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Neighbours Episode 4164 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4164
Australian airdate: 30/01/03
UK airdate: 04/03/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Summary/Images by: ?
Harold wants to give Lou a kidney, Stuart asks Libby if she wants to go horseriding but she doesn't...
The pub is really happening! We see the exterior of the pub, and a bouncy combination of people are walking around...the interior meanwhile has Stuart and Libby talking about the horse riding adventure, and Stuart apologises for being so insensetive. Libby says that sometimes he is too sensetive, and she needs to be around to stop him doing so.
Karl, Susan, Lyn and Joe are in No. 28, eating dinner- and discussing morning sickness- apparently Lyn had none with Steph, was horrible with Jack, worse with Flick and none again with Michelle. Susan had it with the boys, but none with Libby...Karl asks if Lyn has had any cravings as of yet...Susan had some with Billy, where she went into Mal's room and ate all his chalk...Karl tells of a patient who wanted to eat potting mix, but he had to advise against it. Joe then goes onto how he would like to be Mr. Mum, but Lyn explains it isn't a confirmed idea...
Rosie and Ruby, both wearing glasses, sit in Harold's house, handing each other papers of the musical...both seemed influenced by the musical, as Harold watches on, wanting to know their opinions. Rosie explains that it is a bit slow to start off with...but Harold says that there are some catchy dialogue in it, and the youngins, are going to help him...Rosie says that by the fourth draft it should be as fit as a fiddle. Ruby meanwhile is infatuated in it...Harold asks if Rosie would like to stay for dinner, but she has to be off...Harold offers to walk her to her car, as Ruby stays in the room, reading he musical. She peaks out the window, and opens a draw in Harold's house...
Joe and Lyn are arguing as they enter No. 26- they're arguing over the 'Mr. Mum' idea that seems to be filled in his mind. She thinks he'll get bored, and that the job is very repetitive- but he says he's a grown man, and he wants a break off work, and she wants to go back. Lyn says that talking with the Kennedys made her remember how much fun it was having a baby.
Harold walks down Ramsay Street, he's on his way to the surgery- Karl sees him and offers him a lift- as they are both heading to the same place. Harold is going to see his tests, and if he is compatible.
Stuart is packing the car up, and getting ready for the horse riding. Libby comes out, and sees Stuart...she asks why he is going so early, and he explains he has to be there on time. Libby explains Susan offered to take care of Ben...if he could wait five minutes, she could come. He is thoroughly pleased, but she asks if it could be ten...'hey Stu, why don't you just come in for a coffee?' he says he needs to get the car ready.
In the surgery, Karl and Harold sit down, as Karl opens the envelope. Karl explains for Harold not to be disappointed should the tests not be good news- he looks at the paper, and his mouth opens wide in shock...Harold thinks that he might not have the right kidney, but Karl shocks him- him and Lou have the same type of tissue...and the chances of this are basically something...of a miracle. Karl then tells Harold that he is remarkable.
Joe and Lyn are with Lou in the hospital room, talking about the upcoming baby and long pregnancy...apparently the boys at the construction site are having fun poking fun at it- Lou makes a comment that having Lolly was the best thing that ever happened in his life. Harold comes in, and Lou immediately turns a cold shoulder...Lou wants Harold to leave, but Lyn and Joe offer to leave- despite Lou's protest...Harold knows that he is the last person Lou wants to see at the moment, but he explains he has an offer. Lou's a businessman...and Harold has a bargain for him- he doesn't even have to pay a cent. Lou wants Harold to cut to the chase, and Harold says he will, but Lou can't interrupt.
Libby looks at a horse, struggling to conquer her fear, as Stuart watches her. She doesn't want to get on the horse and she doesn't want to ride it. Stuart says he'll go and take his saddle off, as Libby looks at the horse and eventually hops on. Stuart sees and the two are pleased...she then 'I want to go for a ride,' she says, with happiness on her place. 'Quickly, before I change my mind.'
'I refuse to accept it.' says Lou. Harold is shocked....Lou thinks that Harold is far too charitable and this has gone far enough...he isn't going to forgive him this time. Harold thinks that Lou has to realise this a miracle- but Lou explains it's a coincidence. Harold finally gets annoyed, 'This is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!' Lou suddenly has a sudden attack, and his face changes. Doctors and nurses, and Karl come in, and Harold is asked to leave the room.
Stuart and Libby are riding along, as Stuart tells her that a group of the other horseriders are up ahead, does she want to cantor up and catch up to them? Libby tells Stuart he doesn't have to wait around for her...she thanks him, but it isn't necessary. A tree branch falls, and Stuart's horse reacts with a huge run through the forrest...Libby cantors after Stuart, but it doesn't take very long for her to catch up...she thought she was going to lose him...but everything's okay now...
Harold waits outside in the hospital waiting room, and Karl comes out with Harold's folder...Harold apologises, he didn't know what he was doing...it was only a small argument. Karl says that his kidneys are packing up and that something like that will make his kidneys upset. Harold says that Lou refused the kidney- and Karl is disappointed...but he has an idea.
Stuart and Libby arrive at 28, and she calls out her name but she ain't home, leaving Libby disappointed. She wanted to tell her Mum of her triumph. She says she's changed her mind about a lot of things, and she wants to teach Ben how to ride a horse. Drew would have wanted that. Stuart sees a magazine called 'TeenGirl' and she explains it is research for her education degree- if she wants to teach girls, she needs to know what they're reading. He sees a best boyfriend avertisement, which could win him 5000 bucks...Libby offers to pretend to be his girlfriend, after all, whose going to know the truth? All she needs to do is submit 50 words and photo girls could drool over...
Susan and Lyn sit in the coffee shop gossiping about Joe's want to be Mr. Mum. Lyn isn't so sure, but Susan says it's never too late to learn. Lyn explains it wouldn't go down to well...she remembers when Joe had to take care of baby Flick, Jack and Steph when Lyn had to go to a dentist appointment, Lyn came home and found a waterfall running down the stairs. He had left the bath on...the two cackle as Lyn explains they had to get lyno. Rosie comes in and sees Ruby, who is on the phone...talking to a bookie...Rosie spots and greets thr Reverend. Rosie and Ruby come to a confrontation. Ruby says that Rosie doesn't like her, and Ruby doesn't think much of Rosie. She advises her to stick out of her way.
Ruby is in Harold's house, and she rings someone called 'Arthur.' She wants to know a couple of prices- the VCR, the CD Player, the television- she is obviously going to pawn them. Rosie and Susan come in, talking about the health of Lou Carpenter...Ruby quickly changes her conversation with Arthur, and pretends he is a green grocer. Rosie asks what Ruby is doing in Harold's house, and she explains he offered her a spare key, and she is preparing to make a meal for him, but he doesn't have any (insert name of seeds here)...she rushes out. Rosie and Susan look on bedazzled. 'This would have to be the strangest neighbourhood I've ever been in...'
Karl brings baby Ben into Lou's room. 'The miracle of life is amazing...' is basically the gist of his speech. He explains that life is an amazing thing. He explains that he doesn't believe in miracles, but this sure is something like it. Karl thinks Lou should know this, and accept the offer. (Freeze frame.)
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