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Neighbours Episode 4247 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4247
Australian airdate: 27/05/03
UK airdate: 17/07/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
James Atkinson: Jeff Keogh
Sally Jessup: Lidia Faranda
- "Stop Calling Me" by Shakaya
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Karl tells Susan how much Aunt Enid's jewellery is worth
- James pays Darcy a visit in the Coffee Shop
Darcy's PlaceDarcy walks in and checks his messages. There are two. One from James reminding him his week is up. Darcy looks stressed. The second one is from Dee. She has been thinking about their friendship and the current situation, she wants Darcy to call her. Darcy flips through the phone book, and stops on a page that says 'Credits and Loans'.
Ruby is cooking dinner. Harold is worrying about the 'Afro Harold' picture. Ruby can't help but laugh. Harold isn't worried about the smoothie side of things, rather how silly the afro looks on him. Ruby reckons that if he wore an open shirt and a gold chain with it he'd look "dead funky!" She tells him he could look at it as "a stroke of marketing genius," to get his face known. They joke around, and Ruby fools Harold by telling him that the afro makes him look younger!
Number 30
Connor and Toadie are in their 'underwear', with pizza and beer, watching an aerobics program in awe. Stu barrels in the front door, back from Oakey much to Toadie and Connor's excitement. He comments that "this place is a tip." But he is soon swayed by the prospect of limber aerobics presenters, beer and pizza. Connor asks him if he minds him staying and Stu says it's fine. The beer run is up and Connor loses out in 'rock, paper, scissors'. Stu soon has him getting food from the kitchen from him. Stu queries Toadie on the name 'House of Trouser', and Toadie explains "No chicks means no nagging, no having to clean up, no wasting valuable time watching chick flicks." Toadie asks about Stu's mum, and he says she's been looking after him. Connor comes back in with food. They all go to have a drink of their beers but get awed by an aerobics move on the TV.
K's are cleaning up after dinner. They joke about getting a French maid (Karl) or a bare-chested butler (Susan). Susan takes her rings off and puts them on the counter. They talk about Paris and buying a new car. Karl suggests a share portfolio, but Susan says "it's just another way of gambling." Susan then comes up with the idea of the holiday house they always talk about. Karl is all ears. She says they should get it somewhere half way to Queensland, "Billy and Anne could come down and use it." They're excited. Susan says, "To hell with the dishes, let's find the road maps!"
The Loan Office
Darcy walks in to the dingy office trying to be all inconspicuous. He goes up to the counter and asks for a "short term loan". The lady tells him to fill out the forms, and he has to leave his drivers licence and credit card for her to check. He takes a seat.
Coffee Shop
Lyn and Susan are at a table. Susan has just finished telling Lyn about their windfall. Lyn is incredulous. Susan welcomes the Scullys to use their holiday house anytime. They start talking in posh voices, about holiday houses and money. Karl rushes in and apologises to Susan for being late. He goes up to Harold and asks him if his ears are still itchy, and jokes, asking if it would be wrong to get revenge on Lou "we could put hair removal cream in his shampoo!" Ruby walks up to Susan and Lyn to give them their order of chocolate cake. Susan tells Ruby about the jewels and she is really happy for them. Dee comes in and goes up to the counter. Susan and Karl are bantering about Karl being a decent bloke or not. Karl calls Dee over asking her if he's a decent bloke who deserves a windfall. They tell Dee about the jewels. Karl says he will organize the insurance later.
Number 30
Connor and Stu are on the couch in pj's watching TV, eating their cereal with the music blaring. Toadie comes in dressed for work, with his laundry. He turns the music down and asks what the "slackers" are up to today. Connor is free because Lou hasn't rung him yet, and Stu doesn't start work until the next day. Connor says he might go down and get the Trading Post, and Stu starts placing orders for videos, milk, and lunch stuff. Toadie asks Stu "What did your last slave die of?" and in the same breath asks Connor to put his laundry on for him. Toadie quips to Stu "You just stay there mate, don't move a muscle." Stu tells him to "go to work you bludger," then bops along to the music.
Loan Office
The lady calls out "Dr Tyler", and he is mortified she has called out his professional name. She tells him that he has been approved for a loan, and she can cash a cheque for $8000 now. Darcy gets angry and says he needs more. The lady doesn't bat an eyelid. Darcy becomes deflated and says he'll take it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Ruby are in the kitchen area. Harold comes out with a blue sack, and Ruby explains it's her laundry she was going to do on her break. The Hostel machines aren't up to scratch. Harold offers his washing machine, and Ruby declines, but he insists.
Erinsborough Hospital
Dee is in the Nurses Station, and calls out to Darcy as he walks past. She gives him two phone messages, one from her and one from James. He asks what James wanted, and Dee says she doesn't know, "It's like you're avoiding him as well." She's a bit miffed that he didn't call her back last night, she wanted to ask him to have dinner with her. He said he'd love to, and Dee suggests his place because she doesn't want to annoy her housemate. He gets all edgy and says maybe not his place. Dee thinks he is brushing her off. But they finally agree on an Italian place at 7pm.
The House of Trouser...Number 30
Connor and Stu are playing the Playstation - still in their pj's. Toadie comes in and says the place is a bit "pongy", and asks why Bob is asleep on the table. The boys are on the 7th level of 'Death Crusher'. Toadie asks if there is any lunch left, but there is nothing there. He gets up to get something, and Stu says "Can you get me a drink, mum?" "Sorry?" "Can you get me a drink...mate?" Toadie teases him about being a mummy's boy, and Connor gets up to answer the phone. It turns out he has to go to Lakes Entrance to get some periwinkle shells for Lou. Stu is mortified - it was Connor's turn to cook dinner. Connor suggests one of them better get a girlfriend, fast. Stu wonders, "Can you phone out for one?"
Darcy and Karl are in the Nurses Station. Karl is asking Darcy for suggestions to renovate the kitchen, but Darcy is a little distracted. Karl realises he doesn't know about the money yet. The phone rings and Darcy gets agitated that there is no one there to answer it (uh...you?) Karl gets it, "Ward 6, Dr Kennedy". He passes the phone to Darcy. It's James, he asks Darcy if he has the rest of the money. Darcy tells him about the $8000. Dee walks into James' office with her massage stuff. Darcy gets fidgety and tells James to leave her alone. James informs Darcy he knows he robbed the pub, because he left a credit card receipt in the envelope, so Darcy can't call the police on him. Darcy gets desperate and says "I have no idea how I am going to get you the rest of the money." James hangs up. Darcy is frustrated. Karl tells Darcy about the jewels, and lets slip they are in the house still.
Ruby has just finished her washing and is on the phone to Harold. She hangs up, grabs her laundry bag and goes to head out the door when she sees a parcel sitting there. It is addressed to Karl. She decides to take it to the K's.
Ramsay Street
Ruby takes the parcel up to the Kennedys' front door. She tries knocking and ringing the bell but no one is home. She leaves it there and walks back down the path. Connor walks out of Number 30 and waves, but she doesn't see him. He gets an odd look on his face and gets into his car. Ruby rushes to her car with the laundry bag.
Kennedys' Backyard
A backpack drops into frame, along with Darcy looking around anxiously. He gets out his mobile and rings the K's house to make sure no one is inside - and gets the answering machine.
Intercuts between the Scullys and the Kennedys
Lyn is on the phone to Joe. She's home from work early because she's a little tired. "Every time I sit down to have a cuppa at work, Gino wants to call a midwife!"
Darcy sneaks around the backyard to the back door, with Cassie bleating at him. He tries his key but it doesn't work for some reason. He spots a gardening tool in the flower bed and uses that to smash a window.
Harvey starts to bark, and Lyn tells Joe that she heard smashing glass at Susan's place. She says she'll have a look. "Joe, I can't wait around for the police to come." She's worried it could be Lori.
Darcy pats Audrey, and walks into Karl and Susan's bedroom.
Harvey is still barking, and Lyn wonders why Audrey isn't playing up too.
Darcy comes out of the bedroom with no luck. He starts going through the freezer and the fridge, and as a last resort looks though the vegetable crisper in the bottom which is where the jewels are. He shoves them in the backpack, and continues to trash the Kennedys. He smashes trinkets, and steals a few other items from shelves and the mantelpiece. He looks around for other things when he hears Lyn call out Susan's name at the front door. He cowers behind the kitchen bench. Lyn knocks at the door, calls out a bit more, then starts to speak to the police on her mobile. "Should I wait out the front for the patrol car?" She walks off. Darcy gets up and spots Susan's rings on the counter. He pockets them.
Lyn is creeping cautiously around the backyard. She sneaks up to the back door, sees the broken glass on the ground, and gets bowled over by Darcy as he sprints out the back door. He goes to make a run for it, then sees she is sprawled on the ground. He ums and ahs, then runs back to check Lyn's pulse and if her pupils are dilated. Lyn can see a blurry vision of someone, and then passes out. Darcy looks horrified.
<<4246 - 4248>>
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4247
Toadie Rebecchi

 in Neighbours Episode 4247

Ruby Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 4247
Ruby Dwyer

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4247
Karl Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4247
Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4247
Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4247
Lyn Scully

Ruby Dwyer, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4247
Ruby Dwyer, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4247
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

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