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Neighbours Episode 4100 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4100
Australian airdate: 27/09/2002
UK airdate: 25/11/2002
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Hair Salon
Joe's come in to talk to Gino about the set drawings; they are going to have to make a few modifications. Like for example, Gino has a platform in midair. Gino suggest that they use some wires but Joe explains that it isn't that simple plus he would need to get some into approve it, so he's drawn up a new set. Gino isn't impressed at all. He's asked Joe along on his 'mystical journey' and all Joe can give him is a shed. Now that really aggravates Joe but Gino runs out of the room like a girl, thinking his brain is about to explode. Some random woman walks in and Joe asks if she wanted a cut and a perm. Oh... no.
Number 24
Harold shows Rosie the petition with 550 signatures on it. He's quite impressed with the amount of people that want her to stay. She can't believe and from the kitchen Lou calls out that he thinks they're ring ins. If she got that many people in her church that she would be running for archbishop. True, true. He asks Harold if he paid them, which Harold denies. Rosie tells Lou that the lord works in mysterious ways but all the same there are names she doesn't recognise. Harold tells her they are all real people, and she's pretty impressed. Lou still thinks Harold did something to convince people to sign. Harry and Rosie come over to the kitchen, Rosie thinking Lou should concentrate on cooking and asking how Harold did manage to get all those signatures. Summer helped and Lou warns Harold there are child labour laws. Harold goes on about how great Summer is and that Rosie leaving would be unbearable for her.
Number 22
Susan and Karl are cooking dinner, Susan talking about how she's got a meeting about enrolling in uni. Karl thinks it's fantastic she's taken control of her life. Libby arrives and goes straight to Ben. Susan tells her he's been watered, fed and changed. Karl asks how the mentoring is going and Libby replies that it's good, that she's done her dash with journalism. The hours don't fit in with being a single mum. Susan and Karl murmur offers to help but Libby's lost the hunger and she wants to teach.
Number 24
The olds have finished dinner. Lou thinks that when you get to a certain age you want to go to where the warm weather is. Is that a hint or what? Rosie supposes so but Harold puts in some doom and gloom about it. He just doesn't want to slow down yet. Harry takes the garbage out leaving Lou and Rosie to talk. Lou thinks Harold should be a bit more adult over Harold losing his friends. Rosie says that sometimes that they forget how their acts affect others. Lou tells her that you move forward and go on. Rosie feels as though she wants to watch Boyd and Summer grow up, and that she owes it to Max and Claire. Lou says that he's been there and done that with Lolly. He asks if the petition will do anything... Rosie doesn't think it will so Lou reckons there is no point getting upset about it.
Hair Salon
Gino's fiddling with costumes, Joe arrives seeing that Gino's head didn't explode. He's had another try at the plans. He's giving him another 600 millimetres but Gino's going to have to have a man with a lot of muscle to operate it. Also he'll need to drop the size of the round table. Gino has a problem with that but Joe has a tactic up his sleeve to get him to shut up - remind him that his play starts in a week so he will have to accept the changes or he will have nothing.
Lou's Place
Toadie's at the bar talking to Lou about work. Lou thinks it's thirsty business which Toadie agrees with wholeheartedly but can't reach the beer Lou's holding because Lou won't let him have it. How rude! He needs to follow the new procedure, that all patrons must ring the bishop and disagree with Rosie's transfer. Toadie tells him that's blackmail. Lou knows but it's the new rule. Toadie walks over to the phone, complaining that he doesn't know what to say.
Coffee Shop
Harold's sticking a 'help wanted' sign on the window. Oh, I'll take the job! Err Susan walks up ordering a coffee and some chocolate cake. She goes over to an outside table explains that she's celebrating her enrolment at the local uni. Apparently the good thing about her amnesia is that it feels like yesterday she was at school. She thanks Harold for being such a good friend but Harold tells her to think nothing of it. She's been through a very daunting experience and he thinks she's been coping well. He shouldn't have said that because now she wants something from him.
Lou's Place
Joe's on the phone ordering some fairy lights and some glitter. His workmen at a nearby table are laughing at him but he still persists in talking very loudly because they don't have glitter at that store. The person on the other end makes a joke that doesn't go down too well with Joe, who slams the phone down. Stephie asks what's going on and he says that this is all her mum's and Harold's fault. He tells his mates to stop laughing and to Stephie that he hopes her mum appreciates it. Steph asks how things are going with Gino and Joe laughs that he told Gino it would be his way or the highway. What they actually need is an extra man... Steph says no way but he tells the boys that Steph's going to help them.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl are talking outside Number 22 about her meeting and enrolment. Karl congratulates her on getting in. There's a cute little awkward silence before Karl says that he really enjoyed the time together they had at the ball. Susan did too. He's about to leave but Susan tells him that the money he gives her is too much, she'd rather be more financially independent. She doesn't want him to take it personally because she likes the way their friendship is developing. He agrees to humour her and they are about to go their separate directions when Karl asks if she wants to catch up for dinner. She can't, she's busy. He asks what's she doing but she won't say, going into Libby's. For the Kusan fans there was blatant flirtage there.
Toadie and Dee come around the corner trying to decide who's room they are going to share. Toadie suggests her room but she doesn't want him to pack up his stuff so they will move into his room. He asks what about the musty smell. She doesn't remember any musty smell but Toadie insists she said it before they were together. Ah well she likes his smell now. Toad's a bit miffed that he smells musty. She kisses him and says he doesn't have one before they continue on home. They still disagree so Toadie flips a coin. It's Toadie's room so he'll go air it out.
Lou's Place
Karl pays for his wine but Lou won't let him have it until he's made his phone call. Karl tells him he already made a call when he got a beer but the rule is one drink per phone call. Karl grumbles off to do his phone call when Rosie comes in saying she should've known he'd be behind this. With Karl in the background on the mobile to the bishop she tells Lou that she's got a call from the archbishop that apparently all the staff have had to go out to use the public phone because their entire phone system has crashed. Kalr finishes up his phone call and grabs his bottle of wine. Rosie asks if Lou knows what this harassment has done, it's caused him to rethink her transfer. Lou's happy about that!
Coffee Shop
Harold greets Karl, all Karl just wants is his dinner. He sits to wait and Harold lets Susan do the honours. Karl gets a big a surprise as we do. She's working there now, now he can understand why she had to knock him back for dinner. He gives her the money for the meal and she thanks him formally before going back to the till. Harold bustles up to Karl comment on how happy he is that she is taking control of her life. Some people may talk about an ex-principal working in the Coffee Shop but they are bigger than that. Karl leaves to eat his dinner and Harold gives Susan and big smile.
Number 26 - Night
Joe's going over the plans on the coffee table with Harvey and Steph brings him a coffee wondering how he can look at the plans after the day they had. He talks about getting more stuff for the play which she can't believe because he used to be a bricks and mortar man. He defends himself saying he is but there's something in this creative business. She tells him it's just a local play in a crummy hall which makes Joe think she has a attitude problem. Steph agrees because she's tired, sore hungry and is going to have a bath. There's a knock at the door so Joe answers leaving Steph to go about her bathing. It's Gino, he had to go have a look at the set. He sees Camelot, he thinks Joe is a creative genus.
Number 30
Toadie and Dee are eating dinner watching TV. He says that he's got tomorrow morning off so he can help move her in. She doesn't think there is any hurry but he thinks the sooner the better. Now she's thinking that maybe he was right and be more comfortable in her room. He says the decision is final because they tossed. Plus she has too much light in her room. Dee defends her room that it gives the feeling of space. Toadie asks about his smell; Dee's pretty sure he'll bring it with him. It's just that she's just realised that she likes her room. Problem is Toadie likes his room too. So what are they going to do? We won't find out at the moment.
Number 22
Susan on the phone (jeeze the phone companies are getting a lot of money in this episode!) thanking the dean for taking the time to call. Oh she's so excited! After the phone call ends Libby comments that it sounds like good news. It was the dean at Eden Hills, they've accepted Susan's application to study. Because her old degree still stands she doesn't have to do any exams. Lucky, lucky lady. Libby asks when she's done this, Susan replies that she had the meeting that day but she had been thinking about it for a while. She never told Libby because she didn't know how she would feel. Libby thinks this is great, Susan's a born teacher. Susan reckons Libby is too. And has a brainwave, that Libby should join the same course with her. Libby isn't so sure but Susan is convinced.
Number 24
Harold huffs his way inside to tell an exercising in front of the TV Lou that the archbishop is reconsidering the decision of Rosie transfer and that his petition must've been more powerful than Lou thought. He can't wait to speak to Rosie about this in detail. Lou says that she will be grateful to him and his petition which Harry agrees too. Lou turns the TV off and tells Harold to give it up. He's only doing this to try and get Rosie away from Lou. Harold denies it but Lou is convinced Harold is. Harry finally admits that he loves her, that Lou doesn't not deserve her and takes her for granted. And in time Rosie will see that too. That's fighting words.
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