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Neighbours Episode 4171 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4171
Australian airdate: 10/02/03
UK airdate: 13/03/03
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Karl and Susan's challenge.
Darcy wants Dee to share the bed.
Lyn has to go as her mother had a stroke.
Susan offers Karl cheese but he's sulking and going on about not having alcohol. He keeps saying he has no problem. Stuart arrives and says a shop in the city has left a message at the garage to say Drew had something on lay by and wanting to know when he'd make the final payment. Libby comes and asks if he wanted anything special and they all cover up, but she's not fooled into thinking nothing's going on.
Dee and Toadie call at the surgery on their way home from Colac to organise her schedule for the following day. They're discussing the time with his relatives. She has been hassled by questions about her wedding dress etc. He says she's the first girl he's taken home and his parents just want him to be happy. He says there's nothing wrong with that, but then they hear a noise - it's Darcy, sitting at his desk.
Stuart tells Karl and Susan he'll go and pick up whatever it is. Libby asks Stuart to join her in watching Erin Brokovich and they say they'll watch too. Stuart offers to bring over beer so Karl and Susan let on about their pact. Stuart and Libby find it's funny that Karl's finding it hard after 50 minutes and think he'll never manage two weeks.
Dee and Toadie laugh about his family's idea of a party- masses of meat and singing and laughing, but as she talks more about it he starts to go quiet. He asks whether she doesn't like them. She says they're 'loud' and he reacts badly to that, saying he's allowed to criticise them because he's family.
Connor comes in to talk to Joe who's missing Lyn. Joe's very worried about Connie and afraid she might die, but hasn't heard exactly how she is. Connor offers to stay and help him with the paperwork and accounts.
Dee wants to discuss her reactions to Toadie's family. She thinks they're a warm caring family but she doesn't want to live with them. He's very cool, saying again that he doesn't want to discuss it. They talk about the fact that he has a meeting with Tim Collins. She wants him to be careful, but again he's cool, saying he needs two lawyers and Tim Collins is the only one he can ask apart from Coxie.
Karl reckons he couldn't sleep because he hadn't had alcohol and is pretty snappy again. Susan has agreed to help Harold, despite the fact that she'll be starting teaching next week.
Stuart comes to see Susan and Karl in the Coffee Shop and shows them what Drew had put aside for Libby. It's an eternity ring inscribed 'Yours for Ever' and Susan and Karl think he shouldn't give it to her. Susan thinks it's a declaration of love and so Drew should be there to give it to her, but he isn't.......Stuart disagrees.
Toadie meets Tim Collins who puts him on the spot a bit, before saying there's no problem and it's time to let bygones be bygones. There is, however, something Toadie can do for him.
Libby comes to see Stuart and is obviously very down. She tells him she's upset about her birthday and she can't deal with a big party. He says it won't be. She says most of the time she feels as though she's bobbing along on a current, feeling disconnected. The worst thing is feeling disconnected from Drew and she's afraid she's going to forget him. He wants her to stay and talk, but she needs to go home and be alone to cry.
Darcy tries to persuade Karl to go to a function with him, but Karl can't because of the alcohol pact.
Tim Collins tells Susan and Karl he was very happy to drop their divorce case. He has asked Toadie to work for him, but Toadie is hesitant. He feels Toadie has a great legal mind and also better people skills than he has. His honesty might help to keep him on track too.
Stuart tells Libby there's something her parents didn't want him to tell her and gives her the ring because of what she said before. She looks teary and says as she puts it on that it's as though Drew knew how much she needed him. He asks tentatively if he's done the right thing and she hugs him and says yes, definitely.
Dee has shown Darcy her new range of fragrant oils. Toadie comes in and tells her that Tim Collins will support his application if he works for him. She takes him aside and says he must be insane. He thinks Tim Collins has changed, but she doesn't believe it.
Karl and Susan admire Libby's ring. She loves it. While she goes off to see to Ben, Stuart says he gave her the ring because of her feeling she was losing Drew. Karl says this is a normal stage of grieving, but Stuart answers that he doesn't feel she's ready for that stage yet. Karl tells Stuart he isn't pleased that he told her when they said not to, because as her parents they should know her. He agrees it has given her a big lift now, but hopes it won't bring her crashing down again.
Dee and Toadie argue about his decision to work for Tim CollinsDarcy tells Dee in front of Toadie that the motel they stayed at has sent a survey addressed to 'Mr and Mrs Tyler'. He drops in that as they stayed in the same room, it was a fair assumption. Toadie is angry and when Dee says she mentioned that they broke down and had to stay the night, he answers that she was light on the details.
<<4170 - 4172>>
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