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Neighbours Episode 4156 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4156 (2003 Season Return)
Australian airdate: 20/01/03
UK airdate: 20/02/03
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Susan's vows memory return.
Lyn says she's pregnant.
Susan's being carried over the threshold by Karl and warning him not to drop her. 'First time around, you didn't carry so much....muscle'. They're very giggly and happy and he reminds her she called him the "love machine' - who is now at her disposal. Just then the phone rings and hearing the caller obviously shakes him up. 'What do you want!' and drops the phone in his rush to put it back before Susan hears who it is. When it rings again, he leaves it off the hook saying there's only one person he wants to talk to.
Lyn and Joe discuss her announcement. She points out that it shouldn't be a bombshell because they were trying hard for a baby and she didn't tell him straight away because she was rightly worried about how he'd feel.
He says he's excited but obviously isn't pleased, making all sorts of excuses for his reaction. When she asks, he says yes, he will be happy when it's confirmed but he just wants to wait until the doctor gives the all-clear. It obviously doesn't convince her.
Libby tells Steph to give it a chance as she's said herself they have a lot in common. Steph lets on that he asked her for a date, when they were discussing how to stop all the speculation about them. She thinks it was just a joke, but Libby wonders whether he hoped she'd see his true feelings and suggests she ask him if he meant it, as he might think it's all arranged.
Michelle and Connor talk about the baby and all the change it will bring, which Michelle now thinks is cool. She asks if he'd stand by her if she were pregnant or go away, but he replies that he wouldn't have a choice as Joe would have kneecapped him.
Joe says the first thing they have to do is ring an obstetrician but Lyn wants to see Karl first and have a blood test. He mentions they have to decide whether she'll have it, but she cuts this dead and says there's no question about that. After she says he worries her, he goes on to talk about practical problems like lack of space and money. He's stunned when she says the latest fashion is for babies to share a room with their parents.
Libby and Stuart are still at Lassiter's, Libby wondering where her parents are. He thinks they've 'nicked off' and lost track of time, but she wants them to act with decorum as they're middle-aged. He points out they're newlyweds and suggests she bring Ben to stay the night at No 30, so that Karl and Susan have the house to themselves.
Steph helps Max to load the wedding presents into his car and tentatively asks him if he was just joking about the date. He catches her tone and says yes he was and is she all right with that, so she agrees.
Karl and Susan emerge from the bedroom and speculate as to whether they've been missed at the reception. She wants to go back and party and eat. The phone rings and she answers coldly 'hello, Sarah'.
Susan says coldly that Karl isn't available but isn't given a message for him. He tells her he hasn't heard from Sarah in years, but Susan realises he lied about the earlier call. He offers to do anything she wants, but she replies that she doesn't know what she wants, except to know why Sarah's ringing there.
A little later, they're having a very stiff conversation and eventually Susan suggests he ring Sarah to find out what she wants and settle it.
Joe and Connor are playing darts in the redecorated garage. Joe thanks him for looking after it for him and apologises for his earlier assumption about Michelle. Connor assures him he can trust him and Michelle.
Lyn's nervously preparing food when Michelle comes to congratulate her and say how much fun the baby will be. Lyn warns her it will mean hard work, and starts to get upset despite Michelle's reassurance that there will be a lot of people there to share it. Lyn admits Joe's not keen-but Michelle thinks he'll realise how macho it makes him look and agrees not to tell him Lyn cried.
Karl's talking to Sarah on the phone and tells Susan it was because she wants a reference as she has split up with Peter and needs to get a job.
Michelle has told Steph about Lyn's crying and despite thinking it's probably hormonal, they agree they'll need to give her extra support. Michelle points out that the baby will affect the family a lot and she'll be doing her VCE by then but they need to keep telling Lyn how pleased they are and doing more work around the house. When Steph wonders whether it's what they both want, Connor mentions that Joe may not be so happy. Michelle thinks he'll come around so they agree to act as though the baby's the best thing since sliced bread.
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