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Neighbours Episode 4252 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4252
Australian airdate: 03/06/03
UK airdate: 24/07/03
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Mrs. Veronica Dean: Lorraine Kindler
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Mona
- Sergeant Douglas shows Karl and Susan the burglary
- Susan rings Harold and Ruby asks Harold what he thinks they've heard
- Harold glares at Lou as Ruby's driven away
Susan's relayed Connor's information to an incredulous Karl. He says he can't believe it and Susan agrees in a way, but then says she thinks of little things Ruby has said and done. They both remember she knew about the jewels and Karl discloses that Ruby had a gambling problem. He says nobody knows. He's not sure whether she had treatment, as she went away, but could have just been on holiday.
Gino is repeating to a not terribly receptive Lou a long detailed conversation of the 'rigmarole' with the very stubborn Aaron, which has culminated in Aaron's 'old and shabby' couch (previously owned by Marcia Hines) now being down at the Saint Vinnies. He's very pleased that Veronica Dean has finally said 'yes'. Lou asks if this means he's getting married, which leaves Gino wide-eyed - it's ridiculous as she's already married. She's rich and his favourite client and coming in for a make-over the following day, having given him full creative control. Toadie comes in and complains that work's really quiet. What he and Tim need is a high profile case.
Lyn's watching The Bold and The Beautiful episodes Valda had taped and comments how she'd be pleased that Lyn's watching it. Joe tries to make out Valda's in Acapulco, living it up, but Lyn says she realises Valda can be annoying, with her endless stories, the dogs, but she misses the 'silly old thing'.
Harold visits Karl and Susan, who say they wanted to hear what's going on from him rather than listening to the rumour mill. He's very grateful and fervently assures them that Ruby definitely didn't rob their house - he just knows it in his heart. Susan confirms that a parcel was delivered to their house. He feels the odds are stacked against Ruby and confesses that she has a gambling problem and also that she robbed his house, for which she has just been charged. He forgave her and now she's doing fine. He tells them what a difference it has made to talk to them; with good friends who are helpful and supportive, you can't go wrong. They just exchange wry looks.
Karl has just arrived, but Darcy's already working. When he comments that Karl is looking tired, Karl mentions that he hasn't slept because of worry about the burglary. Darcy asks eagerly whether the police have any leads. He looks nervous when Karl says yes, but it is too close to home and then relieved again as he probes and Karl tells him it's Ruby and there's a lot of evidence to back up their suspicions. Dee arrives and Darcy suggests they have coffee while he fills her in.
Outside the pub
As Dee and Darcy come out discussing Ruby, whom Darcy's sure is innocent, Gino's having a very loud altercation with a head-scarved woman, yelling after her that she should give him a chance to make amends. As she rushes away, she knocks Ruby over and Dee and Darcy rush to Ruby's aid as she starts to clutch her chest and gasp.
Coffee Shop
Gino gets a triple strength latte to help him recover, but is interrupted by a call from Veronica Dean, saying she's going to sue him. It's the height of ingratitude, as he's lost count of the times he's turned the mutton into lamb. He tells Toadie that her husband is Lester Dean, a very wealthy and influential barrister. He's afraid it's back to blue rinses in Bunbury for him then suddenly asks Toadie to represent him, since Toadie has been looking for work and Lou has said he's a good lawyer. Toadie insists it's suicide and he wants small stuff, not to be up against Lester Dean. Gino insists - 'But I can't afford anyone good!' Harold and Toadie look on as he puts his hand dramatically to his forehead, 'Oh, those terrible pensioners - I thought I'd left them behind for ever!'
Darcy has examined Ruby and tells her she had all the symptoms of a panic attack, usually a sign of acute stress. She tells him she has a lot on her mind and knows he's heard. She's really worried about Harold now that people are talking about it, as she feels she deserves everything that's happened to her, but he doesn't. She cries as she says that all she hopes is that the person who did it is found. He comments that that's what everybody wants. Dee tells Harold that although Ruby had a fall and had chest pains she's Ok. He agrees to take her home.
Susan says how uncomfortable it will be to be passing Ruby in the street etc. and wishes they knew for sure. She asks Lyn if it could have been Ruby who knocked her down, but Lyn feels that while it's all very upsetting and confused, she's pretty sure it was a man. Susan suggests she undergo hypnosis and points out that Darcy could do it, as he so recently did a hypnotherapy training course.
Dee emerges from the treatment room and she and Darcy discuss dinner. They can't go to her place and she doesn't want to go to a restaurant but he doesn't want her to go to his home. Just then Lyn arrives to ask him to try hypnotherapy, to put things to rest for the Kennedys. Dee encourages it, so Lyn asks if they can do it immediately. Darcy arranges with Dee to have the dinner the following night. He insists that Joe not be with them for the session and he is dispatched to the pub
There, Gino tells Toadie he wants to sue Veronica Dean for libel. Toadie says it's ridiculous - he can't sue her for suing him. He tells Toadie what he wants to do, so Toadie asks him to play a little game where they pretend that he, Toadie's the lawyer and Gino is the client. He goes on talking about his hitherto complaint-free career.
The hypnotherapy session has started and Lyn has just got to recalling the broken glass when she becomes agitated because of the baby. At Darcy's suggestion, she talks comfortingly to the baby. Behind her, he looks really worried.
Lou's holding up some mail and asks Joe why anyone would want to buy property in Shelley Bay, but Joe replies that it's a really good spot. Lou looks more closely at the letter and says ' Well, I'll be damned!'
Lyn's really distressed. She can see a figure.Darcy: Is it a man?Lyn: No, it's a woman.Darcy: Is it Ruby?Lyn: No, it's ValdaShe becomes really distressed as instead of being at the robbery, she seems to be back in the old homestead, watching Valda and her mother fighting, until she's sent to her room. He brings her back to the surgery.
Karl's having a security system installed the following day. Libby receives a phone call from Candace Barkham asking her to do some emergency teaching the following day. She's very happy about it as casual rates are so good.
Lyn comes out and says she didn't remember a jot. Lou and Joe tell her they have some good news to make up for her disappointment, as Lou found the letter from the Estate Agent was addressed to Valda and he rang and got some information on a property that is to be auctioned the following day. Lyn says the old homestead was in Shelley Bay and they decide it's possible Valda's interested in buying it and will be at the auction.
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4252
Harold Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4252
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4252
Gino Esposito

Gino Esposito, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4252
Gino Esposito, Toadie Rebecchi

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4252
Lyn Scully

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4252
Darcy Tyler

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