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Neighbours Episode 4170 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4170
Australian airdate: 07/02/03
UK airdate: 12/03/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Sgt. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista
Ruby and Harold walking into his ransacked house.Nina and Jack's rehearsal and 'that kiss'
Harold is shocked as he looks around at the mess that was his house. He sighs and picks up an object, I think it was a record, or a CD, however it has a broken case. He says that Tad left it in his possession to look after. Harold laughs bitterly. Ruby offers to clean the house up, but Harold quickly stops her, saying they need to leave it to the police. Ruby looks slightly alarmed.
Lori is sitting at the kitchen table looking at the Real Estate section, while Jack is still hesitant. Bottom line is they can't agree on a house. Lyn interrupts them and asks if her and Joe can have a look with them. Jack thinks it's a great idea, and Lori looks a little but putout, but says the next inspection is in 20 minutes.
Karl and Susan both come out with the recycle bins. They meet Joe outside, carrying his bin as well. Joe laughs as he sees their bin is full to the brim. Susan smiles and says that she has to make sure that Karl takes the bin out to be recycled or he gets recycled. Joe laughs and walks back inside, while Susan glances at their bin. She points out that it's full of milk cartons and stuff while theirs is over populated with empty wine bottles. Karl just shrugs. They then notice the cop car pulling in front of Harold's. Susan asks Karl what happened, but Karl didn't answer. They headed towards Harold's.
Karl and Susan are horrified when Harold tells them what happened. Karl tells him that if there is anything they can do, he just needs to ask. He thanks them. Karl and Susan excuse themselves as they need to visit the hospital to see Lou. Harold asks them not to tell anything about this to Lou, as it would upset him.
The police officer at Harold's house (The same one who arrested Steph) tells Harold that she thinks his place was targeted, as everyone knew that he was in hospital. Harold refuses to believe that, saying it was probably a random act done by hooligans. Ruby disagrees with them, saying she might know how it happened, then admitting that she left the back door unlocked. Harold looks at her shocked, while Ruby asks if she can ever forgive her.
Karl and Susan meet Rosie up at the hospital visiting Lou. They tell her that someone broke into Harold's house. She doesn't seem that surprised, saying that it must have been someone he knew, and promises to visit him afterwards.
Jack and Lori are house hunting with Joe and Lyn, as Jack complains about all the houses he sees. Lori says she's only looking for something realistic, and in their price range. Joe reminds them that they have a perfectly good home with them, but Lori links arms with Jack saying it's about time they moved out. Lyn looks at them and offers her and Joe walk home to let them search in peace. She was met by complaints. Joe claimed it was too far to walk as Jack said he valued their opinion. Jack suggests that they stop looking for today, but Lori says there's heaps more to look at. Jack says he's had enough for one day, and walks off, leaving Lori behind.
Rosie pops in to Harold's and asks Ruby how could she be so irresponsible, leaving the backdoor open. Ruby resents what Rosie is suggesting and tells her so. Rosie is quick to retort replying that she's sure Harold resents his house being broken into. Ruby once again asks Rosie what she's implying, while Rosie just shakes her head and says 'for gods sake Ruby'. Ruby becomes quite angry and leaves saying that not everyone is a saint like her, and she will not be spoken to like that.
As they have a quiet meal in the Coffee Shop, Jack disagrees with every house that he and Lori saw and once again tells Lori that. Lori asks Jack if he want's to move in with her, and he tells her he does, it's just things are so expensive. Lori tries to push Jack into seeing more houses that afternoon, but Jack explodes saying he is at home with his family for the first time in years, and he wants to be with them. If she thinks it's not good enough for her she can move out herself.
Rosie tells Harold that it was a pretty big coincidence that Harold got robbed the same morning he came home. She tries to suggest Ruby, but Harold cuts her off saying Ruby wouldn't do that. Also he was appalled at her behavior towards Ruby and tells her she was very 'unchristian' and if she doesn't have anything nice to say, then leave. Rosie takes he hint and leaves.
Jack walks in while Lyn is doing the washing. Lyn sees the look on his face and asks what was wrong. He tells her he had a disagreement with Lori, and got so angry he didn't think what he was saying, and told her to move out. Lyn sighed and convinces Jack to sit down and talk to her and sort things out.
Lori is crying in the Coffee Shop about the tiff she had with Jack when Joe walks in. He asks her what was the matter and she tells him about their disagreement. Joe comforts Lori and says that it is a Scully condition, and that all blokes are the same. Joe tells her that the key to Jack is to make it sound like it was his idea. Lori thanks Joe for his advice, and agrees to back off.
Jack tells Lyn that he want to get further qualifications Lyn asks if that is what he really wants. Jack confides in his mother that he is in love with someone else. Lyn asks how far has he gone with this girl. Jack replies rather quickly saying 'it was just a kiss' and yes... Lori does know the person, but not he feels about her. Lyn persuades Jack that it's just the excitement of being with someone else. She then asks if he takes away the new sparks he feels towards this certain person.... who would he choose?
Lyn offers space for Lori and Jack tonight, so they can sort things out, but Jack tells them not to worry he'll talk to her when the time is right. Just then Joe and Lori enter, and you can see how uncomfortable Lori looks. Lyn asks Joe if he brought some milk but Joe put his hand to his forehead saying that he'd forgotten. He asks Lyn to come with him, as they both exit. Lori smiles at Jack and tells him that was pretty subtle, and apologizes for pushing Jack and making him feel like he had to make a decision. He apologizes for getting angry with Lori and not being up front. Lori grins and gives Jack a big hug and tells him how much she loves him. Jack looks awkward.
Ruby knocks on Harold's door and he opens it. She asks him if 'she' has gone. He nodded, as he was on the phone with the insurance agency. He gets off the phone looking angry. She asks him was wrong, and he tells her since the back door was unlocked the house wasn't secure; and if the house wasn't secure they won't compensate him. Ruby gasps and says that they can't do that, but Harold assures her that they can. Ruby gives Harold $750 saying it was some of the repayment from Derek. He confides in her that he wouldn't know what to do without her, and Ruby too, looks awkward.
Karl is cooking dinner, and asks Susan where the bottle of wine went. Susan tells him that she put it back saying she wanted an alcohol free night. Karl laughs and says that wine is good with a meal. Susan glares at Karl saying that they have more dead wine bottles than any other house in the street. He smiles at Susan and says that the French love wine. Susan rolls her eyes and tells him his not French. He put on a phony accent, and says 'oh mon Cherie' and kisses her hand.(Sorry guys don't know a lot of French) However Susan is firm, and asks him to give up alcohol for two weeks. Karl laughs and says he doesn't need to, but Susan tells him that he's only saying that because he can't do it. Karl insists he can, and he will prove it.... but so will she. Susan agrees.
Ruby is on a mobile phone asking how much he sold the tuba for. She looks surprised and says 'that much? For a tuba?' She tells them that trashing the place was not part of the deal and demands to know how much the other goods went for.
The phone rings and Lyn picks it up. She looks shocked and tells that caller that she'll be right there. She hangs up the phone, and Joe looks at her, and is startled to see her so upset. 'It's mum' she sobs. 'She's has a stroke and they don't know if she's going to make it I have to go up there'. Joe gives her a hug and tells her that he'll ring her sisters.
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