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Neighbours Episode 4101 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4101
Australian airdate: 30/09/02
UK airdate: 26/11/02
Writer: Ben Michael
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Giles Portly: Phillip McGrath
Summary/Images by: JA
During a heated argument, Harold tells Lou that he does not deserve Rosie.
Dee and Toadie discuss sharing a bedroom.
Flick tells Stuart that Steph has a good mate in him.
Lou's Place
Steph and Stu are having a drink and a laugh, Steph says that she really needed that. Flick joins them, and as Steph goes to get the drinks, Stu tells Flick that he thinks it's great that she and Steph are getting along as sisters again. Flick admits that she is still a bit apprehensive as she doesn't want to ruin things, and is worried that one wrong thing said or done will ruin it.
Harold's House
Lou is still upset about Harold's earlier outburst and is storming out, Harold's desperate attempts at an apology falls on deaf ears. Harold blames the emotional few weeks that he has been having, but Lou seems incensed that Harold would blame his behaviour on Drew or anything else. Harold says that he would never say anything to intentionally upset him, but Lou still is having none of it, and with all the traits of an old married couple having a tiff Lou packs his bags and leaves.
Number 30
Dee and Toadie are tossing a coin in an attempt to decide whose room that they will move into. Dee decides that there have to be some guidelines- no dirty socks on the floor and no three day old jocks on the floor. Toadie says that if that's the case Dee's poser of Brad Pitt has to go too, as his abs scare Toadie. However Dee is reluctant to let Brad go, but Toadie tells her that if Brad stays so do the three day old jocks, a small price to pay for a naked picture of Brad Pitt surely???
Lou's Place
Stu, Steph and Flick are sitting around discussing relationships. It seems to bring a smile to Steph's face for the first time in weeks, but when Stu goes to get the drinks there still seems to be an air of tension between the Scully sisters.
Number 30
Toadie tries to blame Bob for the horrible smell that is obviously emanating from him, he obviously thinks that it is hilarious, but Dee is annoyed enough to suggest that them moving into the same room may not be such a crash hot idea. Toadie thinks it's 'The idea of the century' but Dee decides that it is time they took things a little bit more slowly, as after all they all ready live together. *sob*
Lou's Place
Stu, Steph and Flick are playing darts, still discussing the wonder that is relationships. Stu takes the opportunity to tell them that he and Amanda are not an item anymore. But just as Steph tries to get all the juicy gossip they are interrupted by Lou who tells them to scarper as he wants to close up, reluctantly the trio leave Lou alone.
As Lou locks up and turns out the lights, he retires to the back office takes some clothes out of his bag and beds down for the night, clearly missing Harold.
Harold's House
Rosie is telling Harold that the Bishop is saying that she has to go, Harold says that she will be staying, but she is not so sure. When she asks where Lou is Harold is cagey, but as she persists, Harold admits that they have 'had a bit of a tiff'
Rosie thinks that Lou and Harold's 'tiff' has something to do with her, and if it does she has a right to know. Harold looks awkward but still will not divulge the info to Rosie.
Number 30
Stu is giving Toadie a lecture on the 'great unwritten rules of love' which apparently dictate that you have to wait six months before you 'let one rip' Stu tells Toadie that even though he and Dee are not moving in, he still wants the big room, but Toadie says there is no way.
As they are arguing the toss, Dee interrupts them, clearly not best pleased with Toadie's greeting of 'Hey babe'
Toadie asks if they are still on for lunch, she says that they are, but is not sounding enthusiastic at the idea. Toadie things that the little kiss she plants on his cheek means that things are OK between them, but Stu tells him not to be so sure. 'Dee is not the warts and all type'
Harold's House
Rosie is still persistent in trying to get information from Harold over his 'tiff' with Lou. Harold says that they are always 'falling out over nothing' and still will not reveal what the fight was about, even when directly asked by Rosie what the fight was about.
Harold has to admit that Lou didn't stay there last night, Rosie clearly distressed at the news tells Harold that they are far too good to fall out and one of them has to sort things out. I think it is sinking in with Harold that he may need to have an attempt at an apology again.
The Coffee Shop
Dee is filling Steph in on Toadies terrible breach of 'the unwritten rules of love'
Steph says that relationships are 'for better or for worse'
Dee however likes a bit of mystery, and tells Steph that she still has Toadie in the training period and she is making him sweat. Dee tells him that if she lets him get away with too much he will become a slob.
Meanwhile Harold is on the phone, he gets through to the pub but Lou obviously promptly hangs up, leaving Harold once again looking disappointed and upset.
Lou's Place
Toadie meets Dee for lunch and tries to apologise. The atmosphere still seems to be frosty. Dee says that she doesn't think that she doesn't think that she was all extreme regarding her reaction. She things that them having separate rooms for a while longer will keep the mystery going.
Toadie thinks that keeping the mystery going between 'two people who know each other inside out' will be difficult.
Dee tells him that it will, but the rewards will be 'so wonderful'
Toadie says that she just has to promise not to let things that don't matter too much, matter too much.
Lou's Place - In the office
Rosie attempts to get the truth out of Lou who is also being evasive. But Lou not being as good at avoiding awkward questions as Harold obviously is, is forced to admit that the truth is that Harold said that he (Lou) wasn't good enough for her.
Rosie looks shocked.
At the Garage
Stu asks Steph if she and Flick are back on track?
Steph says that they are getting there.
STEPH: Lets just the train's back on the tracks, but I'm not exactly sure where it's going....Flick and I have a lot of stuff to put way behind us.
Flick turns up telling Stuart that she needs a really big favour.
Turns out the favour is Chauffeuring one of the guests in the hotel Limo, and Stuart in a smart suit and Chauffer hat is looking rather fine.
Stuart doesn't really seem to be keen on the idea, but Flick tells him that he looks really good in a uniform in an effort to appease him, and gives him Chauffer instructions:
FLICK: Always Open the door for the client, address him formally, keep chit chat to a minimum and pleeeeease don't drive like you normally
Stuart is not liking the idea, but knows that if he doesn't oblige Flick will be in trouble with Chloe, so gets stuck into the role.
The Coffee Shop
Rosie tells Harold that Lou slept in his office the night before. Harold seems aghast, but is eager to know what Lou has said to Rosie.
ROSIE: I don't think you realise how much you've hurt him.
HAROLD: I think I do
ROSIE: Harold your friendship is a rare gift, you've stood by each other in good times and bad.
HAROLD: Yes I'm well aware of that.
ROSIE: Well do something about it, I don't think the damage is irreparable, but you're going to have your work cut out for you.
HAROLD: I'm well aware of that too.
ROSIE: Good, because I would hate to think that Christian spirit was all talk.
Number 30
Dee comes home to find Toadie using her toothbrush. He doesn't see the problem, he asks if it's cool. Dee half-heartedly says that it is, 'why wouldn't it be?' but as soon as he disappears adds 'TOADIE-toothbrush' to her shopping list.
The Garage
Flick surprises Stu as he is cleaning the Limo, she is there to tell him that the Client loved him, and climbs in the back to help clean.
Stuart finds that the client didn't touch the Champagne, so he and Flick decide to take advantage of it. In an out of date (now) reference to Puff Daddy and J-Lo (which Flicks corrects Stu is now P-Diddy) the two are having a rare old time.
Perhaps it's the champagne, but Stu tells Flick that he 'loves being with her' and she concurs. The episode concludes with the two kissing.
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