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Neighbours Episode 4172 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4172
Australian airdate: 11/02/03
UK airdate: 14/03/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Joanne Blair Nell Feeney
Daniel Clohesy Thomas Blackburne
Summary/Images by: Emily
Stuart shows Karl and Susan the eternity ring that Drew left for Libby. Susan doesn't thinks that they should give it to Libby.
Darcy tells Dee that the hotel assumed they were 'Mr and Mrs Tyler' much to Toadie's annoyance.
Number 30
Toadie is trying to dry Bob with the hair dryer, but he won't stay still. Dee comes through with the laundry and gives Toadie a phone message, telling him he needs to tell the person the truth. Toadie turns the 'truth' talk around to Dee, but she says there is nothing to tell. Toadie asks why she didn't tell him all the details, she says it was because she knew he would be jealous and wanted to save him the pain. Toadie denies being jealous, but Dee insists there was nothing to tell.
Lou's Place
Joanne arrives and asks Max for some advice about sportswear for her son's birthday. Max tells him to go and visit a friend of his at the sports warehouse and draws a map so that she knows how to get there. Steph arrives, and Joanne tells her its useful having a barman who knows about sports. Max tells her it's all part of the service. Joanne goes to sit at a table, leaving Steph at the bar. She tells Max that she recons Joanne is a good person and that they have a lot in common, but Max isn't so sure.
Number 32
Summer is showing off her new trainers and school bag to Boyd, saying that year six rules, and she can't wait to be at the top of the school. Boyd tells her to enjoy it whilst it lasts as secondary school sucks. Boyd's radio link turns on and Daniel comes through with a message, Boyd and Daniel talk in code for a bit before Boyd runs off leaving Summer confused.
Number 28 garden
Daniel and Boyd are peeking over the fence into the Scully bathroom. Daniel has the binoculars and is giving the commentary that Lori is running a bath. Boyd steals the binoculars of him and just as the towel is being dropped, Summer finds them and yells at them, causing them to fall off the fence back into the garden. Summer climbs the fence to see what they were doing and says it's disgusting that her own brother is perving on naked girls.
Lou's Place
Max finishes his shift for the day and says goodbye to Darcy, Steph and Joanne. After he's left, Steph asks Joanne how things are going between them, and tells her not to give up, as he's a bit out of practice. She admits that she is too.
Toadie arrives for a drink, but turns around and heads out the door when he sees that Darcy is at the bar. However, he is too slow and Darcy spots him, offering to buy him a drink. Darcy apologises to Toadie for the situation he and Dee found themselves in. Toadie says it's understandable, but says he didn't like being kept in the dark about it. Darcy agrees that it's not nice to be kept in the dark, and that Dee would never do that to him, but he says it in a way that makes it sound like Dee still has some secrets from Toadie.
Number 32
Summer lectures Boyd and Daniel on how she is disgusted at their behaviour and it has upset her as a woman. Boyd jokes that she in never disgusted, but seems a bit nervous when she threatens to tell Michelle, Lori and Mrs Scully. Max arrives home with some take-away for them all, and is surprised to see Daniel and Boyd so quiet. Boyd says there's no reason, but Summer says it's because they were teasing her about her school shoes.
Number 28
Karl is cooking dinner for them all. Libby is thrilled to have Drew's eternity ring and admits she was a bit upset, but it was good to have a cry and now she is pleased to know how much Drew loved her. Susan warns Stuart not to get to close to Libby, and reminds him that Flick will be coming back in a few months. He decides not to stay for dinner and excuses himself, saying that he's not feeling too good.
Number 30
Stuart arrives back early and goes to find some food. Toadie brings Bob back from his walk and finds Dee sitting on the couch. She apologises to Toadie for not telling him, and tells him that there is one more little thing he should know. She tells him about the night that she went for dinner at Darcy's house and spent the night on his couch, but confirms that nothing happened. He asks her if she has any more little secrets, and she tells him, that's it. He forgives her.
Number 32
Summer is sitting in the living room in the dark. Boyd and Daniel eventually turn up, six minutes late. Summer tells them that if they want her to keep their secret for them, then Boyd has to give her, half his allowance for the next month. Boyd tells her no-way, but Daniel worries that his dad might find out otherwise. Summer gets up to go and see if Max is still awake, but Boyd tells her that if she spills, he won't cover for her wagging school, help with her paper round or let her join in with milkshakes and family cricket games anymore. He and Daniel go back to bed, leaving Summer on her own in the dark.
Number 28
Libby comes out of the bedroom with Ben and Susan and Karl immediately start making a fuss over her. It turns out it's her birthday, so Karl has made her a special breakfast, of waffles and maple syrup. Susan gives her present first, an item of clothing that we are unable to see too clearly, but Libby is pleased. Karl's present is also a bit unclear, but by Libby's comments it sounds like it's a computer upgrade. Susan tells her there are also a few other presents and cards for her, and asks if she heard Mal call at 3am. Steph arrives to see Libby and gives her a present.
Number 32
Boyd, Daniel and Summer are quietly eating their breakfast in the living room. Max asks why they are so quiet, but Summer tells him there's no trouble. Max leaves to go for a swim, and Boyd and Daniel thank Summer for not spilling. She tells them they have to promise not to continue with the spying. They agree.
Number 30
Dee is running late for work so gives Toadie the remaining part of her toast. After she's left, Stu arrives. He asks if things are OK between him and Dee. Toadie tells him about Darcy, and that he got far to jealous over it, which has caused a rift between him and Dee. Stuart says not to worry, 'Dee loves him as clear as the vegemite on his face'. He tells him to have faith. Stuart says he's always a bit jealous as to where Flick is currently living, within the sexiest male population in the world.
Dee is setting up the room for her massaging clinic. Darcy asks her how things went with Toadie. He apologises for letting it slip, but she tells him not to worry. Darcy continues to make pointless waffle and comments how Toadie is a 'young man'. Dee reassures him it's all fine.
Coffee Shop
Libby meets Stuart over breakfast. She asks if he's feeling better, but he admits that he was never really ill. She asks if it was to do with her parents. Stuart admits that they both gave him separate warnings on different occasions. Libby says that she's old enough to make her own mind up and that they need to get past the over-protective stage. She tells him not to worry about them.
Lou's Place
Max hands Susan and Karl a bottle of non-alcoholic grape juice. Libby arrives, showgirl style and comes to join them. Karl begins to open the bubbly, but Libby requests that she talks to them first. She thanks them for everything they've done for her since Drew died, but asks that she still keeps her independence and that they don't talk to her friends behind her back. She tells them Stuart no longer feels welcome in their home, which makes Susan and Karl realise they went a bit too far. Libby asks that she keeps control of her own friendships, they agree.
Dee and Darcy walk into the pub looking very chummy. Dee is telling Darcy a story about a patient she had earlier in the day, which makes him laugh. They order drinks. Toadie and Stuart arrive to see them at the bar. At first Toadie is a bit unsure, as they appear to be close, but as soon as Dee sees him, all is well. Darcy and Stuart stand at watch!
Number 32
Summer is reading Daniel and Boyd her campaign speech for the Year 6 candidate. They are impressed and so quiz her on different topics. School uniform is to be kept, so that the rich are unable to show off their snobby clothes, though there will be occasional dress down days to raise money for charity (sound familiar?). Homework is to be kept, but at a maximum of 1 hour a night, to allow for other things such as sport, and prevent pupils from being to tired the next day in class. There is a car horn outside, which is apparently Summers friend Debbie's mum, Debbie is her campaign manager and they are going to work on her speech. After Summer leaves, Daniel gets up, as if to do something, but Boyd tells him they should wait five minutes or so in case Summer has forgotten anything. Daniel agrees that it would be a good idea, and then they can go and 'check out the rare exotic birds, that roost next door to Harold's garden'. They laugh.
Lou's Place
Everyone is now crowded around one table (three tables pushed together), Karl makes a typical cringe worthy speech about being a friend, cousin, daughter etc... and they all toast. At the bar Joanne tells Max that she was unable to find the shop. Max admits that it was probably his map, and offers to drive her there in the morning as has to get some things for Boyd. Steph comes over and orders two more champagnes. Joanne tells her that her nephew spotted her the other day at Moco and asked for her number, Steph doesn't see why not.
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