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Neighbours Episode 4154 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4154
Australian airdate: 12/12/02
UK airdate: 18/02/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Mr. Martin Cook: Tony Bonner
Bill Mott: Sean Barker
Constable Col: Adam Wells
Summary/Images by: Mona/Karen (Katie)
Karl saves Lou.
Darcy gets Cookie's confession on tape
Lyn, Susan and Libby are looking at the wedding dress - I think - in another room - we don't get to actually see it - we just hear them giggling as Karl and Joe listen on.
Dee tells Toadie he was right about Darcy - he's an evil man with evil ways and she is truly upset about what he did. Stuart comes in and they ask what's going on todayand he tells them it's Ben's birthday - he has a small football - Dee thinks that Ben is only twelve months old, but Stuart says it's never to early to learn.
Dee is at the pub getting a drink when she spots Darcy, and struggles to ignore him. Darcy wants to talk with her - but she begins to leave. He grabs her and tells her that Cookie confessed on tape and is going to have to go to the hospital adminstrator's office. Dee is pleased! She tells Darcy he has restored faith in the whole humankind.
In the hospital counselling room, Mr. Mott explains the situation to both Dee and Cookie and some steps he will immediately have to do. 1. Is tranfer from Erinsborough Hospital immediately. 2. He will always be monitored around female co - workers. 3. He will apologise to Dee - Nurse Bliss - immediately. He looks in shock - but eventually and reluctantly complies. Cookie tells her he thinks the most of her - professionally and personally - and apologises for his misconduct.
The two walk outside in the hospital hall, and Dee begins to say something to him - but he walks away. 'The further you walk away the louder I shout,' She tells him that he is a man of great medicine - she saw him practicing in the surgery and doing operations - and he was amazing. Meanwhile Toadie watches on from the doors. She tells him that she can never tell him anything about medicine - but she can tell him something about human decency...he needs to start treating women right.
In Lou's hospital room Ben lies on Lou's lap, as the Kennedy family surround him. Lou gives Ben a gift - a toolset - just like his Dad's. The Kennedy family thank him, and ask him when he is going to get better - unfortunately he won't be better for the Kennedy wedding - but they say that is okay, and they hope that he works on his recovery. (Lou looks really bad in this scene, he looks weaks and there are black lines around his eyes) Lou asks who is walking Susan down the aisle...and he suggests that since it is such a backwards wedding, why not Libby? The Kennedys think that is a great idea! The Kennedy girls and baby leave - as Karl tells Lou the seriouness of the situation. He will have to return three times a week for the rest of his life, and Karl thinks he should start searching for a kidney donor - but Lou says he can't ask his family of that. Karl explains he has to be off, and Lou says good luck of his bucks night night - but Karl says Susan has kept it down to a bare minimum. He then whispers something in his ear - that's what he's getting for Susan's hens' night.
Dee and Toadie are at the pub evaulating their presents - they have got Lou a jigsaw puzzle, the Kennedys - for a wedding present - a photo album...
At the Kennedys Darcy and Stuart have decorated the house with birthday things for Ben's party, as the Kennedys, Joe and Lyn 'party down'. Joe gives Libby a present - it's a cricket bat - a little cricket bat. He explains if it's genetic, Ben will be as good as his dad. Libby is a bit hurt to think of Drew, and there is an awkward silence. Libby then tells Stuart she and Ben'll miss him when he goes to New York, but he says he isn't going to go. Felicity will be back in 6 months. Libby is glad he isn't going. Dee and Toadie arrive, and then Chloe arrives. Darcy is holding Ben, when Chloe realises she can't give Darcy a baby - or a family. Susan asks Chloe to stay for the hens night, but she says she has other things...
The Hens Night: Susan, Lyn, Dee and Libby have a civilised conversation - until the doorbell rings and there's a "police officer." Susan thinks he has come to tell them to stop making so much noise, but he begins to strip and flaunt himself around the women...Susan accuses Libby who denies - Dee giggles hysterically and Lyn is gobsmacked - her mouth is wide open.
The bucks night: Joe has home brew. The boys drink. And then Karl remembers - he's forgotten his vows! The guys think he is lying - but he isn't...
Libby is on the phone to Steph, and hangs up - Libby tells the 'gals' that Steph asked if they got the policemen's number, which causes a chuckle. Then it's time for the something old/new/borrowed/blue - only Dee says that since this wedding has all been in reverse. Libby has Steph and Lyn' 'something blue'...um...I can't even remember what it was....I think it was sort of a piece of clothing...Susan says 'thank you Lyn...no really thank you...' in a deep and meaningful way. 'something borrowed' - Dee's jewellery that she got for her 18th birthday. 'something new'...a bra. 'something old,' Karl and Susan's old marriage certificate. Susan thanks them all and then remembers - she's forgotten the vows as well!
At the pub Darcy and Chloe meet up. 'One good reason' plays in the background. Chloe explains to Darcy that when she saw him holding Ben she realised that she would never be able to give him a family and a baby - and one day he should be able to do that. And then she tells him that he has stronger feelings for Dee than he'll ever know...Darcy complains, but Chloe says: "I know you better than you know yourself...goodbye Darcy.'
At the coffee shop, Dee comes in and thanks Darcy for being such a good friend and restoring her faith in humankind - and then she orders breakfast, as Darcy watches on.
At the Scullys, Stuart, Karl and Joe are all tired - as they complain that the drink was too strong. They have hangovers...or are really sick. Or both. Anyhoo, Joe is putting the empty bottles in the bin when he finds a pregnancy test. Karl sees it and he says that it's a home pregnancy test - and it's positive - Joe wonders whose it is - Lori's? Steph's? He then thinks it's Michelle, and grabs the phone. 'I want some answers...!' (Freeze frame)
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Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4154
Darcy Tyler

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4154
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4154
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss, Stuart Parker

Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4154
Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Bill Mott, Dee Bliss, Martin Cook in Neighbours Episode 4154
Bill Mott, Dee Bliss, Martin Cook

Martin Cook in Neighbours Episode 4154
Martin Cook

Dee Bliss, Martin Cook in Neighbours Episode 4154
Dee Bliss, Martin Cook

Joe Scully, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4154
Joe Scully, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lyn Scully

Stuart Parker, Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4154
Stuart Parker, Darcy Tyler, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4154
Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk, Chloe Lambert

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4154
Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4154
Lyn Scully, Dee Bliss

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4154
Susan Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4154
Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4154
Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4154
Joe Scully

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