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Neighbours Episode 4163 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4163
Australian airdate: 29/01/03
UK airdate: 03/03/03
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Joanne Blair: Nell Feeney
Summary/Images by: Kulin
- Dee tells Toadie that Darcy offered her a lift to Colac so she can spend the day with Toadie at his family reunion.- Max tells Daniel's father he knows what's going on and that it would be better if Daniel stayed with him for a little while.- At Darcy's house, Dee puts on a video to watch while Darcy gets some chocolates.
Dee wakes up and realizes she spent the night on Darcy's couch. She calls him, knocks on his door, opens it and finds Darcy wearing only a towel. Embarrassed, she quickly closes the door and apologizes. Darcy emerges, now wearing a robe and tells her it's ok, that it's not like their strangers. Dee tells him he should have woken her up and that Toadie is probably frantic. Right after that, she gets a call from Toadie. She tells him she's fine and she just was just spending the night with an old friend. Toadie asks who it is. With a guilty look on her face, Dee lies and tells him it's no one he would know.
Libby arrives at the Scullys, giving Lyn their torn up paper, thanks to Harvey. Joe tells Harvey he had better not have gone through the sports section and that he's in trouble. Libby tells Joe and Lyn that she's bearing more gifts, and she gives them a pile of Ben's old baby clothes. She tells Joe that she thinks it's great he's decided to be a "stay at home" dad and that he's an inspiration to men everywhere.
As she leaves, Libby tells Lyn she must have trained Joe well and that she's a lucky woman. "Lucky, that's me." replies Lyn, with and uncertain expression.
At the Hoylands, Daniel has just eaten all of Summer's favourite cereal, while discussing cricket with Boyd. Summer walks in and discovers all her cereal is gone. Daniel tells her it was him who ate it and says he's sorry and that he didn't know. Summer tells him he could have asked. Max tells her to calm down and that he'll take her to the Coffee Shop for breakfast, while the boys wash up.
Back at the Scullys, Joe is discussing with Lyn about staying home to look after the baby. Lyn asks Joe if he's sure he wants to take that much time off work. Joe says someone has to look after the baby. Lyn points out that he was working when the other kids were born, and asks if he knows what he's getting himself into. Joe tells her he's not stupid, that he knows it's not going to be easy and that he wants to around for this one. He says it's not easy coming home and being told he missed out on the kids first words and first steps and that he wants to be there for the nitty gritty and the highs and lows.
Lyn asks him if he's thought it through. He says he has, and that it would be good for her too, because she isn't too keen on leaving the salon, and now it's perfect for both of them.
At the Coffee Shop, Max and Summer are having breakfast. Summer tells Max that the foods is heaps better than cereal, but Daniel better buy her a new packet. Max tells Summer he wants her to be more supportive of Daniel because he's had a tough time. He tells her that Daniel's dad hit him and that's how he got the bruise on his face. Summer says she wished he had told her that before, because she feels bad for how she's treated Daniel. Max tells her it's ok and to just be herself.
Steph walks in and introduces her friend Joanne to Max and Summer. Joanne and Steph walk up to the counter and Joanne says to Steph while looking at Max " Don't you hate it how the good ones are always married?" Steph tells her that Max isn't married, that he's a widower. Joanne asks if Max has a girlfriend and Steph tells her he hasn't.
At the surgery, Darcy answers the phone and asks who's calling. When he realises it's Toadie, he apologizes and says he didn't recognize his voice. Then he gives the phone to Dee. She tells Toadie she misses him, and she wants to know what he's been doing on his holiday.
Libby walks into the garage where Stuart is working on a cradle for Ben. He tells Libby he's just working on a few safety adjustments, so Ben doesn't "topple" out. Then he tells her how big his phone bills are from calling Flick. Libby suggests email, but he says he wants to hear her voice. Stuart says he wants to do up old cars so that "the money will start rolling in" so he can pay off Flick's engagement ring. Libby tells him he's practically family, so she doesn't mind if he borrows money from the business. He thanks her, but says it wouldn't feel right.
At the pub, Lyn talks to Steph about how she understands that Joe wants to around for the baby and that she feels exactly the same way. Joanne enters the pub, says hi to Steph and goes to the counter to talk to Max. She asks him what is good for lunch at the pub. He tells her they make a pretty good "chicken parma", but Joanne says she's a vegetarian apart from the occasional fish. She asks Max if he likes fish, and he says yes. Then Joanne says "Fish is great. Don't you think?" Max tells her maybe she should look at the menu.Steph is looking at Max and Joanne with a worried look. Lyn asks her whats wrong and that she thought there was nothing between her and Max. Steph says they're just mates, but Lyn can see that Steph wants more than that.
Back at the garage, Stuart is looking through his mail and sees a fundraiser for "The Erinsborough Dingoes Ladies Auxiliary". Libby asks him if it's another cake stall. He says "No, it's a Horse Riding Day". He says it should be fun and asks if Libby would like to go. She looks upset and he realizes what he's said and apologizes. Libby says "It's ok. it just brought up some stuff."
At the surgery, Dee is worried and feeling bad about not telling Toadie that she spent the night at Darcy's. Darcy tells her it's no big deal. She says she knows it's not a big deal, but now it feels like it is. Darcy tells her they were just a couple of old friends having dinner and she fell asleep on the couch, and its not even worth mentioning. Dee says he's right. Darcy tells her he knows he's right and to stop stressing.
At the Hoylands, Summer tells Daniel she's sorry that she hasn't been very welcoming and she gives him a "boy's necklace" she made. Daniel says "It's really cool, thanks." and gives her a new box of cereal and promises he won't eat it all this time.
Boyd comes in and tells Daniel he has to see something. They go into the backyard and Boyd shows Daniel that they can see into the Scullys' bathroom when they look over the fence. With a happy look in his face, Daniel says "Hoyland, whatever I said about you before, I take it back. You are the man!"
At the pub, Joanne asks Max if he wants to go out to a movie. He says he can't because he has to look after his kids. Joanne asks Steph if she could babysit Max's kids while they're at the movies. Max says no, and that he's made plans for that night.
Steph and Joanne leave the pub and Joe comes in and says that Joanne is a nice girl, and more Max's age group. Max asks Joe if there is anything he wants to get off his chest. Joe looks nervous and says "No".
Back at the Hoylands, Boyd is looking for binoculars, and Summer asks what for. Boyd tries to think of a reason and Daniel tells her it's for bird watching. Summer asks if she can come and Boyd says no. Max walks in and Summer says she wants to go with them. Max says to let the boys have some time out. Summer asks what she can do instead. She asks if they can make a special dinner for Daniel, if they can use the good cutlery and if they can bake him a cake after that. Max smiles as she walk out.
At the surgery, Dee's hands are sore from massaging all the football players. Darcy massages her hands. She thanks him and says it's much better. Darcy then gives her the recipe from the dinner the other night and suggests that Toadie could cook it for to improve his cooking skills. Dee laughs and says stranger things have happened.
At the pub, Libby and Stuart are having dinner. Stuart says he's sorry about the horse riding thing before. Libby says it's ok, that's it's just that since Drew died she can't go near a horse, even though she used to love them. She tells him that she doesn't want it to be like that forever. Stuart tells Libby he's there for her anytime she needs him. He asks her again if she would like to come with him. She says " I don't know."
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