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Neighbours Episode 4080 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4080
Australian airdate: 30/08/02
UK airdate: 28/10/02
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Alan Watkins: Jamie Wilson
Summary/Images by: Alex/Jamie
- Joe answering the door thinking it is Steph, but it is actually Flick.
- Steph at the cabin looking for Mitch.
Random Cabin
Alan who has surprised Steph at the random cabin asks her again who she is, but she just tells him she's nobody and she got lost. Alan isn't at all fooled though as he heard her calling for Mitch. Apparently he has no idea who Mitch is though, as he told the police. Steph asks him to look out for Mitch and starts to give him a totally rubbish description, but fortunately he has seen the mug shot. He says if he does see Mitch, he will "let him know what he's missing out on".
Joe tells Flick they are thrilled to see her, just surprised as she is back a month early from the tour. She tells him she has now got her head together and it is time to face the music ie. Steph. Joe enlightens her as to the return of Mitch and how he has got Steph into trouble with the police, so she 'isn't the best'. The word understatement springs to mind. Flick apparently expects no miracles from her then. She isn't staying at No.26 though, she is going to stay with Luke Dawson who has a spare room, she would love to move back home but not if Steph isn't ok with it, and asks when Steph is due home. Good question, Joe replies, at which point we cut conveniently to...
Just outside Random Cabin
Where Steph is assuring Telephone Chipmunk, aka Joe, she is fine, she just needed to get out and clear her head. Hmmm, interesting explanation there Steph. After a bit of hesitation she walks back to the cabin and asks directions to the city once she reaches the main road. He is unimpressed though as she can follow the signs. She tells him again how important it is she finds Mitch, and then he tells her again he doesn't know where he is. Steph begins to reel off how she and Mitch used to go out and they broke up over something silly, so to tell him that Stephanie dropped by to tell him she loves him. She's getting good at this 'interesting alternative explanations' lark isn't she? Anyway, it would mean a lot to her. She didn't get his name? Oh, that would be because he never mentioned it. Oh, and, left at the main road, eh?
Coffee Shop
Susan is reading out an old review of Karl's, which states that 'Kennedy's stage persona left many members of the audience in need of medical attention'. Teehee, the irony. Ahem. Anyway, it goes on to say he has plenty of sex appeal and then just at that point Karl comes in. Susan remarks as if to herself that he would have all the girls chasing him, wouldn't he? Ah, Susan, ye is not immune. She tells him Libby found it under the house, and he replies he was convinced that they would be worth money and that the Right Prescription would make it. Susan doesn't remember any of it, which apparently is just as well because they were terrible. She doesn't think so from what she has recently heard but back then she was their toughest critic apparently. Karl tells her all her letters were very special to him, but she dismisses it, it was a long time ago.
Bam-Bam aka Toadie has been sent a TV cabinet by Pebbles aka Dee to assemble. Toadie tells Stu the names are a couple thing, but Stu says he normally gets 'hey you'. Be thankful Stu, be thankful. Anyway, they have to try and assemble it before the footie starts. Toadie wonders how, but Stu replies all they need is an Alan key and a bit of common sense, he can do it with his eyes closed. Ooh macho Stu. Toadie then tells him about Darcy wanting to be friends, but Stu is sceptical to say the least. Toadie maintains he means it and has accepted he will never have Dee, but Stu says fine, just don't expect him to chip in for the next birthday present. Oh, and this makes no sense, so Toadie has to read out the instructions...which are all German. Helpful.
Susan comes in to wait for Libby, and Drew remarks she may be moving across the street again...after the divorce of course. They discuss Karl's new bachelor pad, and then Susan pushes the review she was reading earlier at Drew, explaining she used to go and watch them and write reviews...apparently. Drew begins too read some of the more flattering remarks about Karl himself, although still slating the music, and Susan is embarrassed. She says that she doesn't have such feelings now, but it doesn't seem right he is suffering.
Stu and Toadie are arguing over how to set up the cabinet, suggestions include ringing the German Embassy, starting at the bottom and working up...and anybody with other suggestions, on a postcard to the usual address. The instructions get ripped in the scuffle, and there is then a knock on the door. Apparently they should come back later if they're name isn't Adolf or Fraulein. Well, it's Darcy, but he comes in anyway, returning something of Dee's. Turns out he knows some German, so will help them out and there is a beer in it for him...as long as he's back for the footie...unless you're watching it here...Oh he's good is Darcy, people should take lessons in blatantly blagging themselves invites from him. Stu looks less than happy as well.
Flick has bought Joe a present, he just can't tell what it is. It's a skateboard signed by all the pro skaters, which is very thoughtful, but also worrying in that Joe needs to be told this. She tells him that her promotions work was action packed, but she had no near death experiences, or none she will tell him about anyway...she says opening the front door to Stu. He says after the initial shock that she looks great, and she asks if he's on leave, but he says he now works at the hospital. Joe asks if he has seen Steph, because clearly even Joe thinks that they would have seen each other at some point, but he hasn't and wants to know if Joe wants to watch the footy at No.30, but he politely declines as Flick has just got home. Flick waxes lyrical about how there is a whole world out there and visiting Yosemite (or yose might if your Stu) made everything else seem so insignificant. Oh Flick, you are in a soap, of course Steph is going to wander in then. Joe asks if she went after Mitch and she says she did, but didn't find him so doesn't need lectures. Flick says she is sorry for all the trouble Steph is in and if she can help...but fades out at the expression on Steph's face. Stu says he is going and Steph tells him she will go with him to watch the footy, nothing to do with Flick apparently, she just wants to watch the footy and leaves so the others can talk about her freely, sorry, to 'freshen up'. Flick remarks that went well considering but Joe reminds her she wasn't to expect miracles and Stu tells her these things take time.
The cabinet is stood in pride of place and Darcy is admiring his handiwork. Extra screws? Ah, they are spares! He says that Stu's trouble is he just approaches such things like a bull at a gate. Speaking of Stu, is he annoyed at him watching the footy there? Ooh, perceptive Darcy. Toadie says he's fine, and Darcy says he would like to be friends with Stu as well. Haha. Oh, that wasn't a joke? Anyway, cue knocking at the door, and in comes Lou to grab a prime spot. Toadie says if the others aren't here soon, it's there problem and picks up the remote to switch on the TV...ah. Lou hopes he hasn't come all this way (teehee) if it's on the blink! In walk Steph and Stu very closely together, awww, discussing how Mitch may have fled the country and so Stu thinks it's best to leave it to the authorities, clearly as he is so concerned for her safety. He suggests she should be at home with Flick, but she just wants to deal with it later (procrastination, my kind of girl!) and doesn't he have things to discuss with her? No...no, it's just like they have been catching up with old friends. Sure, says Steph's expression and in walks Drew with Ben, who Steph goes googly over and they wander into the lounge to find out about the broken TV, for which Toadie is blaming Darcy. No time to fiddle with the TV, Plan B! Harold's! No! Church meeting! Plan C! Drew's Place!
They all rush in with a bit of a squabble over seats, Stu telling 'Bam-Bam' to move it, prompting Darcy to ask if there is something they should know. Stu pushes Toadie off the sofa and Steph sits down, saying as she does "last of the true gentlemen..." She had to have been talking about Stu there then. Lou tells Drew to hurry up, but Libby's recording a show about zebras...well, we'll buy her one! Screams Toadie, just get the footy on! But no, Plan D it is...Scullys! Being so concerned for Steph, Stu asks if she is sure that is ok, because Flick will be there. Insensitive others jump in asking if Flick is back interrupting the Stuph moment. Steph maintains it will be fine, it is her house and they are all invited!
They all pile in and greet Flick. Joe looks most affronted, and the offer of a beer doesn't placate him because he doesn't drink. Toadie now maintains he is a Swans fan (they are 11 points up) and how he knows them all now! Flick runs off into the kitchen and Joe follows her. He tells her to come and watch the game, it would be an ice breaker, but Flick laughs that off, a footy match isn't a fixer and she's going to go and see Lyn at the salon. As they go back into the lounge the shouting breaks out and Steph grabs Darcy and starts jerking him around to make a point. Lou tells them all to shut up and watch the footy, and Flick leaves all sad as she watches he banter. Resists urge to shout, well should have thought of that before then shouldn't you!!! Oh. Oops.
Stu, Toadie and Darcy come in happy and joking only to see the collapsed TV cabinet. Darcy wants to report the burglary...how he ever managed to get into medical school is beyond me. Stu points out that it's his shoddy workmanship not a bungled burglary. Ahhh those extra screws, maybe they did do something! I could have told him that, turns out IKEA don't provide you with extras either and then drawers start falling apart...Anyway, Stu remarks that people trust him with their lives...I certainly wouldn't! They hoist up the TV from the floor and hey presto it works! They sit down to watch the highlights with a beer.
Coffee Shop
Flick asks Stu whether he is hanging around for breakfast. He isn't but she pays so he can now surely spare 5 minutes. Yes Stu, you are cheap. She apologises for the way she treated him and has realised what an amazing friend she has in him, so can they just go back to that? After a moment's hesitation, Stu agrees and it's the best news Flick has had since she got back. Steph walks in so Stu excuses himself and goes and says hi. She says it feel like this place isn't big enough for the both of them and Stu agrees it does feel like that. It's now Flick's turn to interrupt a Stuph moment, and she says it's very silly all this avoiding each other, she's now back. Steph asks why and Flick says it's her home. She is cut off in mid-sentence by Steph's phone ringing. Telephone Chipmunk is telling her that Mitch is ay Prospect, South Creek. Telephone Chipmunk apparently goes by the name of Alan, the guy she ran into at Mitch's cabin. Stu tells her to ring the police but she's worried about scaring him off. But she can't go alone...Stu's going with her! Stu to the rescue! They dash off leaving Flick stood all alooooone.
<<4079 - 4081>>
Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Steph Scully

Felicity Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Felicity Scully, Joe Scully

Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Felicity Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4080
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Felicity Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Felicity Scully, Joe Scully

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Ben Kirk, Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Ben Kirk, Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk, Darcy Tyler

Joe Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Joe Scully, Felicity Scully

Stuart Parker, Darcy Tyler, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker, Darcy Tyler, Toadie Rebecchi

Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker, Felicity Scully

Stuart Parker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Stuart Parker, Steph Scully

Felicity Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4080
Felicity Scully, Steph Scully

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