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Neighbours Episode 4178 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4178
Australian airdate: 18/02/03
UK airdate: 24/03/03
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ruby Dwyer Maureen Edwards
Tim Collins Ben Anderson
Franca Wallan Lise Rodgers
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Lou wonders why Ruby wasn't offered mates rates, but Ruby tells him she was able to get a better deal.
- Tim offers to let bygones be bygones and tells Toadie he'll support him against the board of examiners.
- Ruby tells Rosie that it's because of Harold she wants to beat her addiction. Rosie tells her that she must tell Harold, but Ruby says she can't and neither can Rosie.
- Darcy discovers Dee's wedding certificate for her marriage to Darren Turner in 1997.
Number 30
Darcy quickly hides the papers back in the cardboard box as Dee and Toadie come through the door carrying Bib and Bob respectively (or possibly the other way around). Darcy tells them he stayed around as he thought they might have forgotten their keys. Dee recons that she's holding Bob as he's got a darker nose, but Toadie recons she's got Bob. He tells her it proves Sarah won't know the difference so they'll get away with it. He uses the excuse that people change, therefore dogs will too. Dee still isn't sure which dog she's holding.
Lou's Place
Karl is drinking orange juice, claiming its doing him the world of good. Lou tells him that it's people like him that put him out of business. Karl says it's better than drinking all the time and killing your liver, as he's seen what it's done to people. Lou recons that it's the people who have a full time job during the day and then go home and drink wine with meals or have a tipple in the evenings, that are doing the worst damage to themselves, as they go about unseen. Karl realises that he falls into that category. Lou finds a letter of complaint in the post.
Coffee Shop
Ruby arrives to find Harold picking something off the floor, she tells him he should take it easy or he'll do his back in. He tells her he'd prefer to be working than sitting at home. Rosie arrives and tells Harold she thinks she's seen his tuba sitting in a shop window. Ruby tells him not to get his hopes up as it could be any tuba, but Harold seems pleased at this news and goes to get ready to go, telling Ruby he knows all the dents in tuba and the stories behind them. Rosie persuades Ruby to come with them.
Bric-a-brac shop
Seeing the shop is closed, Ruby tells them they'll have to come back some other time. Rosie spots the tuba in the window, and Harold is able to identify the dent, confirming it is his. Ruby recons that they probably won't be able to trace the person who took it, but Rosie recons they'll have the address on file, or at least be able to identify the person. Ruby looks worried.
Harold goes to the phone box to call the shop, though they too don't believe that it is his and he has a hard time persuading them. Meanwhile Rosie tells Ruby that she suspected her of the robbery at Harold's and her nervous behaviour at the shop has confirmed it. Ruby reminds Rosie that she came to her as the Minister at the church, but Rosie tells her to tell Harold before her accomplices do.
Number 24
Harold is pleased to have found his tuba and talks about buying it back if they won't give it to him. He goes to put some music on but the speakers don't work. Lou tells him to come and play scrabble and that he can take it back if he's still got the receipt. Ruby admits that she's lost the receipt for it, but she'll try to exchange it for him. Harold finds a complaint letter about the coffee shop and starts to read it out. It turns out to be the same as the one Lou got earlier. Lou suggests that someone is trying to scam a free meal out of all the local establishments.
Number 30
Dee is quietly looking through her box of belongings. She finds her old wedding certificate and scrunches it up.
Number 24
Harold finds Ruby up in the middle of the night cleaning the kitchen. He tells her to stop as she needs sleep, but she tells him she just wants to help him, and isn't able to sleep. Harold asks her what is up, but she won't tell him, saying it's too awful to forgive. Eventually she tells him she feels sorry about the stereo that she bought, but Harold tells her not to worry.
Ramsay Street
Lou spots Karl jogging down the street and comments about the whole 'no drink' campaign. Karl starts to tell him about how a glass of wine is equal to three hamburgers, so Lou jokes about putting exercise machines in the bar. Karl continues his run, leaving 'tubs' to get into the car with Harold.
Tim pulls into the number 30 driveway in his swish convertible car. Dee stands on the doorstep with a nervous Toadie following behind. He runs back inside to get his briefcase which he forgot in his rush, but Dee has it already and gives it to him.
DEE: Now listen, repeat after me. I'm brilliant, today; I'm going to be a lawyer for real.
TOADIE: I'm going to be a dead man, scatter my ashes over the footie field.
Toadie gets into the car and Tim drives off.
Coffee Shop
Rosie finds Ruby in the Coffee Shop cleaning the tables for Harold, though she doesn't know where Harold is and tells Rosie she's just doing it to help him out. Rosie asks her when she's going to tell Harold the truth, but she doesn't get time to answer as Lou and Harold arrive with his tuba. Harold tells them he's never going to let it out of his sight again. Ruby asks them what the police are doing, but Harold tells her they are just regulars, but happen to be in uniform today and gives her their orders.
Erinsborough Law Courts
Toadie stands his case against the board of Lawyers, accepting that he made misdemeanours in the past and asking for the chance to prove himself as a good lawyer. The room goes quiet. The chair-person asks for Tim's statement, but tells him the no show of Toadie's Article Clerk Supervisor, speaks volumes. Tim tells the board that he and Toadie have clashed on many occasions but that is to do with Toadie's view on justice, the decision to do what is right and not what is necessarily easy. He tells them that Toadie is a hard worker, and its people like him that is what the future of the law needs.
Lou's Office
Rosie finds Lou sitting, trying to work out a way to get his own back on the writers of the complaint letter, but tells her it's difficult as they've not broken the law. Rosie asks him why she asked her to come. He tells her he thinks something's up with Ruby and investigated to find out that she only paid the $750 not $4000 for the stereo as she told Harold. Rosie gives a blank expression. Realising she knows something he advises her to tell Harold the truth, but Rosie explains that it's not that simple.
Erinsborough Law Courts
Toadie and Tim are waiting outside. Tim is pacing up and down; he finally sits down and tries convincing Toadie that it's not the end of the world if it doesn't go to plan. He tells him of all the awful categories of clients, but Toadie tells him he knows he'd do it, even if he didn't get paid. They are called to go back inside.
Coffee Shop
Darcy is on the phone to an investigator, asking them to take on a case for him. He asks if they can find out everything possible about Darren Turner, especially previous work and marital status. Just as he finishes the call, Dee comes in and asks to join him for a coffee.
Erinsborough Law Courts
The chair-person of the board tells Toadie that it is common knowledge amongst lawyers that anyone who commits misdemeanours, no matter what their background should not be permitted to practise law. However, it is only the minority of the board who take that view and Toadie is permitted to practise. Toadie's straight face turns to a small smile, to an even bigger smile, and eventually he gets up and hugs Tim (who is still sitting down) before realising and thanking the board. He laughs.
Coffee Shop
Toadie calls Dee and they agree to have drinks at Lou's. She gets up to go and Darcy slowly follows on behind.
Lou's Place
As Lou pours out the champagne; Dee offers it to be her round, as does Karl, but Lou tells them it's on the house. They all collect a glass, though Lou gives Karl an orange juice and they toast to Toadie. Dee tells him to make a speech, in which he thanks them all for the support and tells them he enjoyed doing the degree, he might do another one. Lou jokes that they'll all be dead. Toadie thanks Tim for his support, and Tim welcomes him as a member of the team. Dee asks about his help with moving her nan into the retirement home, but he tells he'll probably be busy. Darcy interrupts them to congratulate Toadie.
Number 24
Harold is putting his stereo back into the box, but Rosie warns him that Ruby may never find the receipt for him. She tries to tell him that Ruby isn't telling him the truth, but Harold tells her that he won't hear anything said against Ruby as she's helped him so much since the op, and tells Rosie that he'll have to reconsider their friendship. Rosie's anger finally gets the better of her and she lets it all slip.
ROSIE: Ruby is a gambling addict; she has a serious problem. She came and told me that she's been lying to you, and abusing your friendship, and more than that. She's been stealing from you to feed her addiction.
Harold looks stunned.
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