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Neighbours Episode 4169 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4169
Australian airdate: 06/02/2003
UK airdate: 11/03/03
Writer: Elizabeth Huntley
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay BunyanLori Lee: Michelle AngTaj Coppin: Jaime Robbie ReyneRuby Dwyer: Maureen EdwardsSheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
- "She Said" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Taj tells Nina about Allie. Rosie asks Ruby why she's at Harold's.Nina kisses Jack
Lori says 'that was hot' and asks them to try the scene from the start. Connor and Michelle discuss it- Michelle feels it would be embarrassing, but Connor suggests they weren't acting.
Rosie arrives and asks what she missed. Lori tells her it was 'probably the most stunning passion Erinsborough's ever likely to see'.
ROSIE: I hope it went on onstage and not behind the bike shed!
Lori looks a bit uncertain as she goes on to say Harold will be so excited to see 'the big farewell' and asks to see the scene for herself. Lori tentatively warns her that it might be a little different from the way she remembered it.
Ruby is listening to racing on the radio in the Coffee Shop kitchen and wildly egging the horses on. She's really excited and kisses the ticket, then when the bell pings in the shop, her mood is completely broken, so she puts her hand up to her face and slumps down, looking stricken.
Lou talks about the joy of jigsaw puzzles, which Sheena has brought in because it's a more suitable occupation than car-racing. He fishes to find out where she's put the cars 'as they belong to his grandson' and discovers they're at the nurses' station. Lou repeatedly drops jigsaw pieces and while she's bending down to pick them up he gestures to Harold who goes off 'for a bit of a stroll'. She leaves telling Lou that she wants them both to get some rest.
Lori reassures 'the Rev' that she's from the TV generation and knows about drama. Taj joins in to persuade Rosie, so she agrees to see it and decide. Lori asks Nina and Jack to repeat the scene. They start off well, but lose energy as they get towards the end, so Lori summarises 'then they kiss', but they're both standing there very self-consciously and not moving towards one another. Michelle says it was a lot 'hotter' last time and Lori supports her. Rosie goes on to tell them it's the climax of the play but really wasn't finale stuff this time. Asked what happened, Nina and Jack just say they got a bit self-conscious so Rosie asks them to take a break.
Sheena finds Lou and Harold playing with the cars again and reminds them it's against the rules, taking the cars. She says it's lucky that Harold's being discharged tomorrow.
Ruby's on the phone in the Coffee Shop with a big pile of money, especially $50 notes, beside her, saying in a really wild-eyed way, 'I don't care when you do it, just do it soon. Today, tomorrow, the next day, whenever, just don't botch this up.'
Rosie calls in. Ruby's very jumpy and short with Rosie, who comments drily how lucky Harold is to have someone he can trust so much, but that it's no wonder with all this cash lying around that she's so jumpy. Ruby turns on her and says she promised not to interfere any more and is very tense as Rosie leaves.
Nina goes to get the jacket she's forgotten and speaks to Jack. He apologises and says he didn't intend what happened with the kiss. She replies that it's no 'biggie' as movie stars do it every day. He watches as she goes out again.
Rosie goes to see Harold and Lou and mentions the play. Harold's very excited and she tries to break the news to him that it's been changed 'They just felt the dialogue needed a bit of 'tweaking' to modernise it'.
HAROLD: Tweaking? Is that all?
In the cinema foyer, Taj teases Nina about the kissing, telling her she's going to be a big star . Lori and Jack arrive just as they're happily fooling around. When Jack sees them he says he doesn't want to go to the film any more and asks Lori to go shopping instead.
Connor and Michelle are still having an argument about Jack and Nina-he's convinced there was real passion and someone's going to get hurt. She doesn't believe it, thinks it's none of their business and wants to change the subject. She does one of those magazine quizzes on him.
Lou asks Harold why he's looking miserable. He says he's glad but feels wrong because Lou's staying another week. They talk about the fun they've had, apart from the operation. Lou is moved and tells him how much he appreciates it. Harold reckons he did it because he needed someone to squabble with. They agree that it's been more than squabble at times, but it's all over now. Lou tells him he's a true friend and they clasp hands.
Lori and Jack are in the Coffee Shop, where he's saying he doesn't want to do the cheesy romantic stuff, especially the kiss, any more. Lori says it's Ok because she knows it's acting. When Nina comes in, she goes up to her and asks what she thinks she's doing 'kissing her boy like that'. Nina is startled and starts to stammer that she didn't mean anything by it, when Lori smiles and says it's Ok, she's just kidding.
Nina tells Taj she's sorry about Allie. He replies he just wants her to be able to trust him. They agree they trust one another.
Lori asks Jack why they've stalled on the house hunting and gets him to agree to start looking again the following day. He's a bit distracted, looking over at Taj and Nina.
Connor's posing for a photo Michelle's taking to send to his mum. She keeps trying to arrange him in different poses, against his will. Eventually she admits she entered him in the "Best Boyfriend' Competition, which he's not happy with until he's told it's worth $5000.
Ruby's at the hospital telling Harold about some things she's been doing, like his washing and shopping. Lou asks if she has a sister. Ruby tries to talk Harold into staying one more night. He replies 'What would I do without you?' and wonders if he could go home that night, but she's obviously not happy about it, so she persuades him to stay on until the following day.
Nina's excitedly making plans for the next weekend, but Taj admits he can't because Allie's arriving. She asks if it's a situation where his mum loves the ex-girlfriend. He gets a bit tense, saying he thought she was cool with it-she says she is, but is he? He offers to do anything to make it up to her, so she wants to enter him in the "Best Boyfriend' competition.
Ruby and Harold get to his house and open the door. Harold goes in and sees the whole place has been turned upside down.
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