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Neighbours Episode 4253 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4253
Australian airdate: 04/06/03
UK airdate: 25/07/03
Writer: John Davies
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Gavin McNulty: Ian Wilmoth
Belinda Ewett: Mahlia Simpson
- "Taking Back Whats Mine" by Leah Haywood
- "This Is Not Me" by Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: blairrocks/Mona
- Nina setting up for a gig and Valda telling an onlooking Jack all about how Lori was so great and then Jack tells Valda to butt out pretty much
- Lou telling Lyn about Valda's interest in a property for auction at Shelly Bay which was Lyn's childhood home
Lou's Place
Jack comes in as Nina is setting up for another gig. Nina tells him that he doesn't need to come everytime that she sings and that she needs to start doing it by herself more often. She mentions that having Jack there all the time puts her off. He tells her to knock 'em dead and then walks out the door.
Lou, Lyn and Joe are working out the directions to Shelly Bay in the office and work out what to do. They agree to pack some lunch and what time they need to leave by in order to be at the auction in time. Lou mentions that Valda is the best cook that he has ever had and that he has been losing business while she has been gone.
Nina is finishing her set later that night and as she finishes her last song she gets a round of applause. She heads to the office to see Lou and when she knocks at the office door Lou thinks that she is one of the barmen. He asks how she is going and Nina says that she hasn't had anything thrown at her. She asks Lou is she is going to get paid and Lou apologises for forgetting and gets her pay out of a desk drawer. He mentions that there is a little bonus in there for her as since she has been singing there his takings have been up. She calls him Mr Carpenter when thanking him and he tells her that it is Lou.
Jack is sitting in the kitchen presumably trying to do some homework but only succeeds in doodling Nina's name on his page. Joe and Lyn come home discussing what they need to do and get for the next day. Lyn seems insistent on going but Joe and Jack try to get her to take it easy. Joe is worried that Lyn is going against the doctor's orders but Lyn seems really excited. Jack comes in and offers to go in her place but Lyn says no that he has school. Joe says that he and Lou are going and that is that. Lyn tells Jack to go and do his homework on her way out the front door. Jack heads back to the kitchen and sits down scrunching up the piece of paper he had been doodling on and sets about doing his homework.
The next morning at the Scullys, Joe and Lou are ready to go. They discuss how Joe put his foot down about Lyn going with them to Shelly Bay. Joe says that they fought all night about it and says that it will be just he and Lou if Lou's giggling doesn't wake Lyn up. Then Lyn comes in dressed and ready to go. Lyn says that she only promised to stay behind so that she would be able to sleep. She says that she has to go not just for Valda but for the room that she saw while under hypnosis.
Karl and Susan are attempting to work out their new alarm system. Libby comes out from the bedroom holding Ben and jokingly asks if the system makes coffee She then says that she wants to get to school early and make a good impression with Candace Barkham.
Jack and Taj are discussing an article in some soccer magazine. Nina comes to her locker and looks across at Jack as Taj walks off. We see Libby coming downstairs and Taj calls her Libby but she tells him that it is Miss Kennedy or Miss at school. He asks what she is doing there and she tells him that she is filling in for an English teacher who is off sick. Taj looks on with a pleased look on his face as Libby walks off.
Shelly Bay
Lou, Lyn and Joe pull up outside the house. Lyn asks Lou is he can see Valda yet but Joe says that it is still early. They speak to the agent asking after Valda but the agent says that he isn't at liberty to divulge the details of his clients.
Nina is sitting in class and is passed a note asking who the hottest spunk in school is. Jack has the most strokes next to his name and it appears that Nina doesn't put one down but passes it on to the girl in front of her. She puts a stroke next to Jack's name and turns around and exchanges a look with Nina who has a smile of sorts on her face.
Shelly Bay
Joe and Lyn are walking outside the house having a look. Joe asks Lyn if it is how she remembered it and Lyn starts to reminisce about all the things that have changed and what not. Joe asks is she is ready to go inside and they head inside.
In a English class that Libby is taking, Jack is making a comment about something from a book/movie and Libby asks if the issue was better in the book or movie but Jack says definitely not the movie as it had Richard Gere in it. Libby asks another question and Taj answers it with a response that seems to please Libby and as she turns to put some notes on the blackboard she has a smile on her face.
Karl comes home and disables the alarm and then heads to the kitchen but the alarm goes off for no reason. Dahl is going nuts and Karl yells at him to shut up but only succeeds in setting the alarm off again. Karl runs over and tries to disable it but it doesn't seem to be working.
Nina is at her locker looking at Jack talking with some girls, one of whom says that her little sister has a huge crush on him. Susan comes up to Nina and says that she has heard from some of the other staff that Nina's singing is going well and means to come down and have a look sometime. Nina says that she is having some flyers printed that day and offers to bring one with her the next day.
Shelly Bay
Lou and the agent are walking into the lounge area of the house. Lou asks the agent if the fireplace is functioning or not. He then asks the agent to bend down and check as he has a bad back. While the agent has his back turned so to speak, Lou has a look at the clipboard where he spies Valda's name and then takes off leaving a bemused looking agent to emerge from the fireplace. Joe and Lyn come to the room that Lyn saw under hypnosis. She gets upset and realises that she was hiding behind a chair because Valda and her Mum were fighting about her. She wants to know why. Joe turns and sees Lou standing in the doorway looking on but when he sees them and what is happening, Lou retreats.
Shelly Bay
A sold sticker is being placed across the auction sign. Lou, Lyn and Joe prepare to head home. They really thought that Valda would be there. Joe offers to drive and seems to realise that perhaps Lou knows more than he is saying. Lyn asks if they can stop and get some butterscotch at a deli before they hit the freeway.
Libby is sitting in a room in a vacant classroom reading. Taj walks past and looks in the window at her. Not realising that anyone is watching her, Libby adjusts her bra strap which has popped out from under her sleeve. Taj realises that he shouldn't be watching her and walks off.
Susan is sitting doing some marking as the alarm goes off again as Karl come home setting it off again just after Susan had disabled it. Karl says that he has called the installers and that they should be there that afternoon. Libby and Ben come home then and she says hello and the alarm goes off again and Libby has to shield Ben's ears from the noise.
Lou, Lyn and Joe are listening to a message from Karl telling them not to worry about the noise that is just a faulty alarm. Lyn heads to the loo as Joe and Lou head through to the kitchen. Joe asks Lou if he knows why Valda took off but Lou keeps his promise to Valda and doesn't say a thing.
Coffee Shop
Jack gets a juice and looks at Nina's flyer when the girl from school comes up and asks if he plans on going. She suggests that they do something together and suggests the movies at her shout. Jack agrees.
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Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4253
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4253
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4253
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4253
Libby Kennedy

Jack Scully, Belinda Ewett in Neighbours Episode 4253
Jack Scully, Belinda Ewett

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4253
Jack Scully

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