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Neighbours Episode 4162 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4162
Australian airdate: 28/01/03
UK airdate: 28/02/03
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
- "Horizon" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Taj tells Nina about Allie. Connor confronts Jack
Darcy is in a unit of some sort meditating. He picks up from a display shelf a photo of him and Dee together and looks at it, smiling.
Joe and Jack get in from jogging. Joe asks Jack what's going on between him and Connor. Jack denies there's anything, but joe points out that Connor has become one of the family and is to be treated equally. If Jack has a problem with him he should sort it out as he would with one of his sisters. Jack replies pretty coldly that Connor is there in case the real son goes away and he expects that Connor will get the same talk-being due equal treatment.
Nina asks Taj what he thinks they should do that day. He wants to spend the day exploring and suggests some sights which don't impress her-not even the zoo where Roxy the fox is.His mobile rings-it's Allie.
Darcy is tidying rearranging the unit to conceal some dodgy videos and DVDs, spreading Home magazines round and replacing pictures. He receives a phone call from Dee saying that Karl has been delayed at the hospital so Darcy is needed back at the surgery and has to cancel his morning off. Dee answers the phone to Angie and tells her she's definitely coming to the Rebecchi round-up.
Jack sees Nina at the Coffee Shop and sits with her while Taj finishes his call. He leaves when Taj sits down again. At first Taj says Allie just wanted to say hello, but then warns Nina there was more to it and she's probably not going to like it.
Taj has told Nina Allie's coming back and will be staying in Tahnee's room for a couple of weeks. He claims he won't see her much as she'll be going to a different school, but Nina's not impressed.
Joe and Lyn consult Darcy who talks about the ultrasound but tells them not to stress about the risks, just be aware of them but enjoy the pregnancy. Dee picks up an exclusive furniture catalogue which he claims is his. He's looking for a coffee table and she calls him 'a little home decorator' She replies that Toadie's not at all interested and accept his offer to go to the exclusive shop with him that afternoon.
Nina has consulted Michelle and Lori about Taj's Allie and how she should be reacting. Michelle sees her point of view and asks how he'd feel if the positions were reversed, but Lori says they're over-reacting and Taj and Allie can be friends now they're broken up. Jack comes in and beats a hasty retreat when he sees they're seriously discussing something, but then stays around to eavesdrop when Lori goes on to make a little speech about trust being essential between partners or it's not much of a relationship.
Darcy[b] is showing off his new place which impresses [b]Dee-he even has bread baking in his breadmaker. He talks about his love of combining textures and colours, trying different styles. He invites her to have some of the bread then extends it to a dinner invite-she brings the wine and he cooks.
He immediately gets on the phone to make an 'emergency' request to his mother for a recipe.
Lyn's eating and eating at the pub when Joe raises the question of her cutting down her hours of work. She says it won't be for a while yet and she's a bit reluctant as she likes the work and the independence and she's only just got the place running as she'd like.
Dee arrives to buy the wine and they both tease Lyn about her food quantity. Dee tells them she's having dinner with 'an old friend', when Lyn asks if she's rushing to see Toadie.
Darcy's on the phone getting last-minute advice from his mother when Dee arrives. She comments on the beautiful smell and he tells her it's a recipe he picked up in Italy, as he likes to experiment. She mentions that the most Toadie can manage is cheese on toast, which gives Darcy the chance to say that experience comes with age and enjoying life's little pleasures develops comes with maturity.
Nina's leaving the Scullys', saying she should perhaps just wait until Allie arives and see what happens. Michelle says no, she should ask Taj if that bothers her so much. Lori asks Jack how they can make such a straightforward thing into a national crisis. When she starts to mock Nina's feelings, Jack sticks up for Nina, just as Connor comes in and overhears.
Nina raises the issue with Taj, who agrees to ask if Allie can stay somewhere else. He doesn't want anything to come between them.
Lyn has just finished another big meal when Lori announces that she and Jack want to find a place on their own. Joe and Lyn both say there's no hurry. Lyn asks Jack's opinion, which mostly consists of little digs at Michelle. Michelle asks Lyn if she'll give up work and Joe tells them that he can stay home and look after the baby since she's not keen on leaving work. Lyn's just speechless.
Darcy and Dee have finished dinner and she says what she likes after a good meal is a good movie. He pretends to hide his selection, which she declares a 'chick-flick festival'.When the film ends, Darcy is saying how wonderful it is when he sees Dee's asleep, so he covers her up and kisses her gently on the cheek.
<<4161 - 4163>>
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