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Neighbours Episode 4177 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4177
Australian airdate: 17/02/03
UK airdate: 21/03/03
Writer: Kim Leeanda Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Delivery Person: Matt Thomas
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Jack says their grandmother died.
Toadie and Dee discuss her not telling him about the motel.
Jack goes to see Nina.
Nina lets Jack in. She tells him he shouldn't be there but he says he can't stay away and they kiss.
Michelle and Lori talk about where Jack is. Libby reassures Susan. Susan reassures Libby. Susan introduces herself to the class. Michelle tells her Nina's sick.
The students all love Susan. Susan says she lost her memory and it was difficult but everything is back to completely normal now.
Dee and Darcy talk in the pub, when Toadie arrives, so she goes to have lunch with him.
Susan is giving a wonderful lesson and they all love her.
Michelle collects notes for Nina.
Lori asks where Jack is. Taj is stirring because Mrs K Junior's going to be their teacher, but stops when Susan arrives.
Jack says his Nan died, that he forgets and does other things, then the idea pops back into his head and everything seems pointless. Nina says Lori and Taj don't deserve this and they can't go on. She won't go back to school with him as she can't face them. He goes back.
Libby is in the classroom on her own and starts informally as her supervisor hasn't arrived.Connor is wandering round the corridor again when Libby talks to Susan about her non-supervisor.
Susan tells Libby to start anyway. Jack arrives late.
Dee's talking to Toadie, saying that by this time tomorrow she'll be having lunch with a real-life lawyer. Darcy comes and says she's due back at work, but she carries on lunching.
Libby is giving a wonderful lesson and they love her. She asksJjack a question but he's lost. She gives them an assignment to make a video. Taj wants to be Jack's partner in 'Teens Tell All' as it will give him a chance to say what's on his mind (is Jack a teen?)
Sarah rings and Toadie doesn't want to speak to her. He gets excited when she mentions custodial rights and that after all this time Sarah wouldn't recognise Bob if she fell over him and goes off apparently 'up to something'.
Michelle and Jack reminisce about Nan and Lori suggests a remembrance party for her. Taj has to ring Nina to see where she was.
Toadie has Bob on a brand new grooming table. A big parcel is delivered for Dee. He rings her to tell her - it seems to be from her Gran, who had been storing stuff for her. Toadie's dying to open it and the tape 'accidentally comes off', but she says no, he mustn't. He can't give her a lift home because of some plan, so Darcy offers to take her.
Taj wants Nina to come as he missed her.
Dee gets home and finds there are two dogs, Bob and Bib. Dee doesn't agree with his plan. Darcy looks on as they chase around and sees the parcel.
Michelle and the rest minus Nina drink to Nan and reminisce.
Jack follows Lori into the kitchen and thanks her for a pretty little speech she made, hugs her and says he loves her.
Darcy's ripping open the box and finds a wedding certificate with Dee's name marrying 'Darren Turner'.
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