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Neighbours Episode 4161 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4161
Australian airdate: 27/01/03
UK airdate: 27/02/03
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Karl and Susan discuss her 'trick'.
Karl talks to Harold about the transplant.
Karl asks Harold how long he's been thinking about the transplant. Harold says he's not feeling guilty because of the fight they had yesterday. He's adamant that he's not going to change his mind, because he's remembered what friends he and Lou were.
Susan visits Lou and they talk uncomfortably for a while. He says he misses their old friendship and it's not the same now, so he doesn't want duty visits. She answers that she's sorry for everything she hurt him with in the past months, but now she remembers their earlier friendship and came to see him because she wanted to. He thanks her for the gifts she's brought but says they're not as welcome as having his old friend back.
Nina and Michelle come to ask Harold if they can use his pool as they want to train for the swim team. When he says yes, any time, they ask if their other friends can come too-and they all traipse in. Harold says 'Practice, my eye!', chuckling at the thought.
Sarah has rung Karl. He and Susan argue as to whether he should just be honest and he says he can't do it. Back on the line, he apologises for the 'trouble with a galah' and warns her that something went wrong with the reference. He asks her to tear it up without reading it. Susan bets Sarah won't do that as he's just made it irresistible.
Nina, Michelle and Lori decide that the best part of summer is boys being topless. They discuss which are their favourite bits, start making a composite 'a perfect body'. Michelle suggests a scoring system for their boyfriends' various body parts. Harold overhears and suggests they think instead of 'a good kind heart and a quick mind'. As he walks away, Lori scores 'I give Harold's bum a five'.
Lori talks to Connor about his bravery in staying with the Scullys since he came to Australia. He thinks Joe's Ok, but it turns out it's Lyn she's worried about. Connor suggests that as the two non-Scullys they should stick together. Lori admits she's a bit homesick, but says how lucky she is that Jack's worth it, as he's her best friend as well as her boyfriend. In the background, Nina and Jack fool around together.
Connor mentions to Jack how nice Lori is and how great it will be when they move in together. Jack replies coldly that perhaps he shouldn't talk about it and cause trouble.
Susan suggests they send Sarah a bunch of flowers to apologise, but Karl doesn't want to spend too much money.
Harold calls in and tells Susan of his offer to donate a kidney to Lou. Harold actually wants to talk about the play he's writing-he has given it to Nina and Jack to check out, but wants a sophisticated response to his idea. It's about Erinsborough in the early 1900s-two families, the Ramsays and the Robinsons are fighting for dominance in the market garden business.
In the Coffee Shop, Jack, Nina and Lori think Harold's idea is completely boring. Nina wants to bail out. Taj plays a practical joke on Connor, who's busy watching jack, Nina and Lori. He takes Michelle aside and asks her if she thinks everything's Ok with Lori and Jack.
Karl and Susan are looking for comments they can make without hurting Harold's feelings as he's so excited aabout a musical climax where they celebrate the coming of the railway. He leaves his notes with them and as soon as he's gone, they discuss the idea briefly - 'Theatre is an acquired taste', until Susan asks about the chances of Harold being compatible-Karl says he's Lou's best chance of living a normal life.
Harold asks the teenagers what they thought and they ask him to add action, colour, romance and comedy. They're very cagey when he tries to take their notes, with Jack clearly improvising an excuse that Michelle's going to type them up. Lori wants Jack to play pool with her and is obviously very disappointed when he's a bit cool and won't go. Connor offers to go with her instead. Nina and Jack just continue to have fun, Michelle looks thoughtful.
Lou talks to Lolly on the phone and tells her he's in hospital because it's where the doctor lives and he'll be home any day now. He looks really worried after he puts the phone down.
Lori and Connor are playing pool and talking about her relationship with Jack. She's still happily talking about moving in together.
Susan's working on Harold's idea, which she now thinks is quite good, just needs not to get bogged down in detail. Harold just needs to let go. Karl comments that she's a great teacher and they discuss whether she should contact the Education Department and ask to go back. He's confident she can do it, but she's doubtful, wonders if she's lost the things that made her a good teacher before.
Harold's working on his script, adding action and fighting talk as requested and ends up excitedly doing it throughout the night. It now seems to involve a lot of 'shoot-shoot, bang-bang!' Karl arrives in the morning to say he's made the appointments for tests at the hospital and wishes him luck.
Jack's reading the paper, so Connor asks if he's checking out the accommodation. Jack's reaction is very hostile and when Connor tries to talk about whether there's a problem and to persuade him to be honest with Lori because she's all alone in Australia, Jack tells him several times to mind his own business.
<<4160 - 4162>>
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