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Neighbours Episode 4165 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4165
Australian airdate: 31/01/03
UK airdate: 05/03/03
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
- "Country Holiday Song" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista
Ruby telling Rosie that she knows that they don't get along, so to keep out of her way.Karl telling Lou that it is a godsend that Harold's kidney is compatible, and not to let that chance slip away.
Lou is lying in bed, while there is a knock on the door. Lou tells Harold to come in. Harold tells Lou that he is like a brother to him... perhaps that's why they fight so much; but he hates to see him in pain and will do anything he can to make his pain go away, even if that means giving him his kidney. He wants Lou to be happy and not to miss out on life. Lou tells him how lucky he is to have a friend like him, and that he accepts Harold's kidney, they smile and shake hands.
Boyd and Daniel are hanging over the fence, discussing who is the hottest Scully. They both decide that Steph wins, while Lori is a close second. Suddenly Steph walks into the yard, and Summer starts calling them. They both duck and yell that they're looking for a lost cricket ball. Summer asks if she could play cricket as well, while Boyd and Daniel look at each other and reluctantly agree.
Harold tells Ruby that Lou has accepted the operation, and says the surgery is tomorrow. Ruby gives him a hug, and tells him he is the most generous man she has ever met. She offers to keep an eye on the Coffee Shop and his house, and he gives her another hug, asking what he would do without her.
Max calls the kids for dinner, while Steph knocks on the door returning Max's rake. Max offers Steph to stay for dinner, but she declines, saying she needs a long hot bath. Boyd and Daniel look at each other from the kitchen, as Steph leaves. Summer puts out the place mats, and offers Daniel a seat next to her. Summer gives a smile.
Rosie and Susan turn up at Harold's to talk about the play. Harold informs them that the play will need to be put on hold, for he is giving Lou one 'Bishop' kidney. Susan and Rosie look amazed, Susan kindly offers to keep an eye on the Coffee Shop and his house, while Rosie insists she watch over the pub, while they're recovering. Harold tells them that they have been beaten to it, as Ruby has already offered. Susan and Rosie give each other a sideways glance.
Boyd and Daniel wolf down their meals and want to go skating "outside", but Max insists that they do the dishes. Boyd complains, but eventually gives in. Summer suggests that they can play charades after dinner, and that she can team up with Daniel.
Rosie is having coffee at Susan's place, as Rosie tells Susan that Ruby is not to be trusted, and Susan agrees there is something fishy about her. Rosie confides in Susan that it hurts to see Ruby manipulating Harold, and is taking advantage of his good nature, and their friendship. Susan asks Rosie if that's all she wants from Harold, but she just smiles and tells her that she's beginning to sound like Lyn. Rosie sighs, and says that the boat has sailed, and that he has Ruby now. Susan convinces Rosie to tell Harold about how she truly feels about him, after all it couldn't hurt?
As Summer and Daniel win charades, Max sends Summer to bed. She insists that it's too early, but Max is firm so she slouches to her room to get ready for bed. Max thanks the boys for putting up with charades and that they can go skating now. Boyd looks disappointed and says that it's too late, as Max looks at him curiously saying that it's still light. Boyd realizes what he said and covers it up saying he wants to watch something on TV.
Karl and Susan are in the kitchen making breakfast. While Karl looks for his car keys, Susan tells him that she plans to stay at the hospital until the operation is over, and she wants to go back to teaching. Karl gives her a hug as Susan tells him how confident she feels, how much she misses teaching, and that university just isn't enough. At that point they notice an awful smell. They sniff each other while Karl insists he had a shower, but they notice the smell coming from outside.
They open the door noticing the bags of manure sitting on their front doorstep. As they look at the receipt, they notice that it was paid from England, on Sarah's credit card. They laugh, while Susan tells Karl that the garden will appreciate it, and yells "Thank you Sar-" until Karl stops her, points, and asks what they plan to do with the other fifty bags.
The boys are looking after Summer as they sit down in the Coffee Shop wile Summer orders. Boyd notices Steph and talks about research he is doing for a back to school project. Boyd asks Steph how she and her family use the water, while a witty Steph tells him that she drinks it. He laughs nervously and says the project has to contain how people use water, meaning do you shower or bath? She tells him that she showers in the morning and baths at night, as do the rest of the family. Summer then comes back, so he thanks Steph and they find a place to sit.
Karl tells Harold how generous he is while Susan wishes him good luck, and they leave to give Rosie some time alone with him. She starts to tell Harold the truth, but he apologizes to her for interfering in her and Lou's affairs, and that will never happen again, and how glad he is for sorting things out with Lou. He tells her it's all behind them. Rosie gives an awkward smile.
Max and Steph are playing pool in the pub and Max tells her that he want's to shake Joanne off. Steph looks mildly surprised and tells him that she is a nice person, and maybe they should have a first date. Max looks thoughtful and says he will think about it, and that certainly wipes the smile off her face.
Rosie and Susan are waiting nervously in the waiting room, as Karl comes in and tells them that the operation was a complete success. They both heave a sigh of relief, and Susan gives Karl some lunch. He tells them that he will sit with Lou till the anaesthetic has worn off that they can come in once they can give the all clear.
Ruby is unplugging Harold's VCR and puts it in her bag, and begins to walk out of the room, until she notices a letter addressed to her on the kitchen bench.
Ruby,Thank you for looking after everything while I'm gone.You truly are the most important thing in my life.
Love Harold.She clutches the note to her chest and begins to pace the kitchen.
Summer is sitting on the curb as Max pulls up, and notices her all alone. She tells him that Boyd and Daniel have been hitting balls over the fence and looking for the balls all afternoon. Max decides to check on the boys, and notices them both hanging over the fence. He asks what's so interesting, and they spin around guiltily, as Max climbs the fence.
Harold wakes up from the anesthetic as does Lou, and they look at each other and smile.
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