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Neighbours Episode 4254 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4254
Australian airdate: 05/06/03
UK airdate: 28/07/03
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: N/A
- "Will You Fall For Me" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
- Karl shouts at Dahl to shut up and then the alarm goes off
- Nina watches Jack and Belinda talking
- Lyn is telling Joe about what she remembered
Ramsay St
Stu is walking up to his car as Boyd walks out as well and says 'Hi' to him. Suddenly they both notice that there is a horse in the middle of the street. Lori walks up too and Boyd states that the horse must've run away from somewhere. Stu tells them to keep calm and he walks up to the horse and starts talking to it (or him).
Erinsborough High
Nina and Jack are talking about the previous night. Jack complains about the Kennedys' alarm keeping everyone awake all night. Nina gives him a flyer for her gigs and asks him to come. He jokes and says she wants him there after all, but she then she tells him that she only wants the pub to fill up for Lou's sake. She then suggests he bring Belinda, and he asks why. She tells him that they look like they're getting along quite well. Jack seems confused as he explains that he coaches Naomi's soccer team. Nina doesn't look very happy, but tells him to not forget about tonight and he tells her he'll think about.
Steph is asking Joe about what Lyn remembered and he tells her what Lyn mentioned previously. Joe tells her he's a bit confused himself, but he has a gut feeling that Lou knows more then he's letting on. Steph tells him that she and Max thought Lou and Valda, might have been involved, romantically. And that workmates tend to tell things to one another that they don't tell family or friends. Lyn then walks in and asks what they're whispering about. They change the subject back to the Kennedys' alarm and hence the lack of sleep, before Steph leaves saying she's has to meet Max for coffee. Joe then gets up and asks Lyn if she wants breakfast.
Coffee Shop
Susan is telling Karl to call the company that installed the alarm and get it fixed (or removed). Karl tells her it's just having a few teething problems. After she threatens him, he tells her that on the bright side, they didn't get burgled last night. Susan gives him an unimpressed look and he gets up from the table to get the coffee.
Max and Steph walk into the coffee shop and Steph is telling him about a book she found that deals with teenagers. She tells him the book has a very good section on teenagers dealing with step parents. Max looks at her oddly and she backs up, saying that they're not going to get married or anything. Max then tells her that Boyd will be OK with them. Steph tells him that she only wants Boyd to be happy.
Ramsay Street
Stu is talking to someone from the animal shelter on his mobile phone. They tell him they'll be there shortly to get the horse. Stu tells Boyd and Lori that he can't leave the horse because it might wander off and get hurt. Lori attempts to get a lift to school, and Stu offers to call a cab, but she opts to walk instead. After she's gone Boyd asks Stu if he can stay. Eventually Stu agrees to let Boyd stay and teach him some things about horses.
Erinsborough High
Lori tells Jack about the horse, but Jack doesn't seem to take her seriously and asks why there's a horse in Ramsay street. She tells him that the horse wouldn't answer her questions. Then she asks about the flyer in his hand. He reluctantly shows her the flyer with Nina's photo on it. Lori tells him he can say Nina's name and that he should go to the gig.
Ramsay Street
Stu is putting a harness on the horse, whilst Boyd watches. After he's put the harness on Stu tells Boyd he's going to go into the house and call up some riding schools, just then the Kennedys' alarm goes off and the horse gets spooked and runs off, with Boyd and Stu trailing behind.
Steph's workplace
Max startles Steph whilst she's sitting outside, reading the book about teenagers. He attempts to whisk her away for lunch, but she tells him she can't leave. So they decide to have lunch there. Steph continually talks about the book until Max tells her to stop. She asks him if she's being obsessive and he says no (as you would), but he wants them to remember why they got together in the first place and keep the romance alive.
Somewhere green
Boyd and Stu are walking around looking for Mr Ed. Boyd is blaming himself and Stu tells him it wasn't his fault. But Boyd isn't convinced, until Stu spots the horse. And they take him back to Ramsay street.
Susan comes home and Karl is cooking. He wipes his eyes with a tea towel as he walks up to her and hugs her. Just as Susan is telling him what a good husband he is, the alarm goes off again. Karl tries to explain, as Susan makes a crack about keeping the divorce papers. He tells her that Joe is coming around to fix it and Susan tells him that Joe is a builder. Karl then tells her that Lyn will be there too, to keep her company. Susan tries to get him to 'accept that the alarm is a bad idea'. Karl tells her, he wants to get it right and when she asks why he tells her 'I want to protect my family'.
Joe is talking about which tools he'll need for the Kennedys' alarm. Jack suggests a hammer. Lyn then asks Jack what he's doing, and he tells her he's going to the pub to see Nina's performance. Steph then walks in stealing a bit of the attention and tells them that she's going to the pub. Lyn suggests they go to the pub together, but the phone rings and Jack tells Steph he'll go by himself. After she leaves he talks on the phone. It's Belinda, asking him about his plans for the night.
Nina walks into the main pub area and Max asks her if she's expecting someone, she tells him 'kind of'. Steph then walks in and Max tells her she looks sensational. Nina sits at the piano and introduces herself and the song she's about to perform. After she starts singing Max asks Steph to dance, saying he'll only ask her once.
Batman and Robin (aka Joe and Karl) are deciding on whether to play with the red or black wires when Susan startles them with the infamous question. "Coffee?" Karl then tells her that what he and Joe are doing is very delicate, which she takes as 'no' for coffee. Susan makes a quip about Karl and Joe, but Lyn is preoccupied. Lyn then asks Susan to accompany her outside, hoping that going out there would help jog her memory.
Nina doesn't look happy as she finishes up her song. Max and Steph are still dancing (and kissing).
Outside the Kennedys
Susan asks Lyn if she can remember anything. Lyn walks around, then suddenly points at the place where the broken glass was, but she can't remember anything else. Susan tells her she's done very well, but Lyn doesn't look convinced.
House of Trouser
Stu is on the phone again to someone from the animal shelter. They won't be able to pick up the horse. Lori and Boyd walk in with an empty bowl, having fed the horse. They then discuss possible owners of the horse. Stu and Lori dash Boyd's fantasy of a surfer chick that owns a horse.
Joe thinks he's fixed the alarm and Karl gets all poetic, confusing Joe in the process. Susan and Lyn come back in, suddenly Lyn remembers that the burglar was definitely a man. She says she can see a face looking down at her. Karl and Susan tell her to try and concentrate and she does, but she still can't make out the face. She confidently tells them she will see that face, but Karl, Susan and Joe don't look as confident.
<<4253 - 4255>>
 in Neighbours Episode 4254

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4254
Stuart Parker

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4254
Nina Tucker

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4254
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4254
Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4254
Lyn Scully

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