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Neighbours Episode 4168 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4168
Australian airdate: 05/02/03
UK airdate: 10/03/03
Writer: Philippa Burne
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Nurse Evanovich: Clare Renton-Power
Summary/Images by: ?
- At the hospital, Lou and Harold exchange smiles after their operations.- Darcy bribes the owner of a motel to say that there is only one double room available, so he can share it with Dee.
Darcy is making the bed at the motel. Dee walks in and when she sees what he's doing, she doesn't look very pleased. Darcy tells her he is just making the bed comfortable for her. Dee is sceptical. Darcy tells her he's sorry for landing her in this mess, that he knows she would rather be with Toadie. He asks her if he can buy her dinner, and afterwards he would sleep on the couch while she sleeps in the bed. Dee apologizes and says it's because of their history that she thought that. Darcy tells her that "a leopard can change it's spots". He asks if she will come to dinner with him and meet some locals, and she agrees.
At the hospital, Joe gives Harold some crossword magazines, and Lou a mini raceway. Joe tells him he found it in the garage and it was Jack's. He tells him since he'll miss the grand-prix, this is the next best thing. Lou thanks him and says that all he needs now is a worthy opponent. Harold tells him he played a mean circuit of the track, back when Tad and Paul were living with him. Then he asks Joe if he has had a look at the sets for the play. Joe tells him he doesn't want anything to do with it after the Gino fiasco. Joe asks Harold why he's letting everyone else run his play. Harold says he doesn't mind, because he wrote the script. He says a good script can hold itself up, and they can't mess it up.
Jack and Nina are rehearsing the play. After a while, Jack tells Lyn its terrible and that it needs a rewrite, unless Harold wants it to be a total comedy. Nina says that it is a bit old fashioned. Lyn replies that it's supposed to be, and that's it set in the 1900s. Then Lori, who is sitting next to Lyn says "it sounds more like the middle ages." Lyn asks if they can just leave it as it is for now. They ask if they can change the script just a little bit. Lyn gives in and agrees.
Joe walks into the backyard and sees Connor and Michelle talking in treehouse about how Connor can read now thanks to Michelle and Libby. Michelle tells Connor she loves him and he says the same. Joe smiles and walks back inside.
At the hospital, Lou is playing with the mini raceway. Harold is doing his crosswords. Lou asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to play. Harold says he's doing his crosswords, but they are hard. Lou tells him he means the crosswords are boring. Harold then decides to play with Lou. They both start racing and both of there cars fall off and they laugh.
At the Motel, Darcy is taking off his jumper. Dee once again thinks he wants to sleep in the double bed with her. He tells her if she's uncomfortable with him staying in the same room, he'll find somewhere else. Dee says don't be silly and apologizes saying she's just not used to spending so much time with Darcy. She says she'll go in the bathroom to put on her pajamas and give him some privacy.
Jack, Nina and Lyn are still discussing changes to Harold's play. Lyn doesn't like the changes Jack and Nina have made and says she doesn't understand the dialogue. She tells them it will stay as it is written. After a bit of arguing, Lyn says she thinks that will do for tonight. Taj comes in and says he has to talk to Nina. Jack says he thought Nina was going to come back to his place to practise the play. Taj tells Jack he really needs to talk to Nina. Nina tells Jack she'll come over the next day.
At the hospital, Harold and Lou are still playing with the raceway, with several other patients in the room, watching them. A nurse comes in and confiscates the cars and says "It's time for a pit stop". Lou makes a face at her as she walks out, while Harold doesn't look very happy.
At the motel, Darcy is in bed on the couch. Dee comes in with her pajamas on. Darcy tells her that her pajamas are more conservative than he remembers. She tells him its more than he wears. He jokes that he could never wear the pajama top, because he found it strangles you. Then they both say goodnight to each other.
At the hall for Harold's play, Taj is talking to Nina telling her that his parents said that his old girlfriend Allie and her family have to stay with him. Nina tells him that it's ok because it's not his fault or his decision for them to stay. Jack walks in and says he's sorry for interrupting. He says he is looking for something he thinks he forgot. He then says what he's looking for isn't there. Lori comes in and tells him they should leave to give Nina and Taj privacy. After they leave, Taj continues talking about Allie staying over. Nina tells him she thinks she'll go to see Jack after all. Taj looks dissapointed as she walks out.
At the Scullys, Nina is telling Michelle that she's worried about Taj's ex-girlfriend staying at his house. Michelle admits that it seems strange that he never mentioned his girlfriend before. Lori tells her not to worry about it and that he seems like a nice guy. In the kitchen Joe tells Connor he wants him to look after the building site when he's at home with the baby. Connor hugs him, when Lyn walks. Joe tells her what he asked Connor. Lyn tells him that who stays home to look after the baby hasn't been decided yet. Joe tells her that they have already discussed it and it is all sorted.
At the motel, Darcy is tossing and turning. Dee asks him if he can't sleep. He tells her the couch is three feet too short. Dee tells him he can go in the double bed, because she can't sleep either since he keeps moving around. He asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind. She's says there's no point in neither of them being able to get to sleep. As he get's in the bed, Dee gets up and goes to the couch. He asks where she's going. She tells him she's swapping because she's shorter than him.
At the Scullys, Joe and Lyn are still arguing about who stays home with the baby. Lyn still says it hasn't been decided and that Joe shouldn't get to do all the parenting. In the lounge room, Lori tells Jack that they need to rewrite Harold's script. Jack tells her that she'll have to ask Nina, because that's who he'll be romancing. Lori tells Nina that it shouldn't be to hard acting passionately with that "boofhead".
Lyn is looking at the script that Lori has completely rewritten, and she's not happy, because she doesn't want to hurt Harold's feelings. Everyone else likes it, and Taj says it's a lot hotter than the old one and that Harold is going to freak when he sees it.
Outside the motel, Darcy tells Dee that his car isn't going to be ready until that night. Dee isn't very pleased and asks what's wrong with it now. He tells her he's only a doctor and that he doesn't know. He tells Dee that there's a golf course, and asks her if she wants to go. Dee tells him she doesn't want to play golf and that she just wants to see Toadie. Then she feels bad and tells him she's sorry and that she has had a goodtime.
Jack and Nina are rehearsing the play again. Lori is telling them what to do in the last scene. Lori demonstrates the scene, kissing Jack at the end of it. She tells Nina that it's easy for her, because she's passionate for Jack. She says she thinks Nina's good enough to act passionately. Jack and Nina do the last scene kissing at the end of it. But it's not acting, as can be seen by Nina and Jack's guilty faces.
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