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Neighbours Episode 4173 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4173
Australian airdate: 12/02/03
UK airdate: 17/03/03
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Allie Corbett: Jessica Monaghan
Summary/Images by: ?/Karen (Katie)
- Joanne tells Steph that her nephew Dennis wants to go out with her. Steph agrees to it.
- Taj tells Nina that he can't see her on the weekend, because he has to look after his ex-girlfriend Ally when she arrives.
Michelle, Taj, Jack and Lori are eating in the Coffee Shop, Harold tells Jack they can't rehearse the play at the hall, because there was a double booking. Jack asks if the rehearsal is cancelled. Harold tells him they can do it at the Coffee Shop after he closed it up. He asks Jack to tell Nina when he sees her. Harold also informs them that they will have to revise the changed script and the kissing scence will have to go. Lori and Michelle aren't very happy about that. Lori tells Harold the the kissing scene is what the whole the play is about, that it's the climax. Harold tells her he hasn't got time to discuss it, and that he has pick up Lou from hospital. After Harold leaves, Lori and Michelle start discussing the "Best Boyfriend" competion. Michelle says that Connor will definitely win. She says the $5,000 prize is practically hers. Then a girl walks up behind Taj and hugs him. Taj introduces her as his good friend Ally. He asks her what she's doing there a day early. she explains that it was a cheaper flight.
Harold arrives home with Lou, where Nina is writing a song on the piano. Lou says he should be on his way. Harold tells him it's first day from hospital and that he would like the company. Lou then decides to stay. Harold tells him that someone that someone has to look after him, anyway. Harold asks Nina if she's writing another "radio favourite". She's tells him "Nothing that exciting just a bit of practice." Harold tells Lou that she is starring in his play with Jack. Harold tells Nina about doing the play rehearsal in the Coffee Shop and asks her if she minds that he's taking out the kissing scenes. She tells him it's fine. Harold is pleased and tells her that Jack was happy with the changes too.
Taj is talking to Ally in the Coffee Shop. Nina walks in, kisses him and tells him he's great. Taj introduces Ally to her. Ally doesn't look very happy and tells him that there was obviously something he didn't tell her. Upset, she leaves the Coffee Shop. Taj asks Nina to give him 10 minutes while he talks to Ally.
Outside the Coffee Shop, Taj runs after Ally and tells her he's sorry he didn't mention Nina before. She tells him she thought that they were best friends and that they didn't keep secrets from each other. He tells that they are best friends. Ally tells him that she needs to be alone and walks off.
At the pub, Libby and Steph are having drinks. Steph gets a call from Joanne's nephew Dennis, asking if she will have lunch the next day. She is asked by Dennis if she knows where "Lou's Place" is. Steph looks around the pub and tells him that she thinks she'll be able to find her way there. Max comes over, to top-up their drinks. Libby asks him if he wants to join them. He tells her he can't because he's on duty. Libby asks Steph, "So, you're going on a date with Dennis?" Steph says yes, but doesn't look very happy about it.
In the Coffee Shop, Nina is worried about Taj being off with Ally. She says that Ally could be his soulmate. Michelle and Lori encourage her that Taj loves her and not Ally. Nina says that she doesn't want to just sit there like she doesn't care. Lori asks Jack what he thinks Nina should do. He replies that "Nina should do whatever she thinks is right."
Outside, Taj is telling Ally that he's really sorry that he didn't tell her about Nina before. She asks him why he didn't tell her. Taj says he was just waiting for the right moment. Ally tells him that they probably won't be able to be friends now, because Nina will replace her. Taj promises her that they will always be friends. Ally cheers up and asks him if they will be best friends. Taj replies that he doesn't have much choice. After that, Ally and Taj hug.
Taj and Ally arrive back at the Coffee Shop. Ally tells Nina that she's sorry, that it was just a misunderstanding and that she has nothing to worry about. Not long after that, Harold walks in and informs everyone that the play rehearsal will be on in 5 minutes and to clear a space for it.
At the Kennedys, Steph watches as Libby opens a birthday present from Stuart. It's a horse shoe with a birthday message written on it. Libby asks Steph if she would like to see the best birthday present ever. She shows Steph the ring from Drew. She explains that Drew had put it on lay-by and Stuart paid it off for him. Steph says that it must be hard to get a present from Drew after he's gone. Libby says it's not too bad, although it's harder than she expected. Libby asks Steph if she believes in "the one true love". Steph replies that she used to, but now she thinks it's just a myth. She tells Libby that atleast she had one successful relationship with Drew. She says she thinks she will just end up in an old granny's home by herself. Libby laughs and says she'll be right there with her. Laughing, Steph and Libby hug.
At the Coffee Shop, Michelle, Taj and Lori are throwing ideas around about the play. Harold says they are all good ideas, but he wants the script to stay as it is. Lori asks him if she can be the script editor. Harold says that he thinks there's been enough changes of the script and he wants it to stand on its own two feet. He then tells everyone that's enough for today and they can all go home, except for the leads. Ally tells Nina that she thinks she's really nice and that they should be good mates. After everyone else leaves, Harold starts the rehersal with Jack and Nina.
Michelle and Lori are walking back to the Scullys. Lori tells Michelle how much better it is between her and Jack now that she's backed off a bit. Michelle asks her what was wrong before. Lori tells her that in New Zealand everything was great, then when they came to Australia Jack just wanted his own space, but now things are great again because she's let him do his own thing. Michelle asks her why things were different when they came to Australia. Lori says that it's probably because this is his home and that he just wanted some space.Steph waves to Max from her house and he walks up to her. He asks if everythings ok between them. Steph says yes and asks if she has said anything wrong. Max tells her she hasn't and that it's probably just him. Max starts to get in embarrassed and asks if he has said anything wrong. Steph says he hasn't and says goodnight and goes back inside. Max walks off with a look on his face like he's mucked everything up.
Nina and Jack are rehearsing the last scene of the play (rewritten without kissing). After they finish, Harold is very happy with the result and tells them that will do for the night. He asks Nina if she has got a ride home. She tells him she was going to go with the others but they had already gone. Harold asks Jack to walk her home because he was to set up the Coffee Shop for tomorrow. Nina and Jack leave the Coffee Shop. After walking for a while in silence, they start to go in opposite directions. Then they turn around, slowly walking towards each other. They start kissing.
Jack and Nina continue kissing until Nina pulls away. Jack tries to kiss her again, but she says she can't and that it's wrong. Jack says that she's right, but also that he thinks that the kiss happened for a reason. Nina says they can't do it and walks off.
The next morning, Lori gives Jack some breakfast she made for him. He asks her what its for. She tells him its for being such a great boyfriend. She continues that he's not only just a great boyfriend but a great soccer and theatre star. He tells her he doesn't even know what he's doing in the play. He thanks her for the breakfast and says he's going for a run for exercise.
As Jack walks out Libby arrives and starts talking about Steph's date with Dennis. Libby tells her she should wear a dress to feel special. Steph replies that she feels "special" in jeans. Steph doesn't seem too happy about going out with Dennis and says "Is this what I'm reduced to? Going out on blind dates?" Libby tells her that its not too late to cancel. Steph says she's not going to back out now and that she might even like Dennis. Meanwhile, Jack jogs along toward Nina's house.
Lou and Harold arrive at the pub. Lou wants to do a couple of things while he's there. Harold tells him he should be resting and to only take 10 minutes. Max comes out and is surprised to see Lou back. He tells him he wasn't expecting him back at the pub for a week. Harold adds that he shouldn't have come back until then. Steph is sitting at a table waiting for Dennis to arrive when she gets a call from him. It seems that he can't make it and he asks if he can see her another time. Steph tells him that she's sorry, but she is going to be busy for the next 10 years. Shortly after that, Max approaches her and asks if he can shout her some lunch. She doesn't reply, but smiles at him.
Jack arrives at Nina's house. She doesn't look very happy and asks him what he is doing there. He replies, "I don't know".
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Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4173
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4173
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4173
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4173
Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

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