls his eyes and says that they will do it this weekend. When Toadie points out that is what he said last weekend, Stu promises that he will get to it this week. Toadie then mentions that now the horse is gone he'll need to clean up it's mess, and Stu becomes frantic because the horse has got out again.
Gino is asking Harold and Tim where Jared is, and that as a legal representative he should be aware that punctuality is courtesy. At that moment Toadie rushes in and apologizes to Gino - who is not impressed, and says that he can take his business elsewhere if necessary. Just then Gino's mobile rings and it's Aaron. He lets him know that nothings happened yet... and the meeting hasn't even started.
Dee asks Darcy what is wrong, and he admits to Dee that he is exhausted .Dee lets him know that she wants to spend some time with him by making him a meal and give him a massage, but he declines. She asks why is he brushing her off, and he just makes the excuse of 'I'm tired.' He apologizes, and Dee looks put out.
Stu finds the horse in a paddock, and he gives it a pat saying with all the times it has run off it must be a country horse by heart. A woman about Stu's age is walking around with a bridle and whistles. The horse runs to her and she pats it and puts the bridle on it. Stu asks if she is the owner, and she just looks at him strangely and asks who he is.
Darcy is looking at x-rays and Dee asks if he wants something down at the Coffee Shop. He says that he is fine, but Dee looks at him with a troubled look on her face and asks if there is anything wrong. Darcy finally admits to her that he is very depressed, and feels down on himself. Dee asks him if he has thought of seeing someone, and Darcy just shakes his head. Dee offers to come over and cook tea for him, to cheer him up- but he says that he will let her know after work.
Tim notices how upset Gino is with Toadie and confirms that they have a strong case against Ms Dean; and just because they are a young firm they should not be underestimated. Toadie says that they have an appointment with Lester Dean at one o'clock, and Gino goes back to the hairdressers leaving Toadie and Tim to chat. Tim gives Toadie some advice- to treat Gino as a client, not as a crazy hairdresser. He also looks down on Toadie's clothes, which were nibbled at by Stu's horse friend...so Tim suggests he get some new clothes.
Dee asks Harold if he knows where she can get some ingredient. He recommends an Asian supermarket and asks what it is for. She tells him that she's going to cook a Thai meal to cheer up a friend. When Dee leaves he notices an envelope in the Coffee Shop and picks it up. It contains pictures of Harold with his afro, and Lyn, Joe and Gino with silly hairdos as well. He looks bewildered.
Stu introduces himself, and the woman asks what he was doing with the horse. He told her what had happened, and she is angry at him for not ringing around, and that she should have tried harder to find her. The fighting continues about the horse's eating habits and their knowledge about horses. She admits then it isn't the first time the horse has run off, but he usually finds his way home. She introduces herself as Kat Riley, Stu offers her a drink at the pub, and she hesitantly agrees.
Lori is filling Connor in about what had happened about Nina. She realizes how much she has been talking and apologizes. He thinks nothing of it, promising he would listen. He asks her how she feels now, and she admits she feels better. He begins telling Lori the only way you can get over a broken heart is by trying out Michelle's 'ritual' which involves inviting a friend chocolate biscuits and fuzzy PJ's watching some soppy movie. He offers to be her 'girly' friend for the day but refuses to wear fuzzy PJ's. She smiles and accepts, but lets him know that her taste is slightly different.
Gino arrives at Toadie's 'house of trousers' and asks if her can use the bathroom. He agrees and quick hides plates and pizza boxes under the cushions of the couch as Tim arrives. Gino comes out of the bathroom yelling, saying that the house is totally barbaric, and he doesn't want a representative who lives like this. He leaves the house saying that he will find other legal help. Tim looks at Toadie with his mouth open.
Dee knocks on Darcy's door but there is no answer. She lets herself in and looks around to find hardly any furnishings. She goes over to open a window, but she knocks over a palm plant spilling a bit of the soil. Susan wedding ring falls underneath the couch.
Stu and Kat seem to be getting on. Kat admits that she didn't live too far from Oakey, and came down here for University... but struggled and dropped out. She now treats horses at the stables where all the rich girls are going through the 'horsie-phase' She says to Stu that the horse that got out was called Sissy (or something similar) and was known to unlock the gate to her paddock on several occasions. Stu laughs and admits that horses are more intelligent than humans are. Kat smiles and admits they are better company too- in most occasions. She looks at her watch and tells Stu that she has to get back to the stables, and Stu offers to walk her, but she declines. He lets her know that he wants to see her again, and she smiles and says that he knows where to find her.
Lori and Connor are sitting in the Kennedys eating breakfast cereal and watching wrestling. (Oh my god... this girl has taste!) They find out that they have several things in common. She asks Connor how it was breaking up with Michelle, and he admits that it was tough, but it was for the best. Lori sighs and confesses that in the back of her mind she knew about Jack and Nina, but didn't want to believe it. Connor smiles and says that it happens to the best of people.
Darcy comes home to see Dee cooking up a storm. Dee looks up and asks where everything is, and Darcy lets her know that he is renovating and getting things updated. She looks confused and reminds Darcy that she was there when he bought his coffee table four months ago. She then points out and apologizes for the mess she made with the pot plant and he offers to clean up, while she finishes dinner. Susan's wedding ring is still sitting under the couch.
<<4254 - 4256>>
Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill

Kat Riley, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4255
Kat Riley, Stuart Parker

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4255
Dee Bliss

Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4255
Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler

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