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Neighbours Episode 4176 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4176
Australian airdate: 14/02/03
UK airdate: 20/03/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Karen Buckley: Maya Walker
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista
- Max catches the 'peeping toms' hanging over the Scully fence. He looks over to see what they're looking at, and is caught by Joe.- Nina and Jack kissing on the street corner.
Max tells Boyd and Daniel how disappointed he is in them, and says that they have broken his trust. Boyd insists it's no big deal, and that Max must have done it when he was younger. He quickly shakes that off saying that it's him and Daniel he's talking about.
Max insists that he'll take Daniel home, who doesn't put up a fight. Summer takes this opportunity to say 'I told you so!'
Nina wrote down Taj and Jack's name on a piece of paper and was staring at it confused. Suddenly she gets a text message asking where she is. Nina reads it and turns off her phone.
The gang are sitting round at the Coffee Shop when Michelle tells Connor how fantastic his letter was. Jack and Lori suddenly enter with the Erinsborough school uniform. Michelle laughs and says that she has to get a photo of Jack, but Jack threatens to break her camera before she can. Connor laughs and says he will be the only working man, out in the workforce this year. The gang begins to dream about them leaving and finishing school...
Nina is on the phone to her mother. She tells hr that there's nothing to worry about.
Everything's fine she just wants someone to talk to. You can here Nina saying ok and she tells her mum to send her love to her father before hanging up.
Summer walks into the front door protesting about the fact that Max won't let her watch TV, telling him she wasn't the one peeping over the fence. Max reminds Summer that he is the adult in the house therefore he makes the rules. She goes to her room to sulk, so while Summer is out of earshot he asks Boyd how he is going to apologize to Steph. Max suggests a letter or maybe face to face. Boyd begins to look uncomfortable, especially when Summer enters again putting in her two cents. She tells Max that technically he should apologize as well because he saw Steph too. Max looks embarrassed and says there is a big difference than seeing someone by accident, than to plan it. Max tells the kids he'll be back in a minute as he needs to do something.
Max knocks on the Scully door, apologizes on behalf of him and the boys to Michelle as she opens the door, and asks for Steph. Michelle tells Steph that she's gone up to Bundaburg with Joe, to see Lyn. Jack appears at the door and tells Max about the death of their grandma. Max asks if there's anything he can do. Jack thanks him but says no, all they can do is sit around and head up once the funeral is arranged. Max reminds them that if they need anything he's just across the street and leaves. Jack gives Michelle a hug as she weeps into his shoulder.
While Summer is trying to iron a handkerchief, Boyd is on the phone to Heather and tells her that he hasn't asked his dad yet, and doesn't like his chances. As he hangs up Max walks in and asks what hasn't he asked yet. Boyd begins to look uncomfortable and tells him about "Treesa" the rave concert. Max straight out says no, and that Boyd won't be going anywhere till further notice.
Connor is walking Michelle down the street, telling her that it will all be ok, and not to think negative today. Suddenly Lori catches up and they notice that she's wearing pants as part of her school uniform. Michelle warns her that she will be busted for wearing them because pants are a part of the guys uniform, while the girls where dresses. Lori smiles and says that it will all be ok, and that no one would notice.
Taj knocks on Nina's front door and keeps calling out her name. Nina is hiding at the bottom of the stairs not wanting to be seen. As Taj leaves, she watches him through the window.
Michelle glances at Lori's timetable and tells her that she has Mrs. Kennedy for English and warns her that she's nice but really strict. Then she jokes about hoping that Mrs. Kennedy doesn't remember all the stuff that Michelle got up to last year. Then groups of people walk past and stare at Lori. She rolls her eyes and tells Michelle that people have been staring at her all day, and it's like no one has ever seen a girl in pants before. Just then a teacher walks past and tells Lori that she is in incorrect uniform and asks her name.
'I'm Lori Lee and who are you?' The teacher warns her not to be smart and to go to the principal's office to discuss the correct uniform
Daniel asks Boyd is he got any punishment for operation "birdwatch" Boyd glares at him and tells Daniel that he can't go to Teesa> Daniel groans and complains that now he has no one to go with. Boyd gasps and says 'What you're going?' Daniel nods and tells him that his father bought him a ticket, 'but I think he's trying to make up for things'. At that moment Michelle walks up to them and tells them to watch out for this Maths teacher and to sit in the second row, so they won't get a lot of questions fired at them.
Lori meets up with Michelle at the lockers in a large dress. Michelle laughs and says that she looked terrible. Lori rolls her eyes and says it's like a circus tent. She complained to the headmistress about the school dress policy, and that Erinsborough High is so 19th Century. Michelle insists that most teachers aren't as bad, but she hasn't met Mrs. Kennedy's replacement yet. Lori gives a sly look and tells Michelle that she can give as much as she gets.
Connor walks into the pub and sits next to Max. He tells Connor that he read his letter, and it was great. He also asks about how the Scully family is coping, Steph in particular. Connor tells him that there all fine, especially Steph because she's so strong; both physically and emotionally.
Boyd and Daniel complain about their teacher until Summer turns up, upset about her failing campaign. Boyd tells her to go away, because she'll be in trouble. She then asks if they can take her back to school and they reluctantly agree.
Taj had just printed the list for the Erinsborough Soccer Team. Daniel signs up before they take Summer back. Taj then asks Lori when Jack will sign up. Lori tells Taj not to push Jack to play soccer, because he might not ready. Taj protests saying they could beat every team in the competition with him, but Lori just tells Taj to play 'hard to get', and that should get to Jack.
Boyd, Daniel and Summer are in the Coffee shop as Summer complains about her failing campaign. Also that people are teasing her, including this boy who hates her and pulls her hair, and calls her the 'teachers pet'. The boys laugh saying that he probably likes her, while a bewildered Summer looks at them and says 'Don't you get it! I just said he hates me!'
Lori is complaining to the school uniform, until she asks Jack to consider to play soccer. He says he's not sure, but he'll think about it. Lori then suggests they go to the Coffee Shop, but Jack declines saying he needs to go to the library.
While he is meant to be at the 'library' Jack knocks on Nina's front door. Nina hides in the kitchen. Jack says he's staying till she opens the door. 'Listen I know you're freaking out, but you need to talk to me, and I need to talk to you. Please open the door' Just at that moment Nina's face appears at the window.
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