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Neighbours Episode 4158 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4158
Australian airdate: 22/01/03
UK airdate: 24/02/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Nurse Huggins: Jodi Flockhart
Summary/Images by: Actual/Sayaka
Karl tells Lou he has to be on dialysis for the rest of his life or get a kidney transplant.
Daniel tells Boyd his father was the one who hit him.
Max and Steph are out on their date, when Max gets a ring from Summer on his mobile. She tells him Boyd and Daniel won't let her watch TV and that they are messing up the house. Max tells her to calm down and to get Boyd on the phone. He tells Boyd to keep Summer happy and to not let anyone in the house. Especially not Daniel's father. Max then apologizes to Steph for the interruption.
Harold enters the pub and asks Toadie if he can help him choose some wine to give to Lou for a present. Toadie tells him he's more into to beer, and to ask Darcy. Darcy tells Harold that isn't a good idea with Lou's illness and that he should give him a book instead. Toadie tells Harold he has an uncoventional method and whispers something in his ear. Harold doesn't like it, but he says he'll give it some thought, then he leaves the pub.
Toadie is looking at an envelope, and Darcy asks if it's fan-mail. Toadie laughs and says it's an invitation to the annual "Rebecchi Roundup" and that he hopes Dee will come too. Darcy tells him it can be risky taking your girlfriend to visit relatives. Then he asks Toadie if there's any fruitcakes in the mix. Toadie replies "Every family has a couple don't they?"
Max and Steph are still on their date, and Steph tells Max that she forgot to tell him his suit looks great. Max tells her it is his "one and only". Steph asks "When was the last time you pulled it out of the mothballs?" He tells her "at a funeral". Steph looks guilty and apologizes. Max says it's allright, and that his wife liked his suit as well.
In the pub, Toadie tells Dee he has good family news. Dee tells him she always likes to hear about his "mad lot". Toadie tries to tell her about his family reunion, but Darcy keeps interrupting him. (I'm guessing part of his plan to win Dee back)
Max and Steph arrive at no. 32. Steph tells Max she wants to pay for her share of the food on their date. Max tells her that he asked her out, so he'll pay for her share.
Boyd, Summer and Daniel are making a lot of noise, and Steph says she had better go. Max asks her to wait while he sorts out the kids. But, when he leaves the room, Steph leaves some money on the table for the date and goes home.
Toadie is on the phone to Sarah, who wants Bob back. He's not very happy about it and talks to Dee, telling her that if they went to family court they would get custody (of Bob).
Dee sees the invitation for Toadies family reunion on the table and asks him about it. Toadie asks Dee if she would like to come with him to the family reunion and that it would be fun. Dee tells him that she'll ask the hospital if she can get time off.
Max is sad that his date with Stephanie didn't work out as well as he'd hoped. Summer asks if he likes her, and he says he doesn't think Steph is the type of girl you date, and that she is too young for him. Summer tells Max that her Mum would have liked Steph. Max smiles and thanks Summer, and tells her to got to bed. Summer says "Don't worry about Steph, I can tell she likes you" as she walks out.
Harold meets Rosie to go and visit Lou in hospital. He has some magazines to give Lou. He shows them to Rosie and she sees and adult magazine that Harold was trying to hide. Harold is embarrassed, and says "it was Jarrod's idea". Rosie laughs and says that Harold is a true friend.
Harold and Rosie arrive at the hospital to see Lou. Rosie gives Lou some chocolates, and Harold gives Lou the magazines. Lou doesn't look very happy until he gets to the adult magazine, and his eyes light up. Harold is again embarrassed, telling Lou that getting that magazine goes against everything he believes in.
Darcy and Dee talk in the surgery about Toadies family reunion. Darcy tells her that she's brave to go to it. Dee says that it can't be that bad. Darcy keeps telling her how bad it will be to stop her going. Dee, is of course, unaware of this.
Harold, Rosie and Lou are playing Monopoly. Lou sees a nurse at the door and says its time to stop playing. When Rosie and Harold start to leave, the nurse comes in and says its time for Lou's backrub. Lou says with a smile on his face that he "didn't even realize."
In the surgery, Dee tells Darcy she is definitely going to Toadies family reunion. Darcy continues saying things to try and put her off going. When Dee leaves, Darcy makes a phone call to someone about a job opportunity for Dee, just so he can stop her going with Toadie to his family reunion.
At the pub, Rosie asks Max about his date with Steph. He says he thinks she likes him but he has too much baggage ( his wife Claire and his kids) and he tells Rosie that he thinks he can only be friends with Steph. Meanwhile, Boyd and Daniel agree to help Summer with her paper round, because Summer said she's doing it to get Max a present.
Back at the pub, Steph walks in and asks Max if they can forget about their date. He agrees and says he never wants to go through that again. He then tells her that Australia vs. New Zealand is on telly, and asks her if she wants to come over and watch it. She says yes.
At the surgery Dee comes in excited and tells Darcy she was just on the phone to a trainer who offered her a trial for two weeks to massage "the Dingoes" and if she does well it will be a full-time job. She says Toadie will understand that she can't come to the family reunion and that it's an offer too good to pass up. As she walks out, Darcy looks happy that he succeeded in preventing her from going to Toadie's family reunion.
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Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4158
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4158
Max Hoyland

<<4157 - 4159>>
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