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Neighbours Episode 4166 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4166
Australian airdate: 03/02/03
UK airdate: 06/03/03
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Boyd spies on the bathroom. Karl and Susan find the manure. Max finds Boyd and Daniel spying
Joe and Karl bring in the manure which Karl's giving him. Joe can't understand why he has so much. Karl says it's his 'past catching up with him'. They see Boyd, Max and Daniel hanging over the fence. Joe asks if it's the cricket ball from the game in the street. They say yes, but their story's not very convincing, as they don't know who was batting.
Max admires the manure and is offered some, but he declines-'we've got enough of.........that'. Boyd offers to help spread it around, which baffles both Joe and Max.
Susan and Karl argue over whether Karl should help pay the boys. Susan tells him and Libby that she's going back to the High School, not as Principal, but as VCE coordinator, so she'll be back in the classroom, what she wants.
Max asks Summer to go to a film with him. Summer wants to go and help Daniel and Boyd instead, which Max finds surprising, especially since she's wearing perfume-as she says, she's going to spread around smelly manure.
Joe has given the boys instructions about the spreading when Steph comes in after what Joe thinks is too long a shower. The boys go off to work, disappointed.
Max and Summer come in. Steph wants to know how Max got the kids so excited about fertilising. He thinks he must have a knack, so she teases him about being modest. Max mentions a last ever game of cricket at the Waratah Cricket Grounds and thinks he might be able to pull some strings and get some tickets. Steph says that would make him 'man of the moment', so he says that if that's to get herself one of the tickets, flattery could get everywhere. Joe immediately breaks into their smiling at one another by saying he thought Max would be taking 'that Joanne' as the last time he saw them together they looked very chummy. The atmosphere cools and Max goes off to catch up with the housework. When Joe comments that Max is funny, you never know where you stand with him, Steph asks him if he ever takes his foot out of his mouth.
Susan asks Stuart to stay for dinner. He asks Karl about the last ever game at the cricket ground and tells him he has two tickets. The second one is for Ben, which Karl thinks is a bit of a waste as he's dropped broad hints.
Steph's still very cool with Joe and tells him she's cross because he interfered in her life and embarrassed her friends. The question about Joanne was timed to embarrass Max and in the process embarrassed her. When he starts to say how much older Max is, she gets really cross and tells him that Max is a mate, who deserves respect, not suspicion and he's to stay out of it.
Steph notices Summer's perfume (it's 'Lannewit') when she comes in to get a drink. Summer goes on to say how nice Daniel is - 'better than most idiot boys and he's really sensitive'. She thinks there's this 'unspoken thing' between them, so she knows he likes her though they haven't talked about it yet. Steph tries to suggest he's too old, but Summer answers that 'an older man makes a better match for a younger woman'. She leaves Boyd's drink behind and pretends she forgot it.
Boyd goes off anyway as it's time for an 'occupational status check', leaving Daniel and Summer alone. She attempts to find that they have some common likes, but gets nowhere. When Boyd comes back and tells her she reeks, worse than the manure, and Daniel joins in, she goes off crying.
Max comforts her and asks where she got it-it was her mother's. He remembers buying it for her and then suggests to Summer that it might have gone stale. She's embarrassed when he asks if she wore it for Daniel and then gets really upset, saying he, Boyd and Daniel are making fun of her.
Stuart and Libby go off to bath Ben together. Karl insists on going off to buy wine although Susan thinks they can manage without.
Even at the next 'occupational check', Boyd and Daniel have seen nothing and as Joe points out, achieved very little despite having been there for five hours. Boyd's insistent there has to be some showering action soon as it's Saturday and girls go out. He tells Joe they'll come back in the morning as they enjoy the work 'You boys on something?' He checks when the family is up and about and showering, so they don't disturb them by arriving too early. Joe fixes on 8 am, so Boyd suggests that turning up at 7.30 might be a good idea.
Steph meets Max in the Coffee Shop and he tells her he's trying to cheer Summer up. She asks if it's about Daniel and tells him it's normal-Summer thinks she's well and truly enough to be interested in the opposite sex. She offers to speak to Summer as she knows what it's like to be a ten-year-old girl. She apologises for Joe, but Max says there's no reason - 'he's like a dad'
The Kennedys and Stuart have finished dinner and Susan and Libby tease Karl about the wine. Libby insists Stuart stay to watch a film with her, but it seems Susan's not keen on the idea. She gives Karl a wry look when Libby finally gets Stuart to agree. Later he comes out 'to get a drink of water'. Stuart says that if he didn't know better he'd think Karl was checking them out.
In the morning, Boyd and Daniel race out to 'operation bird watch'. To their disappointment, Steph's up and dressed and greets them on their way in. She then sees Summer in the street and has a chat with her. She asks if she thinks she might buy Daniel something, but Summer says he doesn't like her. Steph goes on to give Summer a pep-talk, saying she's probably too good for him, she's a top chick and will find her own Mr Right eventually. As Summer says, Steph hasn't found hers yet and she's old. Max thanks her and invites her in for coffee but she goes off instead.
Karl's feeling very fragile, Susan says because of the wine he drank. Libby goes out and for her parents' benefit deliberately mentions that she may see Stuart, although she's having breakfast with Steph. Susan worries that Libby's becoming too dependent on Stuart and despite being not able to think about anything Karl agrees with her.
Steph and Libby are having breakfast in the coffee shop, discussing their respective fathers, when Max comes in to buy milk. Steph gets very nervous when she sees him and goes very quiet after he insists on paying for their breakfast before he goes out. She tells Libby she can't handle this - she likes Max, she really really likes him.
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