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Neighbours Episode 4152 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4152
Australian airdate: 10/12/2002
UK airdate: 14/02/2003
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jack Scully: Jay Bunyan
Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Daniel Clohesy: Thomas Blackburne
Taj Coppin: Jaime Robbie Reyne
Summary/Images by: Alex/Karen (Katie)
- Taj talking excitedly about the trip to the beach and staying there for the night, making it "one massive party", and Jack being concerned about Joe's reaction
- Lou struggling to get up from his chair and then collapsing to the floor
Max is definitely not amused by Boyd's attempt at a romantic gesture for Heather, ie. taking the road sign for 'Heather Street'. He tells Boyd and Daniel to be adult enough to undo it, to take back the sign, put it back up and then come straight home. He uses that old tried and tested parent line, "I'm disappointed in you", but tells them not to get caught. As soon as they're out of the door though, he starts smiling away, clearly finding it all very amusing really!
The old ominous music comes on, appropriate really as Lou is still lying on the floor, eyes shut.
Harold comes up to the front door, thinks about knocking, but then walks away again. Not looking like a good decision though as Lou gives a groan and screws his face up in pain.
Max, still smiling away, goes to answer the phone. It turns out to be Daniel's father, looking for his son. Max assures him that Daniel is on his way home, but his Dad is clearly getting angry, as Max tells him to calm down, he just saw him, he'll be there in... But when Daniel will be there we don't get to find out as Daniel's dad hangs up leaving poor Max in mid-sentence, how rude! Cue ominous music again and a puzzled Max.
Lori is washing up when Jack comes in. She asks him how the film was, and this leads to a nice little smooch. Lori then goes onto explain how she and Lyn have had a "little chat" and explained how they were feeling. Jack looks a bit concerned at this information, particularly when Lori starts telling him how she and Lyn are similar, they are both control freaks, and how Lyn is jealous of Jack relying on Lori. Understandably, Jack isn't happy with that one, but Lori reassures him they are both equals...right?? Jack agrees and Lori races on, telling him she is even helping design Susan's wedding dress, so everything is just wonderful. Yeah, all good, Jack agrees and goes in for another kiss.
In the sitting room, Connor is rubbishing the film they saw, without a single positive comment. Michelle believes that guys have different opinions on films than girls do, but Connor complains she is playing the "girl card", which he expected, so he's just going to go into the kitchen and make tea. Michelle apologises to Nina about it, but Connor "gets on his high horse about every single film", a comment which he apparently heard, not surprisingly being just in the next room. Nina wants to ask Michelle something, which she eventually gets to after dithering about for a bit, which is what Michelle thinks Taj will expect from her on the trip away to the beach. Michelle replies, "Ah. That," in a tone that I'm sure Nina finds most reassuring.
Boyd and Daniel (wasn't Daniel supposed to go straight home?) collapse through the door, they have been running away from a scary residence and a big dog. They nearly got caught, but put the sign back. They seem to find it all very funny, but Max reminds them the police could have caught them and it isn't a game, conveniently forgetting how amusing he found it earlier. He then reminds Daniel he told him to go home (aah so he was supposed to go home!) but Daniel asks to stay at the Hoyland house. Max tells him no, his Dad has been on the phone, so Daniel starts to leave. Max, being the wonderful and caring soul he is, notices there's something wrong and asks him about it, but Daniel just says he's fine and wants to make sure Max hasn't told his Dad about the whole street sign incident, which he hasn't. Max warns Boyd he was breaking the law, then asks if he wants dinner, with the whole "subject closed" air.
Nina's worried Taj won't like her after getting to know her, although Michelle waxes lyrical about her, assuring her he will, then jumps in and asks Connor what Taj thinks. Connor says he does like her, and then proceeds to wax lyrical about her too, finishing, "why would he not be crazy about you?" Awww.
Outside, a minibus drives up and Taj appears, the others all scramble in it, while Connor is reminded about Michelle and dashes off, worryingly he hasn't noticed her absence...ah well. Taj and Nina do the awkward small talk, involving her packing light, and then agree to sit up the back together...I can hear the immature giggling now.
Back inside, Michelle's on the phone to Joe, presumably with the usual, "now, you will phone won't you" spiel, as she assures him she will, every day. She says good-bye and then Connor comes in and teases her about the size of her suitcase, and how it will explode halfway there. She forgives him for this, because he's so cute, and then goes to answer the phone, conveniently ignoring the one she just put down right next to her. It's Tahnee, and Michelle explains she has to go, they're going to the beach and the van's here, but Nina and Taj are hitting it off well. Michelle then looks rather uncertain and asks Tahnee of this is one of her little tricks...
And Lou is still lying on the floor groaning through all the beeping from the van outside.
Outside the Scullys
Here we are again, and Michelle gets into the van finally after talking to Harold, apologising, but she had a last minute phone call, looking apprehensively at Taj and Nina, whatever Tahnee told her doesn't look good. They drive off, finally, and Karl approaches Harold. The conversation moves onto Lou, who Harold hasn't seen since last night when Lou was "not very welcoming", he is still angry and Harold is fed up with it. Karl offers to talk to him and approaches No.22. About time, you might say, the man's in agony here.
Karl knocks, and Lou calls out "Help me!" Karl tries to get in and do just that, then realises he cannot break through a locked door and goes round to the window, sees Lou, and is spurred on back to the front door, which he breaks down with a very impressive shoulder charge, first time. Man should have taken up rugby. He then goes into professional doctor mode while Harold, who has come running, dials for an ambulance.
Boyd is on the phone, telling whoever is on the other end of the line a new version of events, which sound way more exciting than what actually happened. Max is all disapproving of this, but says it isn't his problem, and they have to go and get Summer from the hospital.
Random road in the middle of nowhere
The van draws to a stop and the guys all rush out, clearly in a great hurry to be somewhere. Nina complains they have all the fun, but Lori tells her to go for it, they're just bushes. Nina complains you would never get her 'relieving herself' in an open space, and the girls wander off round the other side. Michelle, meanwhile, is busy telling Connor that she has been told Taj has a girlfriend. Connor's all concerned until he hears it was Tahnee that told her, when he becomes a lot more sceptical, along with viewers everywhere. Michelle maintains she isn't lying this time, but Connor, again along with viewers everywhere, reminds her that Tahnee's track record isn't great to say the least, and that she could just be trying to get back with Taj. Michelle decides she has to tell Nina, they are best friends, but Connor tells her to subtly have a word with Taj first. With fantastic timing, everyone else jumps back into the van, and they shut up pretty sharpish.
Erinsborough Hospital
Summer receives presents off Boyd and Daniel, including flowers off Boyd, and then is ready to go, just as Lou is being brought in. Harold wants to know how long it will be until any news on Lou, but Karl tells him they need to stabilise his condition before diagnosing and so he might as well go home, he won't be able to see Lou for ages. He does promise to stay in touch though.
There is much excitement as they finally arrive at the beach. Nina thanks Michelle for giving her the confidence with Taj. Michelle looks all uncertain, but just then, timing as ever impeccable, Taj comes up and invites Nina horse riding up the beach. Nina leaves, telling Michelle she is the "bestest friend ever". Well, we'll see about that won't we?
Boyd and Daniel are telling Summer all about their little adventure, and wow what an exciting version too, involving lots of people chasing them with flick knives and baseball bats. Summer isn't fooled though, smart girl that one. Daniel then asks after Dee, and Summer tells them that is they stand on three phone books and look out of the kitchen window, they can see right into her bathroom next door. This gets rid of them pretty quickly surprisingly. Max is on the phone, telling whomever it is that he owes them. He's going out, so Boyd can look after Summer, although he seems a little distracted at the minute.
Lori wants to do the horse riding that Nina and Taj are doing, but Jack says they've done it elsewhere, why not just get some food? And because that's exactly the same, Lori agrees. Michelle and Connor are discussing how happy Nina looks doing it, and Connor believes Michelle shouldn't say anything and let Taj sort everything out...maybe, agrees Michelle. Nina is exclaiming ehat a good time she had, Taj apparently knew she would, and this seems to be his cue to go in for the kiss. When Nina doesn't object, he goes in for a longer smooch.
Night has now fallen, and Michelle complains of being cold, but apparently this isn't cold compared to home for Connor (too right as well!) and he challenges the other guys to a swim, so they all race off, followed by Lori, who just a moment earlier denounced such behaviour as the male competitive spirit. Michelle and Nina re left alone, as neither would ever do that, and Nina tells Michelle that Taj kissed her. She's a bit put out at the lack of excitement Michelle is showing, and persistently asks her what she knows.
Boyd and Summer are watching TV when Max gets home, having been gone a while on a mission. He's got a mate to make him a street sign saying 'Heather Street', so Boyd can now impress Heather legally. Aww what a sweetheart!
Lou's diagnosis isn't good, they can't wait for the kidneys to repair themselves like last time, he has less than 5% of function in them left. He needs to go on dialysis again and that will be on going unless he has a transplant. The other doctor will be in to see Lou shortly apparently, although Lou complains this one treats him like he's in kindergarten, just like every other doctor under the sun then. Karl agrees to get any information on the condition he can for Lou before leaving and running into Harold outside. Apparently he can't tell Harold anything as he isn't family, but Harold says he knows they are each other's family...awww. Karl tells him that Lou is in a very serious condition and, prompted by further questioning, he may not live.
The group are sitting round a fire and while Lori and Jack go to get food Nina goes for a walk. Taj, being the smart boy he is, notices something's up, and Michelle tells him to go and talk to her. He catches her up, and she asks him why he lied to her, she knows he has a girlfriend. Taj does the all confused expression and asks who she heard that from, and Nina tells him from Tahnee. Taj replies that whatever Tahnee said, it isn't what she thinks. Apparently it's pretty simple according to Nina, does he have a girlfriend or not?
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 in Neighbours Episode 4152

Daniel Clohesy, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4152
Daniel Clohesy, Boyd Hoyland

Daniel Clohesy, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4152
Daniel Clohesy, Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4152
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Lori Lee, Connor O
Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill, Taj Coppin, Jack Scully

Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4152
Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4152
Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4152
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Lori Lee, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4152
Lori Lee, Nina Tucker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Michelle Scully

Daniel Clohesy, Summer Hoyland, Dino, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4152
Daniel Clohesy, Summer Hoyland, Dino, Boyd Hoyland

Lori Lee, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4152
Lori Lee, Jack Scully

Taj Coppin, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4152
Taj Coppin, Nina Tucker

Michelle Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4152
Michelle Scully, Nina Tucker

Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4152
Taj Coppin

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