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Neighbours Episode 4081 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4081
Australian airdate: 02/09/02
UK airdate: 29/10/02
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mitch Foster: Hugh Sexton
Nurse Hodder: Jodie Flockhart
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Flick says she came back because it's her home
Karl says he doesn't want any of the property
Stuart says he'll go with Steph to find Mitch
Karl, Susan
Karl meets Susan at the coffee shop and asks how she is since she had gone off in a hurry very distressed the last time he saw her. She wants to get together to divide up the household stuff and says she knows how hard it all is for him.
Susan tells Lyn she had another memory return the previous night at the surgery-a strong safe feeling with no confusion, of kissing Karl and it was very exciting and soft with such closeness. She asks if this doesn't happen with everyone and Lyn replies that it doesn't-it's part of living with someone for so long-you say what the other's thinking. She can't remember but all those emotions can't just disappear-they have to be there somewhere.
Susan and Karl look through things and she recognises one piece of jewellery she always loved was given to her by her mother. She's insistent the division must be fair. When he gets called out she says that rather than wait there on her own, she'll come back later and cook dinner for him.
Karl and Susan laugh together over some of the things they were given and their reactions to them. While Karl leaves the room to get something else, Susan goes into a little trance-like state, starts sighing and smiling dreamily. Karl comes in and asks her if she's all right-still in a sort of daze, she says 'I love you Karl' then turns away looking puzzled..................................
Stuart, Steph, Mitch, Flick
Lyn talks about Stuart to Flick, who seems a bit shaky when asked about him. Lyn reminds her she's supposed to be back to make things up with Steph so should concentrate on that and let things just sit with Stuart at the moment since he and Steph are such friends.
Stuart can't talk Steph out of going to the bush to look for Mitch so he goes with her.When they see Mitch beside a camp-fire, Steph goes to talk to him and he reacts angrily but collapses as he moves towards her. They take him to the hospital, where Lyn and Flick meet them. Steph begs to be allowed to talk to him, but is not allowed. Darcy comes and tells them that since they're not related they just have to trust that everything's being done, but he's very sick. Joe and Lyn make her accept she can't do anything and should go home.
When they get there, Flick has collected some things and although she hesitates is persuaded to stay for dinner. She tries to help Steph who treats her icily and snaps at her constantly. Finally, Flick points out that she's trying to fix things, but Steph turns on her and asks why she doesn't just leave. Flick answers it's because her parents and Michelle live there and it's her home.
Flick meets Stuart in the pub but it's his turn to be cool with her as she was distant in the hospital. He tells her he thinks what she said before going away was a bit off and she must learn she can't just say anything she wants to people.
Steph goes back to the hospital and is told by Darcy again that Mitch is very ill and mustn't be disturbed. The alarm sounds to indicate his breathing's stopped................
Lou, Harold
Lou and Harold argue about who will be taking care of painting No 32 to get rid of the black, but eventually agree to work together.Karl calls in on No 32 where Harold's still working. Karl asks about Rosie and Harold replies that his friendship with Lou's too important and so he hasn't let on that he feels anything stronger for her.
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