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Neighbours Episode 4082 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4082
Australian airdate: 03/09/02
UK airdate: 30/10/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Mitch Foster: Hugh Sexton
Sgt. Joanne Douglas: Matilda White
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Darcy informs Steph that Mitch is in a stable condition, but the buzzer starts up and Darcy rushes in to see what is going on
- Karl finds Susan day-dreaming, she tells him that she loves him
Neither Karl nor Susan can quite believe that she said she said she loves him, but Susan admits she did mean it, to some degree. She experienced another memory, so Karl asks what it was about. The crickets outside brought back memories of them being at the beach together, when it was dark and hot and they..... I think we're supposed to use our imagination here, as Karl seems to understand and Susan decides it's time to head off. He offers to walk her home, but she wishes to be alone. He thanks her for the meal and she admits it was good practice. She agrees to talk to the neuropsychiatrist about the memory, before leaving.
Erinsborough Hospital
Mitch has woken up and Dee informs him that he is in hospital as the wound he didn't get looked at became infected. He isn't to impressed by the fact that someone at the campsite called an ambulance and there is a police officer outside his hospital room door. Dee reminds him that he was very close to death, and it's time he started putting things in perspective.
Outside in the corridor, Steph waits for news. Dee emerges and informs Steph that he is stable, but as a non-family member she cannot disclose anymore info. The police officer advises Steph to go home and leave things to them.
Grease Monkey's
Michelle and Connor discuss the film that they've just been to see. She makes a reference to the book, and he asks her to read it to him at some point. She tells him that very soon he'll be able to read it for himself, but he isn't so convinced. She tells him to stop being so pessimistic. They stop at the charity shop where Connor notices a tin-whistle. He taught himself to play when he was younger as every Irish kid can play the whistle.
MICHELLE: It's like when Ozzie kids are little they have pet kangaroos.
CONNOR (surprised): Did you have a pet kangaroo?
MICHELLE: Yeah, I used to ride it to school everyday, 'till I got to tall for it.
CONNOR: Sweet!
Coffee Shop
Dee bumps into Ray and persuades him into the double date thing they organised a while back. She offers for them to come over to number 30 that evening as she's curious to meet his mystery girlfriend. Overhearing Stuart leaves the shop as Dee heads out the other door.
Sgt. Douglas confirms with Mitch that some deal was made at the Scully house. He confirms and she hopes that he isn't lying as he's in enough trouble already.
In the corridor Sgt. Douglas is surprised to still see Steph is about. She tells the Sgt, that she's waiting to hear if Mitch'll clear her name for her. Sgt. Douglas informs Steph that Mitch is saying they were in it together. Stuart arrives and Steph tries to get her side of the story across, but it doesn't work as the Sgt leaves. Steph tells Stuart that the cops thinks she's involved in the robbery as much as Mitch and was planning to go to Darwin with him. He comforts her and tells her that he may just have a plan to help the cops see her side of the story.
Michelle conveniently bumps into Connor sitting outside the Coffee Shop grabbing a drink. He tells her they can't stay long as Joe thinks he is across town picking up supplies. She gives him a present - the tin whistle they saw in the shop. She admits she had a go and couldn't get anything but a squeak out of it. Apparently it takes a lot of practice and musical talent, but it seems Connor is to shy to play it. Eventually he does, and plays a sweet little Irish jig, which receives a round of applause from passers by. He thanks her for it and she heads back to school.
Lou's Place
Karl finds Susan grabbing an early lunch in the pub. He offers her a lift to the neuropsychiatrist, but she wasn't able to get much sleep that night and isn't so sure. She's experiencing all these old memories and emotions that she hasn't experienced before, and feels like a child in a grown up's body. Karl understands that she still needs some space and to take things at a pace that suits her, so allows her to make her own way to the appointment.
Stuart delivers Mitch his tray of hospital food. He recognises Stu as a mate of Dee's, but Stu reminds him he's also a mate of Steph's and doesn't like what he has done to her. Mitch claims it was her fault for dobbing him into the cops again, but Stu reminds him that Steph saved his life. Mitch point out that it was Steph's fault that the cops got involved, but she only called the ambulance, not the police. Mitch admits by keeping Steph involved in this case it makes the charges lighter for him. He admits that she is totally innocent, but it'll only be his word that clears her. Stuart asks how he can sleep at night but thanks him for the chat anyway. Outside in the corridor he hands Sgt. Douglas a tape recorder of the whole conversation that was hiding on the food trolley.
Dee informs Toadie of the double date she has set up with Ray for that evening. He apologises that he won't be able to make it as he has to cover a colleague's shift. She was surprised that Ray even agreed to it as she didn't think he had a girlfriend, but decides to call it off, disappointed that she won't get to meet the mystery girl.
Ray persuades Dee that maybe the three of them could have drinks at number 30 first and meet Toadie down the pub later. Nina is apparently quite keen to meet her. Dee reluctantly agrees.
Michelle has a go on Connor's whistle, but isn't very successful so he starts giving her some tips. After a while she starts picking it up and comments how she isn't good at music but can read. Connor gets the point and tells her to get on with practicing!
Susan arrives back and starts telling Karl how her meeting went.
SUSAN: Dr. Havelock is helping me sort through all my emotions; not an easy task. It's um, so confusing you see, there are two people. There's the sixteen year old Susan, who I feel very comfortable with, and then there's this other old Susan who I hardly know, and there's nothing; no link between the two.
KARL: What, no continuity?
SUSAN: No, that's right, there's no continuity. Karl I think might have misled you last night when I said I loved you. As Dr. Havelock pointed out to me, what I meant was that I remember loving you; and now, no I don't love you know.
Karl tells her he understands, but is clearly hurt by it. He avoids the issue by making lunch and Susan heads off to. She apologises.
Steph arrives and Sgt. Douglas informs her that through Stuarts help they managed to get a full confession out of Mitch. A pleased Steph thanks the sergeant, and she informs her that Mitch will be going in front of a judge later that day. She tells Steph, Mitch wished to see her.
In the room, Mitch apologises to Steph, she thought he was a good mate, and he admits she deserved better. She leaves.
Number 30
Ray arrives, minus Nina, who apparently has a severe headache and is coming down with flu. He gives Dee some flowers and notices she's made cocktails. He persuades her to stay for a drink before they head down the pub.
Connor is playing an Irish tune (Forty Shades of Green) on his whistle as Michelle relaxes. He stops and she asks if he is homesick. He admits he is, but will take her to Ireland with him once he's learnt to read. Michelle asks if he'd really do that, and he confirms he would.
Lou's Place
Steph arrives and informs Toadie and Stuart that the drinks are on her as she is a free woman, thanks to Stuart. She confirms that he did enough to get her off the hook and thanks him; it's one less case to worry about, but she still hasn't worked out where the bike came from. As she goes to get the drinks, Toadie wonders about Dee, but doesn't want to annoy her by calling her. Stuart hints that he doesn't think Ray does have a girlfriend, but reminds him that Dee is big enough to stand up for herself.
Number 30
Ray and Dee are laughing, when he randomly comments on her appearance. She enquires about Nina and he admits that he's not really dating anyone, and instead has the hots for her. She tells him she's going out with Toadie, but he recons Toadie isn't her type. Dee corrects him telling him he isn't her type, but he won't take no for an answer and starts to kiss her.
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