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Neighbours Episode 4159 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4159
Australian airdate: 23/01/03
UK airdate: 25/02/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Gladys O'Grady: Adair Stagg
Summary/Images by: Kulin/?
Darcy asks if Toadie's asked Dee about the reunion yet.
Lori tells Jack she feels closer now they've had their talk, but he's watching Nina.
Darcy tells Dee he cares about her more than she knows.
Toadie is on the phone to Sarah and asks if they can discuss it further, as Bob will have to be in Quarantine for six months and she could bond with another dog in that time. She hangs up on him. He and Dee talk about how much they care for Bob and how they'd miss him, But the deal was that Toadie would look after him until she called for him. Toadie wants Bob to go to Colac with them. Dee says she has an opportunity for the football massage job and she won't be going. He's disappointed but eventually says that at least he doesn't have to send her to London.
Toadie hesitantly asks Darcy if he can get a replacement for Dee's massage job. Darcy feigns reluctance but 'finally agrees'. Toadie asks him not to tell her. Dee arrives just afterwards and asks what it was about-Darcy reminds her about doctor/patient confidentiality.
Lori asks Joe and Lyn about Jack as a baby. Joe wants to fuss after Lyn who's rushing around and talking about measuring for costumes. Lori offers to help her. She suggests Jack should audition, but he says definitely not.
Dee pushes Darcy to tell her what Toadie wanted and he pretends to be impressed at Toadie's devotion in not wanting her to go to the family reunion so he can betray Toadie's confidence. She leaves saying that the Rebecchis will have to stumble through this one without her.
Lyn and Lori push Jack to audition but he's adamant he won't. Nina comes and asks for a lift and he agrees at least to go with them.
Harold's fussing around after Lou who doesn't like it. He tells Harold what his options are-dialysis or transplant. He refuses to tell his children, though Harold says he should. He says it's his problem and he will deal with it.
Dee asks Toadie why he saw Darcy and he realises it's a test, so tells her he asked him to get a replacement for her. She's furious because it's her job and she was being given no say in it. He replies that he loves her, is proud of her and he wants to show her off. She accepts that but asks him not to interfere in her work.
Dee arrives late to see a massage patient, Gladys O'Grady, who has been entertained by Darcy in the meantime. Gladys is cross and cold with Dee but very complimentary about Darcy.
Taj, Nina, Lyn, Jack, Lori and Joe are at the auditions. Harold comes and gives Rosie's apologies and announces that they can't afford the rights to perform Oklahoma so he and Rosie are looking for a rights-free play instead. Joe speaks up, saying they need to hurry or they'll need a whole team of carpenters to do the sets, but he insists he won't be interested in doing it. The audition will consist of a scene from Romeo and Juliet, to help select the male and female leads.
Dee has finished the massage and transformed Gladys's mood. She suggests that Darcy and Dee should be a couple as they look so handsome together. Darcy suggests that if Dee wants to go to Toadie's reunion for a night he'll be going near there to visit some people so can give her a lift.
Harold's trying to get some males to audition as well as the females, but nobody has come forward. It's Nina's turn and when Harold says they'll continue by doing two auditions at once, Lori and Lyn and then Joe literally push the reluctant Jack to join her.
Nina and Jack read a scene where he's persuading her to give him a kiss. After some teething problems and fooling around, they read gently and Harold's very impressed. They gaze at each other and look as though they'll actually kiss but Nina breaks away at the last minute. Harold announces that they've found their leads. Nina looks a bit shaken as Taj congratulates her.
Dee's preparing Toadie some stuff to take away, including a tape she found. She reassures him it can't belong to Lance as there's not an Abba track in sight. She breaks the news that she can get a lift with Darcy and he's really happy about it.
Harold's telling Lou about the play when Darcy comes in and tells Lou that Lauren's doctor has called to discuss his transplant, so he's glad Lou's changed his mind. Lou works out that Harold told her and goes absolutely berserk at him, saying that with the loss of Lolly and Rosie, keeping this out of the relationship with his other children was the only thing he still had control over. At his insistence, Harold leaves, saying he did it because he values their friendship.
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