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Neighbours Episode 4246 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4246
Australian airdate: 26/5/03
UK airdate: 16/7/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Tahnee and Nina find the Harold pictures in the dumpster
- Ruby tells the Kennedys the jewellery might be worth something
- Valda tells Lou she is Lyn's real mother
Where things were left off on Friday. Valda is telling Lou how she was only 17 when she fell pregnant, and thought she was in love. The father of the baby wanted to stand by Valda, and they were set to be married. On the wedding day he stood her up at the altar. She hasn't seen or heard from him since. She says to Lou that being an unmarried single mum was unheard of in that time, so she had to give the baby up, "I had no choice." Valda is very upset and Lou is very sympathetic to her.
Karl is looking in the fridge for milk, but the carton has a 'Lori' label on it, along with other items. Susan comes in the front door. Karl tells her he is seeing the jeweller tomorrow. They speak about the food labels. Karl says "It's like being back in a share house again back in Med School, we'll be divvying up the toilet paper next." Susan says Lori has done it because she feels like a guest in their house. They talk about offering Lori a permanent place to stay. They are just about to use her milk, when she comes in the front door with her walker. Karl admits he was borrowing a bit of milk, and she says "No worries" because that would make up for the soup she borrowed last night. She's bought a replacement. Susan says she doesn't have to, but Lori says she feels like she is putting them out. Susan asks her if she wants to make her stay more permanent. Lori looks pleased, but asks if she can think about it. Lori goes to put away the toilet paper she has just bought. "Is she going to label every sheet you reckon?" ponders Karl.
Lou wants to know why Valda has kept it a secret. Valda says she lived in the sticks, and when she got closer to her due date she didn't go into town anymore. When it was almost time to have the baby, her and her sister Connie drove interstate...and two weeks later Connie came back a mother, with Valda in tow. Valda doesn't want to disrupt Lyn's life because she seemed so happy with Connie and her husband, so Valda went back to England because it was too painful. When Connie died, she decided that she wanted to make amends. Being "aunt" isn't enough, but it will have to be for now. Jack bursts in and Valda walks up to the kitchen bench with her back turned so he can't see her tears. Jack asks if she's okay, and Valda says she's fine. He knows something is up though.
Later, at the Scullys
Jack asks Joe where Lyn is, because he can't find his back issues of "Kick to Kick" magazine. Joe says Lyn declared his room a no go zone because of the mess. Valda comes in and admits she tidied up and put the magazines in the recycling bin. Joe says "She's just doing the right thing mate." Valda goes to retrieve them from outside. Jack says to Joe that he thinks Valda was crying in front of Lou before. Joe says that she was just probably telling him how they've "kicked her out into the garage to live." They laugh.
Kennedys - Night time
Karl walks out into the kitchen wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist. He sees Audrey still up and gets her some milk from the fridge to drink. He puts the carton on the edge of the bench, and it falls off spilling everywhere (watch out Susan!) Karl flits around looking for a tea towel, and ends up whipping off his towel to mop up the mess. Lori sleepily stumbles out of her room to the dining area and switches the light on. Karl grabs Audrey to cover himself. Lori covers her eyes, and blurts out apologies. Karl is bright red and apologising too. Lori quickly goes back to her room. Susan comes out and asks what Karl is doing. He tries to explain that he was thirsty, but she gives up and says "It doesn't matter" and goes back to bed. Karl is left standing there and sighs.
Kennedys - Morning
Karl and Lori are eating breakfast at the kitchen table, giving each other polite smiles and making small talk. Karl escapes outside saying he should see if Audrey is hungry or if Cassie needs a shear! Lori looks relieved he's gone outside. Susan walks out of her bedroom and asks if Karl has apologised yet. Lori says no but it's fine. Susan says no it's not, and it won't happen ever again. Lori gives Susan $300 to cover expenses. Susan says she doesn't have to, "That's not what we meant when we asked you to stay permanently." Giving Susan the money makes Lori feel better though, and she goes down the hallway. Karl comes back in and Susan says "You didn't apologise, did you." Susan says while there is a young woman staying there, he'll have to rethink a few things. Karl's all 'yeah, yeah'. He says Audrey isn't speaking to him. He jokingly asks Susan if she's thought about what she might buy with their newfound wealth. Susan suggests "jammies" for Karl.
Erinsborough High
Tahnee and Nina are arguing about the e-mail. Jack comes up laughing and asks who sent him the afro Harold. Nina says she didn't, but Jack says it's from Lassiter's so he presumed it was one of them. Nina and Tahnee look goggle eyed.
Outside the Scullys
Joe is loading up his ute, and Lori stops by for a chat. Joe asks how she's getting along at "The Professor's". She says it's good, but there's a few hiccups. She tells him about seeing Karl in the nude. Joe looks stunned then amused. Lori says he grabbed Audrey for coverage. "Poor mutt" quips Joe. He sees the Kennedys pull out of their driveway, and calls out good morning to Karl then starts to crack up. Karl looks unamused and Susan is laughing. They drive away with Joe and Lori still laughing.
School Corridor
Jack is putting his books away in his locker, when Valda wanders in. She's brought Jack his lunch he forgot. He says thanks, but looks very embarrassed and he keeps looking at the other students looking at him. Valda realises and says "I've done the wrong thing again haven't I." She just wanted to make up for the magazines. Jack says it is fine, and scurries off when the bell rings.
Tahnee is standing guard in front of the room with the computers. Nina comes out and says that the computer sent the file to everyone on the address book, "We are so going to be fired." Tahnee says at least Nina has the pub singing job, she'll be broke. They walk outside. Tahnee says the computer must have had a virus. "Or the floppy disk you imported off the file had an infection," Nina says. Tahnee asks what Nina did, and Nina says "Well, nothing. I'm not some sort of IT expert." (!) Nina says they'll have to tell Harold, and Tahnee says no way, but Nina reminds her that people are going to ask Harold about free smoothies, and he'll have no clue. She'd rather he find out from them.
The Coffee Shop
Joe asks if Jack has been putting extra things on the Scullys account. Harold says no, and Joe asks him to keep an eye out for him. He also asks about how Harold and Ruby are getting along, and Harold happily replies they're going well. Joe asks for a coffee, "I'd ask for a smoothie but I'd say the kids have already run you out of business with that one! I think your coffee's are smooth enough!" Harold smiles and nods. Joe jokes that Harold's hair isn't looking as full today as last time he saw it. Harold thinks Joe is talking about the periwinkle, and he is surprised. He thought his hair had "more body" today. Now they're both confusedly smiling and laughing. Joe leaves and Harold looks after him with an odd look on his face.
Karl comes and sits down at the table where Susan is. She says "It's a bit overdressed for you isn't it?...Wouldn't you be more comfy if you dropped your dacks?!" Karl says "Oh, you're so funny," and plays along by standing up and pretending to undo his belt buckle. Susan tells him to sit down "You'll get a reputation." Joe walks up to their table and looks at Karl, "Oh, got your pants on!" He walks up to the counter leaving Karl looking annoyed. Valda comes up to the Kennedys with a menu. She suggests they try the "Brazilian cocktails" and then looks at Karl and says "Oh I just remembered, you're on the wagon aren't you!" Joe asks Lou if Valda is driving him crazy yet. Joe talks about how she's a nuisance sometimes, and how she can be a bit of a busybody. Lou is stony-faced and reprimands Joe for bad mouthing her, "Valda's a damn fine human being." "Steady on mate!" Joe replies. Valda takes a water jug over to the K's and starts pouring a glass for Karl. She overhears Lou telling Joe off, and overfills Karl's glass spilling water everywhere. She apologises. Lou tells Joe that he should appreciate having Valda in their lives. Joe looks a little taken aback, but contemplative.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Harold are both scratching their ears. Harold comments on the poodles, and says that Karl must have allergies to them too. Karl says he doesn't, and checks the rash on Harold's ears. Harold's not worried though, "Being follically challenged is a thing of the past." Karl realises that Harold has the periwinkle extract too, and that the plant is the cause of all the itching. Lou walks in and up to Karl and Harold. Karl asks him where he got the last batch, and Lou says there is an endless supply in a nearby paddock. Karl is annoyed, "You have conned us." Harold looks less than impressed. Lou squirms, "Did I mention that there's no refund?"
School corridor
Susan and Lori (on her walker) are making their way outside. Susan is commending her on how impressed all her teacher's are that she's caught up so fast. Susan asks if she's thought about the living arrangements anymore and Lori says sort of. Susan tells her they've opened up their home to lots of kids in the past, and name checks Toadie, Tad and Ellie. "We enjoy having you." Lori looks more convinced, but still wants to contribute something. Susan says she can contribute to the food so Lori can grab whatever she wants, when she wants. Lori also offers to baby-sit for Libby. Lori agrees to stay, "But only if Dr Kennedy buys some pyjamas!" They laugh.
Harold is looking at the periwinkle extract sadly. There is a knock at the door and he answers it to Nina and Tahnee. Nina says "There's something we have to tell you." They show him the pictures that they found. Tahnee admits that she scanned them, put the caption on and sent them to Michelle. They tell him that the computer they sent them from must have had a virus. He asks whose computer they used, and they said their work one. Harold looks resigned, and then does a double take, "Lassiter's?!" He realises that the pics have been sent to all his business associates and customers. The girls look ashamed.
Jack is watching Nina set up for her gig with a smile. Valda comes over to him and comments on how pretty Nina is, "Mind you, that other girl, oh what was her name? Lori! Oh she was a real firecracker wasn't she." Valda keeps going on about how pretty Nina and Lori are until Jack has enough and snaps at her, saying it's none of her business. Valda apologises. Jack says "Your good intentions are driving everyone crazy." Lou walks over with Joe and tells Jack to mind his manners. Valda and Lou walk behind the bar and Valda says leave it be. She doesn't want a fuss and wants Lou to keep it a secret. Lou says she doesn't have to worry.
Susan is making dinner, and Karl comes in. He has just been to the jewellers. Susan asks how he went. "Apparently they are extremely good, fakes," he replies. Susan is mildly disappointed. Karl asks what they should do on the weekend. Susan says she hadn't really thought about it. Karl suggests "Diving in the Maldives, or lunch in Paris. Fly to the Moon?" Susan looks at him in surprise, and Karl confesses they are "the real McCoy! Worth between 80 and 100 thousand!" Susan looks like she is going to pass out, "Are you kidding?!" Karl replies "No!" She grabs his face in excitement and lets out a little yell.
<<4245 - 4247>>
Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4246
Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter

Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 4246
Valda Sheergold

Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4246
Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin, Harold Bishop

Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4246
Nina Tucker, Tahnee Coppin

Karl Kennedy, Audrey in Neighbours Episode 4246
Karl Kennedy, Audrey

Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4246
Lori Lee

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