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Neighbours Episode 4248 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4248
Australian airdate: 28/05/03
UK airdate: 18/07/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Sgt. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
- "She Said" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: blairrocks/Mona
- Valda telling Lou she is Lyn's aunty as the Scullys know it and that is the way she wants it to stay
- Darcy is rifling through the Kennedys fridge and finds the jewels and picks up Susan's rings off the counter and then we see Lyn go flying as Darcy comes down the back steps
Outside the Kennedys
Ambo's are wheeling Lyn on a stretcher into the ambulance as Joe comes up. The police tells him that she stumbled across a burglar. Joe climbs into the back of the ambulance and sits on the stretcher that is next to Lyn, looking extraordinarily worried.
He goes through what he has taken from Susan and Karl. Pulls Susan's rings from his pocket and justifiably seems to look quite disgusted with himself. He puts one of the rings in a pot plant and puts the other with the rest of his ill-gotten gains.
Susan and Karl come through the front door behind police officer. Are told not to touch much as the place hasn't been fingerprinted yet. Both Susan and Karl look shocked, Karl realises that the jewels are gone and Susan asks why he put them in the fridge then Susan realises that her rings are gone from the counter. The police officer tells them that Lyn was hurt and they both want to go and check on her at the hospital but are told not to. Libby comes through the door and looks just as shocked as her parents. She then realises that a vase that has no value to anyone except the family has been broken.
He is on the phone to James saying that he just has to raise the collateral and it is all in place. He insists that James will get the whole amount back the following morning. He asks where Dee is and then they seem to agree on a time to meet the next morning.
Lou's PlaceValda comes in and tells Lou she just popped over to the salon to see Lyn but Lyn wasn't there. Lou asks if Lyn is okay and Valda says that Gino told her that Lyn was just tired which is understandable given that she is almost 7 months along. Lou offers to let Valda phone Lyn to check up on her but Valda says she better not as she shouldn't interfere in family business too much. Valda then delivers an order of drinks to a table of guys.
Joe is telling the police how he was on the phone to Lyn when she heard the sound of breaking glass. The cops say that Lyn called the emergency number on her mobile not long after that and they are trying to establish what happened after that. We see Darcy in the background and Joe asks him to find out what is going on. Joe tells him about what happened oblivious to the fact that it was Darcy who caused the problem. Darcy plays the innocent/shocked act.
Coffee Shop
It is busy and Harold mentions to Ruby that he hasn't been that busy in a while. Ruby asks if he is offering a special meal deal but Harold says no but that he is getting a lot of enquiries about smoothies. Harold says that he can't afford to look a gift horse in the mouth and realises that he is sounding more like Lou and then serves a customer.
Joe comes into the room as Darcy and the orderlies are wheeling Lyn's bed out. Darcy says they are taking her for a precautionary ultrasound to check the baby. Lyn starts to come to and sees Darcy and Joe's face and then begins to panic realising something could be wrong with the baby. Darcy reassures her and tells her about the ultrasound and that Joe could come to.
Coffee Shop
The 2 police officers come in and the female one orders for the both of them. She then mentions to Harold about the burglary and that it used to be such a safe place to live. She asks Harold if he has been home at any stage when Ruby says that she was there doing her laundry. Ruby is asked to answer a few questions. He brings the drinks over to the table where the three of them are sitting. Ruby thinks that she isn't being much help but the police say every little thing helps and they hope they will get a good first hand description of the suspect and that someone was hurt, not naming any names.
Libby is cleaning up as Karl is on the phone to Darcy getting an update on Lyn. Karl asks Susan how she went finding the insurance policy they discover that they aren't insured for the jewels as they were in excess of the $2000 and not listed on the policy. Libby says to think of it in the way that a few days ago they thought the jewellery wasn't worth a cent. There is a knock at the door and Libby goes to answer it. Harold and Ruby are there asking if there is anything that they can do.
Lou's Place
Valda comes into the office to see Lou and says that she may have persuaded the customers from earlier to make a booking for dinner. Lou tells her to sit and he tells her that he thinks she should tell the Scullys everything. It is better that they know the truth and deal with it and that they all know her for who she is. Also she deserves to be truly happy but Valda tells him to keep his opinion to himself as the phone rings. It is Steph ringing about Lyn.
Valda telling Darcy that she wants to see Lyn but he tells her that Joe, Jack and Steph are in there and that for the moment they want to keep visitors to immediate family only. Lou leads Valda over to a seat and sits her down.
Darcy is on the phone to Dee cancelling a dinner date that they must have planned. Karl comes up to him and thanks Darcy for keeping him up to date. Lou asks Karl how much was taken and Karl says that enough was taken to shatter their dreams of having a holiday home. Lou says that it seems they were only after things that could be turned into ready cash. Darcy walks past and Valda asks if now that Jack and Steph are gone can she go in and Darcy still says no. Karl tells him that he looks whacked and should get some sleep. Darcy says that the just wants to see Lyn and the baby through the next few hours. Lou asks Valda if she will be okay by herself for an hour or so, there are a couple of loose ends that he wants to tie up. We see Joe watching over a sleeping Lyn.
Ruby is putting a cup of tea down in front of Lou and Harold and asks Lou to stay or dinner as she made heaps. Lou says that he would love to stay and that his house is safe for the moment. Ruby mentions that she was in the street at the time of the robbery or around it, doing her laundry. Lou comments on how she has a nice strong alibi and Harold seems taken aback that Lou is suggesting something and asks is Lou has something to say. Lou then declines the offer of the dinner invitation saying that he wants to get back to the hospital to check on Valda saying that she is really worried about Lyn.
Darcy tells Joe they don't have to worry and that the bleeding from the placenta has just about stopped. Joe thanks him for taking care of Lyn and Darcy says that all she needs it rest and lots of it. Valda asks how Lyn is and if she can go in and see her. Darcy tells her it isn't such a good idea and then Joe offers to buy him a cup of coffee and they both go off to the coffee machine. As they walk around the corner, Valda walks into Lyn's room. She touches Lyn's forehead and Lyn seems to realise that Valda is there and looks pleased but sleepy. Joe comes back, sees Valda and pulls her out of the room. Valda says that she just wanted to see Lyn. Joe says it isn't about what she wants and that Valda is going to have to keep her nose out of their business until Lyn and the baby are out of danger. Valda is visibly upset.
Harold and Ruby are sitting watching TV and eating dinner. Harold tells Ruby to ignore Lou's accusations. Ruby says it isn't just Lou she is worried about. Ruby tells Harold about being across at the Kennedys' front door when she took the parcel across that was wrongly delivered to Harold's house. Ruby says that with her history, people judge you on your past no matter how innocent you are in the present.
Somewhere in Ramsay St at night
Valda has her dogs and a suitcase and puts a letter in Lou's letterbox. She goes to walk away but says to herself that there is no way they are coming back here again, retrieves the letter and then walks off.
<<4247 - 4249>>
Sgt. Joanna Douglas, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4248
Sgt. Joanna Douglas, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4248
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Ruby Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 4248
Harold Bishop, Ruby Dwyer

Joe Scully, Sgt. Joanna Douglas in Neighbours Episode 4248
Joe Scully, Sgt. Joanna Douglas

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4248
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Darcy Tyler, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4248
Darcy Tyler, Joe Scully

Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 4248
Valda Sheergold

Lou Carpenter, Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 4248
Lou Carpenter, Valda Sheergold

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