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Neighbours Episode 4160 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4160
Australian airdate: 24/01/03
UK airdate: 26/02/03
Writer: Glenda Hambly
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista
- Jack and Nina's audition, where they nearly kiss.
- Lou yelling at Harold saying that it was wrong for him to involve his family in his problems, and to get out and let him be.
Rosie sees Harold upset at the hospital and asks what's the matter. He tells Rosie that he made the right decision telling Lou's family about his kidney failure, and now his upset with him. Rosie assures Harold that things will work out, and offers to talk to Lou.
Lou tells Rosie that Harold shouldn't have stuck his nose in by telling his family, to make them feel as if they have to give him a kidney. Rosie pointed out that you only need one, but an angry Lou retorts you are given two kidneys for a reason. He brushes that aside quickly and says that his family will fell pressured and that Harold has ruined everything.
After the auditions the 'gang' have an after party at the Coffee Shop. Connor compliments Jack on his audition saying he...wasn't bad. Lori claims that it must have been his stage experience; but Jack points at her and shakes his head. Michelle and Connor jokingly poke fun at Community Musical Theatre not being fun and 'hip' while Nina defends it saying it's just old fashioned and to give it a chance. Jack pipes up saying that there just jealous and Nina agrees. Taj and Nina head up to the bar to order when Taj suggests to head out to dinner, just the two of them to celebrate Nina's lead role. Lori wants Michelle and Connor to help with the play for the community, even just sewing like she is. Michelle says that Lori's only helping to stay on her mother's good side and she just laughs and says 'Well maybe a little'
Karl calls Susan over to check out Sarah's reference. She leans over Karl and asks is that because she's brilliant at English or for her stamp of approval. He smiles and says 'for your brilliant mind of course' so Susan picks over all his grammatical errors. 'No wonder I married you twice' kisses her and goes to have a shower. Susan stares at the computer, and checks Karl has gone before she sits at the computer, cracks her knuckles and begins to type.
Michelle and Connor are sitting on the couch watching TV as with Jack and Lori. Connor whispers something to Michelle and she smiles. He yawns and says he off to bed and Michelle offers to bring the extra pillow he wants. They both leave.
Lori is glad she has sometime alone with Jack, because she has been missing spending time with him. She apologizes for pushing Jack into the play, but he brushes it off quickly and says it's ok. Lori tries to persuade Jack to leave the play, so they can spend more time together, and goes house hunting. In the end Jack agrees.
At Lassiter's, Nina and Taj celebrate with a fancy dinner. Nina is surprised and asks Taj if he's filthy rich. He just laughs as wishes he was. Meanwhile the waiter turns up with a huge platter of food and sits it in front of Nina. She just smiles and not to keep surprising her, for it is embarrassing. He implies that it has to be a surprise to be special. He then starts talking about her audition and how beautiful she was. Nina blushes and tells Taj that she hopes she doesn't embarrass him. He holds her hand and says that isn't possible.
Karl walks in with Audrey sweating and puffing. Susan greets Karl by asking how there walk was, and then innocently asks if Karl has checked his inbox. He told her he hadn't and will check it tonight. Susan laughs and tells Karl that she knows he's seen it, because the computer is on. He is puzzled and asks what Susan is talking about, while mentioning the computer was on because he printed out Sarah's reference. 'And what did you think?' she asked. 'Well I mailed it when I took Audrey for a walk.' Susan looked horrified. She then tells Karl of the changes she made to the reference. He is shocked and tells her that Sarah will read it in a matter of days.
Harold, Rosie and Ruby are in the coffee shop talking about Lou. Ruby agrees that Harold did the right thing, and that it is important for Lou's family to know any illness he's going through. Rosie disagreed saying that he didn't mention anything for a good reason. She then went on saying that Lou is very stubborn and if you start making decisions for him, you're taking away his dignity. Harold then stops her saying he is regretting saying anything at all.
Susan is sitting on the couch as Karl read out loud some of the changes she made to Sarah's reference. 'I believe she has conquered her tendency borrowing from the petty cash tin after a stern warning by the police.' Susan pointed out that it was only a joke. 'She was a reliable employee until she succumbed to the demon of alcohol and fell of the wagon.' Karl was worried about Sarah's reaction to this, but Susan pointed out that he sent it without checking it. He quickly replied that if she hadn't of re-written her reference there wouldn't be a problem. Karl told Susan they needed to get the letter back at any cost. Susan sat there trying not to laugh.
Jack tells Nina that he is quitting the play and Nina quickly protests saying it would be harder to act with a stranger, than with a friend and begged for him to reconsider. He promises that he'll keep his role in the play. Lori looks at him, and Jack gives her a weak smile. Lori then took his hand and said if that's what he really wanted to do, she'd support him. Michelle then spots the real-estate notes and asked if they were looking for a house. Lori smiles and said that they wanted to give the family some space, especially with the new baby on the way. Jack assures here that there just looking.
Karl's on the phone having a frustrating conversation while Susan hovers around in the background. He then hangs up the phone saying they were no help, and that the only way to get the letter back would be for Susan to go to the post box at 7pm, when they empty it. Susan disagrees and asks why Karl can't go, he points to the waiting room and said 'that's why' Susan gives a pleading look which makes Karl give in and say that they would both go. Susan then leaves, just as Harold approaches Karl wanting a word. Karl apologizes saying he is busy, but will give Harold and appointment for later that afternoon.
Michelle and Connor are trying to make plans for Connor's day off. Michelle suggests house hunting with Jack and Lori, and pretend they're the ones moving out. Connor disagrees, saying it's a pipe dream because of how expensive it is, and that Jack didn't seem very keen. He then suggests something to do; watch the play practice. Michelle is hesitant at first then agrees, wanting to see her brother try and act.
A meeting is being held with the cast and crew, trying to sort out what play they're going to use, as Connor and Michelle rush in and sit down. Nina suggests something like 'Grease' or 'adapting Shakespeare,' but Rosie points out if it isn't on the list it's too expensive. Ruby stands up and suggests Harold writes something himself, and so as Harold explains why he couldn't write a play, Michelle whispers to Connor 'bet he mentions Gilbert and Sullivan' and at that moment you could here Harold mentioning Gilbert and Sullivan. Rosie then concludes the meeting saying that they will give it more thought. Once the meeting finished Ruby walks up to Rosie and Harold and offers her assistance. Rosie thanks her and politely asks her if she's good with the broom. Ruby frowns as Rosie asks her to sweep up while she and Harold talk about the play. She agrees and as soon as they leave the room, Ruby notices Rosie's handbag on the table. She approaches the handbag and checks that no one is looking.
Karl and Susan get out of the car and rush to the mailbox. 'So all mailboxes are emptied at 7pm right? Susan replied point to the sign on the mailbox. Karl read the sign in disbelief. Mailboxes emptied at 6pm.He groaned and said it must be new. Susan nodded walking back to the car, as Karl stood there and shook his head.
Rosie, Harold and Ruby sit in the Coffee shop discussing the play, as Rosie opens her handbag, offering to pay for her meal. Harold shakes his head and says it isn't necessary until Rosie notices that $100 is missing from her wallet. She insists that she had it and it must have been stolen at the church. Harold reminds her she needn't pay for her meal, and Rosie replies that she would never take advantage of people, especially her friends. She then leaves the coffee shop after saying a quick goodbye to Ruby, and offers to call Harold tonight. He asks Ruby out to dinner, but Ruby says she's feeling ill but perhaps another time.
Karl and Susan walk back into the surgery, just as Susan gets off the mobile. She points out she can get the letter back, and rattles off a long process that ends in paying $21.75. Karl says he's not paying $21.75, and scoffs at how ridiculous it sounds. He insists he'll ring Sarah, tell her what happened and blame Susan. She gasps and then tells Karl that all this 'penny pinching' would come back one day and bite him on the bum, and shuts the door behind her. 'I'll bite you on the bum' he mutters and Susan pokes her head through the door and goes, 'I heard that!'
Jack and Nina are having a conversation on the couch, comparing soccer to singing. Jack cannot see the difference and tickles Nina, as they both squirm on the couch laughing, while Connor stares at them. Michelle and Lori enter and Jack stops tickling Nina. Michelle and Lori decide that the only good thing about soccer is the men, as they sit back and watch the game.
Harold asks Karl if he can have more information about kidney transplants, while Karl says it's not a good idea for Lou is annoyed for his interfering. Harold thinks for a second before saying he wants to become an organ donor, not to patch things up with Lou, but to stop him suffering because he hates seeing him in pain. Karl looks bewildered and says he will need to take quite a few tests and Harold just nods.
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