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Neighbours Episode 4153 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4153
Australian airdate: 11/12/2002
UK airdate: 17/02/2003
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Mr. Martin Cook: Tony Bonner
Summary/Images by: Alex/Karen (Katie)
Dee being told that the hospital considers her case to be all a misunderstanding, not misconduct, and that they will not be taking it any further.
Nina asking Taj whether he already has a girlfriend.
There is a moment of silence after Nina's question, and then Taj replies that her name is Ali. Hang on, mate, I thought you were acting as if this was a ridiculous idea a moment ago? Oh, he then goes on to say that its all over, has been since she moved to Perth, about three months ago. Oh, but it turns out they never 'officially' broke up. It did end though, and apparently they hardly speak now. Nina is then completely floored by the revelation they went out for a year, she thought he'd never been serious with anyone before which was the reason for the whole 'shy act'. He tells her that was just how he felt, Ali is now history and it's Nina he wants to be with. Aw. I think.
Sudden cut to Jack and Lori having a wee smooch. Apparently because Lori is a 'crazy Kiwi girl'. Right. Lori is relieved she and Lyn sorted out their problems, because living together will now be a lot easier. Jack warns her Lyn can still surprise him, like with sudden mood changes from having problems with people to becoming their best friend. Lori asks him what kind of problems he thinks Lyn had with her then. Jack says its regarding his feelings for her, which she takes as doubting their relationship. Jack, clearly beginning to regret this answer, tried to pass it off as Lyn being a hairdresser and so liking drama. Lori then asks does Lyn think she isn't good enough for him then, which Jack rubbishes, Lyn just thinks there is something wrong if he isn't ecstatically happy. This boy really needs some lessons in having these sorts of conversations. Predictably, he's got Lori worried now, but he tells her everything is great between them.
Lou's Place
Darcy and Cooky go to a table and Darcy asks if 'men only' is allowed these days. Oh, but it's ok, that's only one floor, the rest is open to women. Oh good. Anyway, Darcy is expected to pay 'just' a couple of thousand for a game of billions! But they have a great line of credit and you get 30 days to pay. Cooky then goes on about the reciprocal clubs which at first Darcy seems unsure about, but it's all good, as apparently 'club membership opens doors', so Darcy gets another round of drinks in.
Dee and Toadie see the tail end of this, and Toadie remarks it looks cosy, but Dee says he has a plan. Toadie, together with the rest of us, is sceptical about Darcy helping anyone but himself. Cooky sees them and remarks it's 'the princess and the Toad', but Darcy replies he's known Toadie a long time and thinks the relationship is good for him, and for Dee. Apparently though he shouldn't let the guys at the club hear him talking like that or he may get an unpleasant nickname (they sound like a lovely bunch don't they), and Darcy says he'll take that seriously, he was called 'show pony' at school. Dee tells Toadie they should just go, that's best way of handling it, and they do while being watched by Darcy, clearly not really listening to Cooky, who is revealing they used to call him the 'pants man' at school. Sadly the rest of us do hear it.
Michelle and Connor are rushing about madly but Lori doesn't seem that enthusiastic, so Jack asks to her to forget what Lyn thinks, there isn't a problem. Lori seems to accept this but asks if there ever was, Jack would tell her, right? Michelle then sits with Nina and asks what the story is with Taj, and Nina says that he told her it was over between him and Ali. But today was so perfect and this has wrecked it all, but Michelle begs her not to let it do that, and Taj is crazy about her. Nina just can't stop thinking about how much Taj must have felt for Ali though.
Taj thinks he's blown it but Connor thinks that's rubbish, she's only an ex. Taj tells him they never really broke up, it fizzled out, but it is over and Ali is even seeing someone else now he thinks. Connor tells him just to give Nina time to get over it, but Taj worries she'll just get over him.
No. 30
Dee tells Toadie Darcy is her only witness and he's got a plan, apparently. To schmooze his way into the Delphium club, he replies, but she has to trust him. Toadie agrees that while a promise from Darcy may mean a lot to her, he has nothing to gain from helping her. She knows it's stupid to trust Darcy with her career and reputation but its either that or let Cooky win, and she doesn't need a lecture. Toadie thinks she needs to be sure he is willing to give up the whole Cooky lifestyle to help her, something he would kill his own grandmother for. Cue mutterings from viewers everywhere.
Taj tells Nina he will ring Ali and tell her it's over just to convince her, but Nina says she is convinced, if he says it's over she believes him and they start to kiss, only to be interrupted by Jack and Lori who want them to go for a surf even though there are no waves. Michelle says she won't she'll just laze around all day, and of course Connor needs to help her do that, but Jack shoves some unidentifiable foodstuff down his back and he leaps up and chases after him.
Coffee Shop
Dee asks Darcy how the ribs are, ok apparently as long as he doesn't laugh, teehee, oh wait, that hurts. Apparently he looks 'spiffing' today. Right. He's meeting Chloe for coffee before having an induction at the club, and Dee's back goes right up, as would be expected, asking him if Cooky is opening all the doors and if he's going to thank him in his acceptance speech. Darcy tells her this is for his career, he's wanted it for ages before he met Cooky. Dee realises Toadie was right, Darcy has no intention of helping her, but he suggests there are other ways of fighting it and has she considered counselling, cheeky beggar. She storms out leaving Darcy mid sentence.
Connor compliments Michelle on her lazing around skills, and then asks for his jacket, and tells her to look in the pockets. She produces a jewellery box, which has half a heart in it, which she loves, and he is wearing the other half. Aww. Wonder what Cooky's mates at the Delphium club would have to say about that. Basically, he loves her and wants to be with her, even if she lost all her limbs, shaved off all her hair or became pregnant...Romance is his second name apparently, it's all to do with the accent.
Coffee Shop
Chloe arrives, apologising to Darcy for being late, she knows he is in a hurry. And she thinks Darcy looks good today as well. She wanted to give him a tiepin, which Darcy says is too much, but apparently nothing is too much for the Delphium Club. He looks very uncertain, so she questions whether it's inappropriate, which he says it isn't, he just has something on his mind.
Taj and Nina come out of the sea and start kissing, while Lori tells Jack she's glad they had that talk, she feels much closer to him...yeah that talk where he reassured you loads. Anyway, Jack agrees and hugs her, looking towards where Taj has picked up Nina and she is giggling her merry head off.
Delphium Club
It's every bit as posh as expected, and full of guffawing 60-year-old men. Cooky introduces Darcy as a man of 'great character and accomplishment. If you're looking around for another Darcy that they could be talking about then you aren't alone. Darcy looks uncertain as he is asked to sign on as a member.
Toadie says he is sorry for Dee, he wishes he was wrong. But he wasn't, so Dee wonders whether it is her, because she always falls for this. But Toadie says it isn't, Darcy is without a conscience and Cooky is a monster. She is strong and will be able to rise above it all at work Toadie thinks, but she tells him she doesn't want to put up with Cooky at work and shouldn't have to, so when Toadie qualifies, why don't they just leave Erinsborough behind and move away? As long as they have each other nothing else matters.
Delphium Club
Darcy has clearly signed as he and Cooky are looking very chummy and having a nice drink. Darcy says he's nothing but good things about Cooky from the hospital staff apart from Dee, and she can be overly critical apparently. Cooky agrees, and Darcy sympathises, he had a thing with Dee once but she would say one thing and do the other so it ended. Funny, I really don't remember it like that. Anyway, Cooky goes on to say that she came on all interested so he reciprocated a few times, you know 'consenting adult fun', and 'nurses are one of the perks, a few notches on the old stethoscope'. Darcy looks all smug, pulls a tape recorder out of his pocket, which has been recording, and tells Cooky that if he doesn't tell the hospital then he will make copies and send one to Cooky's wife. He values his friendship with Dee above Cooky and the club.
No. 30
Toadie and Dee are still discussing moving away, Toadie seems far more up for the idea now and they discuss Dee's lawyer aunt in Sydney. Dee can't believe how supportive he is being, but Toadie just wants to put Cooky behind them and moving away will do that. When asked is he is sure, he sarcastically replies, 'What? And leave all this?', and Dee is what is important to him, and Dee kisses him.
Lou's Place
Chloe sounds very unimpressed as she remarks it's clear where Darcy's priorities lie, but he replies that she thinks that they should liie with money and status like Cooky, doesn't she? And like her, Chloe reckons is what he is also thinking. Well, the rest of us are certainly thinking that. Anyway, she reckons they want different things but Darcy reckons she is blowing it out of proportion, he did the right thing. But Chloe reckons he is the one now risking his career and stalks out.
Taj and Nina come back with munchies and Lori, ever active, suggests touch rugby, but they eventually settle on Gaelic football. As they all make their way over, Taj says he knows some of them are leaving tomorrow (presumably some of the Random Extras who have just materialised are staying then) and he says it's been wicked having them and they all scream 'you guys are sick!'
Lou's Place
Dee comes in and sees Darcy and tries to avoid him but he is determined to talk to her. She refuses to let him speak saying that his choice may have affected his golf clubs but it has affected her whole life. He eventually gets a word in edgeways to tell her Cooky is going to the administrators tomorrow because he threatened to tell his wife. Dee is pretty floored by this and doesn't know how she can thank him, but he just smiles and tells her she is a beautiful person.
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Jack Scully, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4153
Jack Scully, Lori Lee

Darcy Tyler, Martin Cook in Neighbours Episode 4153
Darcy Tyler, Martin Cook

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4153
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4153
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Michelle Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill

Martin Cook, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4153
Martin Cook, Darcy Tyler

Martin Cook in Neighbours Episode 4153
Martin Cook

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4153
Darcy Tyler

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin, Michelle Scully, Lori Lee, Jack Scully

Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4153
Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler

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