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Neighbours Episode 4157 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4157
Australian airdate: 21/01/03
UK airdate: 21/02/03
Writer: John Davies
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Edward Clohesy: Terry Brittingham
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Sayaka
Lyn asks Joe why he isn't happy.
Max and Steph arrange to go to dinner.
Libby and Stuart tease Steph, who keeps insisting it's two friends having dinner and goes off quickly. 'Shut up, Elizabeth.
When she gets in, Joe is telling Lyn that he's just dealing with the practicalities-converting the sewing-room into a nursery etc and realises how tense the atmosphere is. Lyn's not taken in by Joe's explanation and suggests that what he should be saying is that he's very happy about having a baby. He's rescued from the spot she's put him in by a phone-call from Flick and takes advantage of Lyn talking to her to escape by taking Harvey for a walk. Lyn has told Flick that Michelle has said she's happy but her voice shakes as she adds that 'we're all having a bit of trouble getting used to the change', because she's heard Joe leave.
Summer is excitedly badgering Max about his date-suggesting that he'll need to go somewhere glamorous. Boyd's really quiet but says he's OK when Max asks him, adding soon after that he thought Max and Steph were just friends. Max says yes, they are, it's just one dinner and Boyd mustn't think this means he'll ever forget their mother, as she's a part of him.
Susan's very excited as Lyn has just told her about the baby. She senses that Lyn's not feeling it's completely wonderful and asks her to come in and sit down.
LYN: I won't be interrupting post-wedding bliss?
SUSAN: Oh heavens, no, we've had that already.
As they sit, she asks directly 'What's wrong?' and Lyn admits that Joe's not keen. She explains that they had decided they had a houseful already and Joe was now mainly hiding out at the garage. Susan reassures her that the others are going to move on soon and it's shock-Joe's a softie under his tough exterior and will come round.
Meanwhile, in The Coffee Shop, Joe tells Karl that it's the last thing he wants at the moment-he did, but then they decided not to and he'd put it out of his mind and now he can't get his head around it. Karl's at a loss as Joe's a bit agitated.
KARL: Right.......
JOE: I was hoping you might have a little bit more to add than that, Karl.
KARL: Eh?.......Of course, sorry.....Er.......Right.....well it's not as though it's completely out of left field, is it? It's not as though you weren't planning a baby....well
JOE (incredulously): People actually pay you for advice, do they?
Karl goes on to explain that since it was fairly recently that he wanted a baby the desire was there and might still be there if he gets his head round it. he has to make a conscious decision to support Lyn, who's going to need it.
Libby arrives with Ben whom Joe offers to hold. 'Let's hope you've got more brains than grandad, eh?
Boyd and Daniel are skateboarding when Boyd suggests they go to West Waratah 'for revenge' for the bruise on his face. Daniel replies that it wasn't them, it was his dad who hit him.
Joe comes in and finds Lyn sitting quietly. He tells her immediately that he was scared, he's sorry and happy, so they embrace. He had to talk himself back into it. 'Another little Scully. Watch out world!'
Daniel and Boyd are playing a video game, which they won't share with Summer, so she complains to Max, who makes them give her a turn. Daniel says he has to go rather than stay for lunch and then as he leaves, asks Boyd not to say anything about what he said about his father.
Libby's teasing Steph about what she'll wear for dinner when Lyn tells her and Stuart about the baby. They congratulate her and go back to talking about the dinner date. Joe's obviously not impressed when he finds it's with Max from across the road and Lyn just looks thoughtful and apprehensive.
Summer's preparing Max for the date by giving him a face-pack and choosing his tie. Max thinks Boyd's quiet because of the fuss, but Boyd blurts out that Daniel's dad hits him.
Max has told Karl and Susan about Daniel and Karl asks if he's considered reporting it. As a doctor and a teacher, they are legally obliged to report things like that. They discuss whether it is true and Susan suggests that if Boyd believes it's genuine, it has to be taken seriously.
Joe's protesting that Max is his age, though Lyn points out he's younger. She's concerned because Steph might not know what she's letting herself in for-with his children, his 'luggage'
JOE: Baggage, darling.
She suggests it's only dinner but he asks if she's seen what Steph's wearing and she comes out dressed very glamorously in a semi-formal dress. He thinks it's more than a casual dinner. Lyn says when Steph asks her that nothing's bothering her-it's just he has a couple of kids. Steph tells her not to worry-they're just having dinner and she thinks it's time she got back out there.
Summer's still nagging Max about his clothes.
'It's just a casual dinner with Steph across the road, not an audience with the Pope.' Boyd answers the door to Daniel and asks Max if he can stay-not just stay over, but for a while. Max realises why and says yes, but insists they must go and tell his dad and pick up some things.
Max and Daniel call at Daniel's house and Max tells the father Daniel's going to stay. The father starts to say no, but each time Max quietly insists and eventually points out that thinks the father's aware why and knows what Daniel has been saying.
Libby and Stuart arrive at the restaurant where Steph's waiting for Max and tease her about her 'casual date' and by pretending that Max asked them there for a foursome. Really, they're there for pre-dinner drinks before the ball. She retaliates by asking him what he's doing on a date, to which he replies 'It's just Lib'.
Daniel's father has accepted that he's going for a 'holiday'. When Max says this will give him time to sort himself out, he admits things have been tough as he has no job and Daniel's mother shot through. Max tells him firmly he'll ring him in a few days.
Joe and Lyn are at the Kennedys' playing with Ben. Susan and Lyn talk at one side of the room while Karl and Joe discuss Max. Karl doesn't see the problem as he knows him, he's a nice guy and he's a mate. Just as Joe says Steph says it's not a date but he doesn't believe her, Lyn's voice is heard saying 'apparently it's not a date-date' and Joe says with a horrified expression 'Lynnie-will you stop gossiping!'
KARL: Yeah, come over here and listen to Joe's!
Joe answers that his 'gossip' is concern and the four continue to discuss Max, agreeing that he's nice but Lyn mentions that she'd hope Steph might get into something less complicated. Susan says there's nothing complicated about having dinner together.
But at the restaurant, Stuart and Libby have to leave the still-waiting Steph on her own. Max arrives just after that to a cool reception from her, but doesn't explain where he's been. He asking her to stay, insisting the dinner with her is now his main priority, and she smiles....
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Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4157
Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4157
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4157
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4157
Steph Scully

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