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Neighbours Episode 4167 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4167
Australian airdate: 04/02/03
UK airdate: 07/03/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Heather Green: Megan Harrington
Joanne Blair: Nell Feeney
Barry Taylor: Fred Barker
- "Rainmaker" by The Lord's Garden
- "Big Bands" by The Lord's Garden
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Joanne talks to Max.
Lyn talks to Steph about being upset over Max.
Dee tells Angie she's coming to the reunion.
Steph tells Libby she really likes Max.
Libby says 'is that all?' and Steph asks 'why she's terrified' and then answers herself-she's afraid of being rejected, heart broken again, self-respect trampled etc. Libby says She thinks Max feels the same, but Steph answers there's also the age-difference and the children. Libby tries to talk her round so she doesn't 'quit and become a nun', but Steph leaves quickly without having breakfast.
Karl and Susan are going to see some movie, a surprise Susan's planning when Stuart calls in to see if they can arrange a party for Libby's birthday. They're doubtful, as it's more likely she wants a quiet day with Ben, because of the memories, but he plans something small as a new beginning, to show her friends are thinking of her, so they agree to talk to her about it.
Susan has a 'tricky little plan' for her and Karl.
Dee and Darcy are discussing some of the antics of the Rebecchi reunion while they have breakfast together. She asks him to do her a favour and organise some quotes to remove a tree at No 30. He says he'll go one better and do it himself, he's an expert.
At the Hoylands', Daniel and Boyd are discussing the Scully girls' lack of washing. Max comes in and doesn't understand why they stretched the manure spreading out for so long a time when they were being paid by the bag. He tells them they're going out to get books for school, including Daniel, as his father has sent money. Summer doesn't want to go, but Daniel chats to her and she changes her mind. They're going to the cinema afterwards, but Max won't go with them - he's just the friendly wallet.
Outside, Darcy is in his tree-cutting down gear - unsleeved check shirt and big chain-saw. He refuses Max's offer to help, saying it's a one-man job, so the Hoylands go off shopping/to the cinema.
Karl and Susan come out and are incredulous, telling Darcy to be careful of his head and their house. They go off to the cinema and with dramatic music playing, Darcy eyes the tree.Darcy's on the phone to someone 'I thought you said you cut down trees professionally.......I don't care how much it costs.......how fast can you get here?'
Men and machinery cut down the tree, as Darcy watches, now in hard hat and earmuffs well.
At the cinema, Max leaves the kids after giving them some money. Boyd meets Heather, obviously pre-arranged.
Karl and Susan have arrived at the cinema, where Karl is muttering and moaning constantly, even before they get into the middle of the popcorn fight. Susan wants to do it to help her to break the ice in the classroom.
Darcy is complaining aloud, as he looks at the account, that the 'damn tree' cost him a fortune. When Dee arrives home, he strikes a macho pose, wielding the chain-saw again. 'Well it took me a while, but she's down.'
She just looks aghast and tells him it was the wrong tree- 'Not the liquidamber!''We could plant another one', but she's not impressed and staggers off as he asks if she's ready to go to Colac.
Steph hugs Harvey and asks if she should make a fool of herself or just die wondering. When Lyn comes in and asks if she's Ok she suddenly decides to go out.
Joanne comes to talk to Max while he's eating at the pub and joins him at the table. They've both escaped their children for a couple of hours. She's glad she gets to enjoy her lunch and have good company too - he looks a bit bemused at that.
In the cinema, Karl is still constantly complaining and wants to go home. Susan insists on sitting at the front and he does as he's told.
Boyd asks Daniel to keep an eye on Summer and goes to sit at the back with Heather. Summer's pleased but he soon sees some girls from his school and goes 'to say hello'.
Darcy and Dee are stopped at the roadside while he does something under the bonnet of the car, discussing Lou's accepting attitude to the tree removal. Trucks thunder past as he tells her to relax and enjoy the country air.
'I'll have this fixed in no time' .......and he cuts through a wire.
Karl's being pelted by popcorn, but now refuses to go home because he has paid for his ticket, though Susan now wants to leave.
At the back, Boyd's kissing Heather, while Summer's on her own.
Max and Joanne are comparing notes as single parents. Steph starts to come in until she sees them. As she says something supportive, Joanne touches Max's shoulder. Steph leaves.
Stuart asks Libby about her birthday. She sees it's to show 'life goes on' and makes her agreement conditional on keeping it small and seeing the guest list. When Karl and Susan come in, she sees they're doubtful, assures them she'll be fine and describes it as a 'controlled experiment'. When she asks them about the movie, Karl complains about the popcorn sniper. 'Put a bunch of young people into a cinema watching a movie about flouting authority and breaking wind and the darker side emerges' Susan interrupts by saying she's going for a little lie-down, so Karl goes for a 'little lie-down' too.
Stuart: I think I might make myself scarce
Libby: I wish I could!
Just as he's leaving, Steph arrives, saying she wants to talk to Libby. She tells her when she found him, he was having lunch with Joanne - a mature woman, with kids, just like him, same interests, same problems. Libby's dubious when she says she's Ok and glad she went because now she can move on.
Back at home, Daniel's trying to discuss the film, but Boyd didn't see the bits he mentions. Max cuddles Summer and she tells him Steph was right, Daniel's not good enough for her and she hates boys. He takes her off for a Banana Split at Grease Monkeys.
Dee and Darcy have left the car and are walking along with their luggage as Darcy gives phone-instructions to someone about picking up the car. He tells Dee he's very sorry but they can't get the car ready until the next day. All she wants is to ring Toadie and have a hot shower, so she groans at the 'No Vacancy' sign at the motel they reach. The owner decides one couple has just checked out, so there's one double room available. Darcy wants another motel, but there isn't one and Dee replies that they'll take the room. Darcy's very apologetic until she goes off for her shower, when he thanks Barry, pays for the room and gives him the $100 he promised him.
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